There’s no pressure tonight. It’s all just fun and games as the Final Four perform. With All Stars! How are they going to fill the two hours?

So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9

The beginning intro is so dramatic as each dancer talks about how they can’t believe they’ve made it to the final four. I feel like I’m watching the NBC Olympic Coverage. Cat tells us the dancers will be dancing 5 times. C’est impossible! I feel exhausted just hearing that. Our guest judge today is: Rob Marshall.


The Routines

Routine #1
Who: Cyrus and Eliana
Style and Choreographer: Paso Doble with Jason Gilkinson.
Rehearsal: So, the paso doble is about a matador and his cape. Usually the girl is the cape, but this time Cyrus is the cape. I want to be all negative and dramatic about reasons why, but if you’ve been reading my past posts then you already know what I think, so we will just move on.
Song: “The Game Has Chamged” by Daft Punk
Performance:  So…I don’t know. It felt slow, or not dramatic enough, or too many tricks not enough footwork, or…something. Something was off. It was pretty cool when Cyrus swept Eliana around the floor, but other than that…it was just ok. Rating: 7/10
The Judging: Nigel says Cyrus deserves to be here, and Eliana as secured her place in the industry. Mary, ballroom expert, said he delivered. She said the cartwheel was awkward (which it was) and Eliana was on fire. Rob loved the way Eliana told the story.

Random Thought: Four words: Cat’s Blue Steel Face


Routine #2
Who: Tiffany and All Star Will
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: First thought, Will has hair! It’s weird seeing him with hair!  In this piece Sonya wants to show how far Tiffany has come.
Song: “The Time Is Now” by Moloko
Performance:  Sometimes I don’t understand what the costumers are thinking. Seriously. What is Tiffany wearing? I can’t stop looking at those strappy things on her butt. Maybe that’s the point. As for this routine, there is no doubt how good of a dancer Tiffany is. I think what this piece suffered from was the lack of chemistry between her and Will, but that’s Will’s fault not Tiffany’s. The piece was joyful and Tiffany danced light as air. Rating: 7.5/10
The Judging: Mary thought her dancing was great, Rob loved Tiffany’s extension. Nigel thought Will had matured and that Tiffany’s lines are strong and big.


Routine #3
Who: Chehon and Eliana
Style and Choreographer: Ballet with a choreographer who’s name I could never spell (anyone catch it? IF this were charades, I’d say it sounds like “Marrette Doquia”)
Rehearsal: This is what I have been waiting for: Ballet with our ballet dancers. And point work. Chehon talks about how they are rusty because with ballet you have to practice all the time and since the show they haven’t had time to work on their ballet technique. It looks rough, but exciting!
Song: “The Nutcracker Suite-Pas De Deux” by Bruton APM Studio
Performance:  So when they first showed Chehon and Eliana I was unsure what they were wearing. After seeing they were dancing to The Nutcracker Suite, I totally get it now. Moving on. There technique was so precise and everything was so elegant and perfect. That lift to the crescendo was so graceful and stunning. Though Chehon didn’t do much dancing he did a lot of supporting and it was still fantastic to watch. That bit at the end where it was 45 seconds of Eliana doing pirouettes, on point, with the support of Chehon was amazing! I just kept thinking “daymn” to myself. Rating: 9/10
The Judging: Rob cannot believe their versatility. He says Eliana has such great extension, but no one knows how hard it is for the man, and Chehon was amazing. Nigel loves the fact that there are 2 ballet dancers in the finale and throws out a bunch of ballet turns they did. He tells Chehon he makes all the lifts look easy (I agree, the way he lifted her up with such ease! Amazing!) Mary calls it special and starts to tear up.

Random Thoughts:
– Loved their choreographer crying at the end of their routine.
– Also love the bit when Cat fixed Eliana’s dress after it popped out to create a handle.
– Eliana makes the best comedic faces.


Routine #4
Who: Tiffany and Cyrus
Style and Choreographer: Lyical Hiop Hip Tessandra Chavez
Rehearsal: Concept – the routine is about young love. Cryus is Tiffany’s first boyfriend and he broke her heart. She decides to move on and he wants her back.
Song: “Best Thinking I Never Had” by Beyonce
Performance:  Sometimes Tiffany’s dancing can come off as cheerleadery, I don’t know if that makes sense.  However there were a lot of intricate moves and overall it was…fine. Their acting, though, was spot on. I believed what they were feeling from the both of them. There were some good moments, but it could have been better. It didn’t make me jump up and down. Rating: 7.5/10
The Judging: Nigel brings up how the both of them have never been in the bottom. Mary calls Tiffany a beast and is proud of Cyrus. She says Tiffany hit it hard. Rob loves how they dance with abandon (yeah, I get that) and he calls the routine his favorite of the evening so far.

