SYTYCD Season 9: Top 10 Performances

Posted: September 17, 2012 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we crown our two Season 9 Winners. But before we find out who the winners are, I thought we’d talk about the best routines of the season. Here are mine:


So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9
Top 10 Performances of the Season

10. Eliana and Tiffany – Stripper Pole Routine
Why I Loved It: Majority of the routine was okay. It had high energy and the two girls were matched in capability. But what lands it on this list is that new fresh and exciting ending. Eliana twisted and twirled around that pole that made my mouth draw. I could never in a million years to anything like that. I know she has Cirque D’Soleil experience, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing or jaw-dropping.


9. Audrey and Matthew – Titanic Routine
Why I Loved It: I love me a good Travis Wall routine. He always uses the music just right. It had the perfect balance of dancing, romance, emotion, and WOW moments and Matthew and Audrey are just so pretty to look at.

8. Cyrus and Twitch – Animation piece
Why I Loved It: You know I’m not the biggest fan of Cyrus, but I give him total props for what he did in this piece. It was hard core, original, and unlike anything we’ve seen on the show. I love the beginning and the ending. Plus, Twitch was there.



7. Chehon’s Solo
Why I Loved It: This solo followed the package where we discovered Chehon’s parents lived very very far away and he hasn’t seen them in a while. We were already emotional watching that, so when he cried during his powerful and emotional routine, well we…I just fell in love with him even more.



6. Tiffany and Ade – Mandy Moore routine “Power of Love”
Why I Loved It: Mandy Moore sure knows how to use her music. Tiffany and Ade danced with such abandon and Ade tossed Tiffany around like she was a light and fluffy stuffed animal. The tricks were seamless and amazing and probably the first real moment where Tiffany broke from her shell.

5. Will and Ameila – Alley Cat routine
Why I Loved It: I was just a big fan of Will. He seems like a person I’d want to hang out with and this routine showed that fun-loving side of him. Also Amelia was very sexy and unlike anything we’ve seen before. It was just a fun, playful, memorable routine.

4. Cole and Allison – Sonya Routine
Why I Loved It: Allison and Cole together doing an intense piece was pretty great. They both just commit so whole heartedly.  I loved this piece for the intensity, emotion, and well Allison!

3. Eliana and Alex – “Bang Bang” routine
Why I Loved It: I loved this routine because it was the first routine where Eliana truly got to show how talented she was. And she was dancing with Alex Freakin’ Wong. Even better. It showed the dancers strength and that song is just incredible.

2. Chehon and Allison – “Leave” Routine
Why I Loved It: Both these dancers got the emotion just right. Chehon lifted Allison with such ease you had no idea when those breathtaking moments were going happen. And those were the best because the one handed lift over his head was incredible. Like rewind-five-times kind of incredible. And that kiss at the end felt like a real moment, instead of something put there for us to talk about.

1. Eliana and Cole – Mia Michaels “Ram” routine
Why I Loved It: Mia Michaels has choreographed some questionable pieces but also some brilliant ones. This piece definitely fits into the brilliant category. Watching this routine I felt like everything was tightening up and it was getting tenser and tenser until it just explodes into a scream. The one thing I wish? That it was a real scream instead of a silent scream. Hands down, this was my favorite routine of the season.

What were your favorite routines of Season 9? Who are you hoping wins the finale?


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