Fall TV 2012-2013: What I’ll Be Watching

Posted: September 10, 2012 in TV

September is upon us. For some people that means school starts for others it means Fall TV. Below is what I’ll be watching day by day…at least for now.

Monday (* = new show)

How I Met Your Mother 8pm CBS
I’ve loved HIMYM since Season 1. It’s funny, it’s sarcastic, and it’s sweet. But more than finding out who the mother is, I want to know how the show is going to deal with the fact that his future kids are now 7 years older.

Bones 8pm FOX
I started watching New Episodes of Bones a few seasons ago. One week I had gotten sick and a marathon was playing on TV and I have been hooked ever since.

The Voice 8pm NBC
Even though I can’t stand Christina Aguilera after the way she handled herself last season of The Voice, I’ll at least watch the audition portion. That’s my favorite part.

Switched At Birth 8pm ABC Fam
This show is good. What can I say?

*Partners 8:30p CBS
It’s got a great cast. I loved Michael Urie from Ugly Betty and I’m interested in seeing Sophia Bush and Brandon Routh do comedy. As for David Krumholtz, we’ll he’ll always be the Man Who Killed Lucy on ER to me.

2 Broke Girls 9p CBS
I like a lot of people call it racist or stereotypical or annoying, but I find it charming and hilarious. Sure at times Caroline (Beth Behrs) can be annoying, but Max (Kat Dennings) is sarcastically hilarious and they play off each other well.

*The Mob Doctor 9p FOX
The only reason, ONLY REASON, I am going to be checking out this show is for Zach Gilford, because honestly, the premise seems a little bit ridiculous!

Revolution 10p NBC
I love post-apocalyptic themes and I have high hopes for this series. I just hope it won’t be like Jericho, meaning really good, but cancelled because of a non-risk taking network.


Tuesday (* = new show)

Hart of Dixie 8p CW
Say what you want about this show, but I like it and I’m glad it was renewed. I’ve always liked Rachel Bilson ever since The O.C. but she’s really grown into the role of Zoe Hart. And the show brings me back to the Gilmore Girls days…literally, it’s in the same WB town.

*Ben and Kate 830p FOX
Gotta try out the new comedies, and single mother fighting with her live-in brother seems like a funny premise. Also, Lucy Punch is just the cutest thing.

New Girl 9p FOX
Who isn’t watching this show? New Girl is seriously funny. And even if you’re not a fan of “adorkable” Zooey Deschanel, you gotta love Schmidt and Nick.

*Emily Owens MD 9p CW
I’m not a big fan of Marmie Gummer, but I love Justin Hartley and I’m a sucker for a medical drama that masquerades as a quirky comedy.

*The New Normal 930 NBC
This was the pilot I was excited for. Ryan Murphy has great concepts, but he’s sometimes rocky on the execution. However the plot to this pilot is original. After seeing the pilot, the show needs some work, but it’s funny and cute and sweet all at the same time. The actors just need to grow into the role.

*The Mindy Project 930p FOX
Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but I have never been a fan of Mindy Kaling. The roles she got pigeon-holed in just never really worked for me. However, in this pilot I find her…mostly charming. And she works well with Chris Messina.


Wednesday (* = new show)

*Arrow 8p CW
This is the reason I am watching the show. And if you need another reason click here.

*Animal Practice 8p NBC
I wasn’t too impressed with the pilot, but I love Joanna Garcia (and Crystal the Monkey) so I will give it a shot.

*The Neighbors 830p ABC
Yeah, okay the premise seems hokey. A neighborhood taken over by aliens…sure. But I’ll give any comedy a chance.

*Guys With Kids 830p NBC
It (sort of) worked for What To Expect When Your Expecting so watching guys handle their babies could be quite funny, as long as they do it in a new way and find things to keep it fresh.

Law & Order: SVU 9p NBC
Been watching this forever, why stop now? Also I need to see how the whole dead hooker thing plays out.

Suburgatory 930p ABC
This series is great. It slowly grew on me and now I can’t stop. Also, Jane Levy looks like Emma Stone

*Nashville 10p ABC
Dramatic premise mixed with country music, okay that doesn’t sound so appealing. Connie Britton, Eric Close, Jonathan Jackson and Hayden Panettiere plus a generational rivalry. Yes please.

*Chicago Fire 10p NBC
Didn’t want to watch this. Wasn’t interested. Then I realized Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer were in this. I’ll give it a chance.

The Challenge 10p MTV
I’ll miss the regulars: Evan, Kenny, Johnny Bananas with this Battle Of The Seasons, but still reality TV “stars” doing crazy challenges? What’s not to like?


Thursday (* = new show)

*Last Resort 8p ABC
Scott Speedman and Autumn Reeser in a submarine? Come on, what’s not to love? I’m a bit skeptical of falling in love with hit, like I am about Revolution, but I’ll still watch it.

Big Bang Theory 8p CBS
I love nerds!

Grey’s Anatomy 9p ABC
Okay so the finale pissed me off and this show has been steadily going downhill, but I have to see the post-crash aftermath!

Glee 9p FOX
Last season was…not great, but I’m excited about seeing Kate Hudson and Lea Michele battle it out. Too bad half of the show will still stay in high school because after seeing previews there’s no way it can beat out Kate Hudson. Also, I’m sad Ryan Murphy didn’t keep Damien McGinty, sure he’s the weakest actor of all The Glee Project “winners” but he’s pretty to look at and I love his accent. Can’t he just sway in the background?

*Beauty and the Beast 9p CW
Not a Kristen Kruek fan, but it’s a CW drama and I have to check it out. At least the pilot. The procedural element seems a little “hokey” but still I’ll try anything once.

*Elementary 10p CBS
Love Lucy Liu and Johnny Miller and I’m interested to see him act in his accent. Hopefully this show will be good, but I’m skeptical.


Friday (* = new show)

America’s Next Top Model 8p CW
Tyra is crazy. Seriously, she’s crazy, and yet the show is like a bad accident…can’t…stop…watching…

Whitney 8p NBC
This show surprised me. It was a good blend of sweet and sassy and Whitney Cummings really grew into her role. Once it turned into more of an ensemble show it got stronger. I will keep watching.


Sunday (* = new show)

Once Upon A Time 8p ABC
The town got their memory back and remember their past fairy tale life? Hell yeah! I can’t stop watching now!

Revenge 9p ABC
Probably the best new show to come out of last season. I love how intense Emily Van Camp gets. And it’ll be nice to see the darker side of Daniel rather than the wussy boy he’s been. This show is crazy and I love it. Plus…two words: Madeleine Stowe.

Dexter 9p SHO
Deb knows! Deb knows! Deb knows!

*666 Park Avenue 10p ABC
Terry O’Quinn, Vanessa Williams, Dave Annabel, Rachael Taylor, Supernatural Hotel = Must See TV. Plus it’s from the creators of Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl, it’s gotta be good!

Homeland 10p SHO
Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are marvels in this show. Terrorists, Psychotic Breakdowns, Memory Loss, oh my! I can’t wait to see what happens.


What will you be watching?



  1. Anonymous says:

    I will be watching The Mentalist and Parenthood among others you mention above. I love your blog!

  2. stoney20 says:

    I’m glad I found your blog. It seems like you watch as much television as I do. I did a similar list on my blog if you want to check it out. 😀

    Even though I like to consider myself a “sophisticated” viewer, I get obsessed with every season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge too.

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