Top 4 Perform
We take a break in the routines to get a performance by the Top 4. I was wondering why they didn’t do one at the top of the show like usual. They dance to a Tyce routine to the song “Eine Klein Nachtmusik (District 78 remix) by KPM Studio Artists and its…interesting…to say the least. I have no clue what genre it is. Ballet? Contemporary? Hip Hop? And with the music and everything, Cyrus feels totally out of place. It’s a bit strange and I don’t know how I feel about it. I guess I just don’t get it. I don’t get you Tyce!



Routine #5
Who: Chehon and All Star Allison
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary by Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: The concept is – Allison and Chehon are in a relationship. She has an opportunity to go somewhere, but she wants to hang on to him and the relationship. Chehon is choosing to let her go so she can pursue her dreams. Stacey admires Chehon during rehearsal and is amazed at the things he can do.
Song: “Leave” by Once Original Broadway Cast
Performance:  Seriously, Allison could dance with a paper bag and make it look amazing. She is seriously one of the best dancer/actresses. Her emotions feel really genuine. However, if Chehon is her paper bag, then he’s the best looking, best dancing, strongest paper bag I’ve ever seen. Okay, I need to stop with this analogy. This piece had so many WOW moments. With the help of the song, I really felt like Chehon was trying to let Allison go and she didn’t want to. Hey remember that time he dropped her? On purpose? WOW. Hey, remember that time he lifted her with one hand? WOW. Hey remember that time he did that spin jump that defied gravity? WOW. Hey remember that time he kissed her? Don’t tell Twitch… Rating: 9.5/10
The Judging: Mary lets out a scream. Yeah, she liked it. She called this number freedom. He is free at last. Rob says the height is unbelievable and Allison is fierce. Nigel tells Rob Allison should be an actress. He loves how she gets into character before the routine even starts and with Allison, was really able to let it all go and show his emotion.

Random Thoughts
– Loved how they were still in their ending “moment” when Cat started doing her thing after the piece. Then it got slightly awkward.
– Love Stacey Tookey cheering for them like crazy!
– Oh God, I see a pole on the stage….


Routine #6
Who: Tiffany and Eliana
Style and Choreographer: Pole Dancing I mean Broadway… with Ray Leeper
Rehearsal: Ray is taking Burlesque to Broadway. Hey remember how Eliana was known as the pole dancing girl way back in Vegas? She really has come full circle.
Song: “When You’re Good To Mama” Chicago the Musical – Broadway Cast
Performance:  This is the first time I have seen Tiffany dance so mature and I think that’s thanks to Eliana. For the first time, I didn’t look at her as this cute little girl. She was sexy and sure of herself. Eliana, was amazing and the pole wasn’t just a gimmick. (I can’t believe I just wrote that). Ray used it in a cool way instead of a skeezy way. That trick at the end where Eliana bent and twisted her legs around the pole and over her head was unreal. I can’t believe she contorted her body like that. Really, it was just amazing. Rating: 9/10
The Judging: So the minute I saw the poles, I knew that we were in for some creepy comments from Nigel…let’s see what he says. Rob says it was unbelievable and fierce. He doesn’t know how Eliana did that on the pole. Mary says they are extraordinary and the routine was fun and sassy. Nigel says it’s so hard to say anything that won’t get him in trouble.

Random Thoughts:
– Everyone is so excited!!
– Love Eliana walking toward Cat like she broke her back off that pole.
– Love Cat saying, “I know I’m going to regret this, but Nigel I’m coming to you first.”


