Movie Review: Robot & Frank

Posted: September 9, 2012 in movie reviews, movies
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Robot & Frank puts a futuristic twist on familiar story line, thus making it fresh and interesting. And if the plot doesn’t appeal to you, maybe the fantastic performance of Frank Langella will convince you.

Robot & Frank
Starring: Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon, James Marsden, Liv Tyler, Jeremy Sisto, Peter Skarsgard, Jeremy Strong

Premise: Frank, a former thief, lives in isolation and is in denial about his ever increasing memory loss. His kids, Hunter and Madison (James Marsden and Liv Tyler), see him as a burden and find it harder and harder to visit and take care of him, especially since he’s not eating well and his place is a disaster. Hunter decides to buy his father a “butler-type” robot, much to Frank’s chagrin. However, he soon develops a bond with the robot after he discovers the robot has no moral compass and doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

My Review: Robot & Frank has it all. It had the sweet story of Frank trying to woo the pretty woman who works at the dying library he frequents. It has the playful humor of Frank trying to learn to cope with this new robot that is completely foreign to him. It has the drama of Frank dealing with his flighty kids who can’t take care of him anymore. It has the action of a heist movie as Frank teaches Robot to break into places. Finally, it has heartbreak and tragedy as we watch Frank try and deal with his dementia.

Frank Langella was a marvel in this movie. I first really and truly noticed him in Frost/Nixon (even though I know he’s been around before that). There were subtle things he did as an actor that really rounded out his performance of Nixon. Langella’s performance in Robot & Frank was just as impressive. It’s amazing what he can do with just a glance. He has great chemistry with everyone, from the sweet librarian (Susan Sarandon), to his overbearing kids, to even the cold Robot (voiced by Peter Skarsgard). The only weak part to the whole movie was the rivalry between him and Jake (Jeremy Strong), a wealthy, spoiled, young entrepreneur who believes in modernizing everything and sees Frank more of an artifact in history rather than a human being.

This movie was sweet and tragic at the same time all with a futuristic twist. There is something for everyone. Check it out, you’re welcome.


Rating: 4 Stars





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