Routine #7
Who: Chehon and Cyrus
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: They are excited to work with each other. Sonya is including a lot of lifts and she knows it’s a struggle for Cyrus.
Song: “Fangs” by Little Red Lung
Performance:  Okay, seriously? Sonya needs to get over these skirt-like things/big pants for the boys. What is her obsession with those? I am amazed at the ease that Chehon can even lift Cyrus. That boy must be super strong. Both guys are super strong and the routine has Sonya written all over it. She does strong male-partner choreography. I even think Cyrus did a good job he actually danced. Sonya did not let him off. Rating: 8/10
The Judging: Nigel thought both boys upped their level. He has nothing but nice things to say about Cyrus and tells him he’s gown as a dancer and is his favorite “person.” He tells Chehon he’s grown as a person and is his favorite dancer. Mary admires their fight and their journeys. Rob says he loves the camaraderie and he can tell the two guys get along and lift each other up, physically and literally!


Routine #8
Who: Eliana and All Star Alex Wong
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Travis Wall
Rehearsal: This is like the perfect trio. And I’ve always wanted Travis to choreography Alex. Looks like Eliana is going to have to be majorly flexible.
Song: “Without You” by Harry Nilsson.
Performance:  I’m glad we didn’t get a concept before this, I’m glad we could just watch it for what it was. What I love about this routine is that it seemed like Eliana and Alex were exploding off of each other. Both of these dancers have such great chemistry and they are just amazing to watch. And I swear Eliana is GUMBY because Alex was manipulating her legs in ways that seem impossible. It really was amazing to each and the song choice was perfect. Rating: 9.5/10
The Judging: Rob calls it poetry and calls Eliana amazing. He loves Alex and thinks they connected really well. It was Nigel’s favorite routine of the night bringing all his favorites together. Nigel calls Eliana her favorite of all time. I’d give that title to Allison, but Eliana comes pretty damn close. Mary says it’s great to finally see Alex dance after his injury when he was actually on the show. She calls Eliana’s passion extraordinary. She says her feet and ankles are great and she feels it.

Random Thought: Love the “WOW” Nigel mouthed when the routine was over.


Routine #9
Who: Chehon and Tiffany
Style and Choreographer: Rumba with Dimitry Chaplin
Rehearsal: Dimitry says the Rumba has to be passionate. I’ll be passionate with Dimitry. Oh wait, that’s not what’s happening here?
Song: “Love Me Tender” Adam Levy and Norah Jones
Performance:  Love this song. (Though, is it bad it makes me think of Princess Diaries too whenever I hear it?) It’s very romantic and flowy and sexy and honestly feels like a dream. I don’t quite know if it’s a rumba or not, but Chehon has now kissed two girls this episode. Rating: 8/10
The Judging: Mary didn’t believe in the chemistry (I disagree) but she says this Latin dance was perfect for him. She thought Tiffany had great Latin technique. Rob thought it was sexy. He felt like they had a connection and didn’t oversell it. He calls Tiffany stunning and Chehon smooth and elegant. Nigel calls this dance sexier than the pole dance.

Routine #10

Who: Cyrus and Twitch
Style and Choreographer: Animation with Christopher Scott
Rehearsal: There’s a lot of pressure on this. This is the first time this has ever been possible in SYTYCD History. They bring in an animation pro to help with the choreography. And there’s TWITCH! Cyrus says he’s so happy he could cry. I personally Can’t. Wait.
Song: “Like A Criminal” by District 78
Performance:  And it’s actually really cool, from the broken glass to the frozen end. It’s just so complex and detailed and unique. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen. Love the ending where they stop but twitch (haha get it twitch?) as if they still have electricity surging through them. Dare I say Cyrus is better at animation than Twitch? Rating: 9/10
The Judging: Rob calls them superstars. He said it was crazy. Nigel tells me Twitch isn’t an animator, so I take back what I said earlier. Twitch I love you. Nigel tells them that Christopher Scott calls them world class. Nigel causes a big downer by saying he’s not going to vote for Cyrus after supporting him all this time. He says he’s supporting Chehon, but he says still, Cyrus is amazing and inspirational.

Random Thought: That was ballsy of Nigel to tell him he’s voting for Chehon, but I agree that dancers work their whole life to be recognized and to win means something different to Chehon than it would to Cyrus.


The Solos

Solo #1
Who: Eliana
Song: “Passacaglia”, by Johann Johannson
Performance:  Her solo was so beautiful and graceful. I love point shoes and we’ve gotten so much of the point shoes this episodes. Can’t help thinking, her toes must hurt!
Grade: A-

Solo #2
Who: Cyrus
Song: “Holy Ghost” by Messinan
Performance:  Insane, just insane. The ticks are really incredible.
Grade: B+

Solo #3
Who: Tiffany
Song: “I Believe” by Fantasia
Performance:  I am mesmerized by those feet shoes (socks?) she’s wearing. He solo is nothing special, but because I like her I give her a….
Grade: B

Solo #4
Who: Chehon
Song: “How It Ends” by Devotchka
Performance:  I loved that he started out holding that ticket to Vegas. I think this was the most free I’ve ever seen Chehon dance. He just looked like he was having so much fun out there. He was so relaxed. That fall backwards into a back somersault was pretty cool. And he picked such a great song I could listen to it, and watch him forever.
Grade: A


Routines in Order of Preference

  • Chehon and Allison
  • Eliana and Tiffany
  • Eliana and Alex
  • Eliana and Chehon
  • Twitch and Chehon
  • Chehon and Tiffany
  • Chehon and Will
  • Tiffany and Cryus
  • Tiffany and Will
  • Cyrus and Eliana


My Predictions for the Final 2
Eliana and Chehon (and rightfully so!!). Starting the night I could have guaranteed it would have been Cyrus who won, but I hope, pray, and believe it will be Chehon. He deserves this so much. And Eliana is a no brained. She’s had an incredible season.


Other Random Thoughts

  • Cat’s dress today had the opposite effect of last weeks for me, this week. The more and more I looked at it, the more I disliked it.
  • Mary is so sparkly and diamond studded, I would be seriously afraid for her if she decides to step outside that studio. She’d be mugged in a heartbeat!
  • I really liked hearing Eliana talk about how she felt overshadowed by Cyrus and it wasn’t till her performance with Alex that she felt like she was able to be herself.
  • I liked hearing Tiffany talk about her insecurities throughout the process because it’s also things we wondered about her throughout the show. She wasn’t featured throughout the audition process, she did look like Audrey. It was just interesting to hear her thoughts.
  • Love Chehon blushing when Nigel mentions his lack of shirt the entire show. I’m not complaining.
  • Love the phrase “nommy eminated” almost as much as I love “lord have murphy.”


“This is what it’s like to be a matador? I feel like a mop.” – Eliana

“She had a handle for a second but we got a handle on it.” – Cat

Mary: First I have to too Stacey Tookey’s work, the three time nommy emanated…
Rob: Emmy Nominated?
Cat: She can’t even get the words out.

“You bamboozle me and I like it.” Cat to Cyrus

Nigel: Chehon when we can finally afford a shirt for you we couldn’t find the buttons? What’s going on?
Mary: Well Dimitry was the choreographer
Dimitry peeling open his shirt.
Everyone around him laughing.

Final Thoughts
After a shaky beginning few episodes I think SYTYCD really found its groove with the starting with the Final 8. Once we got past that awful Mia Michael’s tribute and started bringing in the All Stars things got really good. It made the show much more enjoyable learning about the dancers through their families, and hearing about their journeys. I wish there was some way it could have been incorporated earlier. I will miss SYTYCD and I hope it comes back next season, but for now, I will cast my vote for Eliana and Chehon. If Cyrus wins over Chehon I will personally hunt down everyone that voted for him and shake them until they answer me why. So in any case we’re in for a great recap next week. Until the…I wait for the winner results next Tuesday!



  1. sarah says:

    this site is awesome! i binged sytycd season 9 and somehow found myself here…then i was haveing so much fun reading the posts and laughing my ass off!! Id be interested to read what your think about TVD on CW…that ough to be good :o)

    • Hey thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the first season of TVD, but my friend keeps telling me to watch it. However, if you like TVD you should watch Teen Wolf on MTV. That show is crazy good and addicting. And I’ll definitely check out TVD…if anything for Ian Somerhalder’s smoldering gazes!

      • cat naz says:

        I read on another blog that Chehon started dancing at age 13, so he’s only been dancing 2 years longer than Cyrus. Chehon shouldn’t be put in the same category as one who has been dancing their whole life. If Cyrus was priviledged enough to train at The Royal Ballet School in London, even at 15, I would place ALL bets that Cyrus would be a better dancer than Chehon. I’m not saying that Chehon is not good. He is amazing, but, IMO, this show should really be about regular folks like Cyrus who “think” they can dance. The prize is a joke compared to American Idol and X factor. I think I heard Cat say that the two winners will share $200,000.00. Really?

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