Today’s episode had a lot of ups, and one major downer. We finally got to know more about our dancers which I almost feel was a little too late. But that didn’t stop me from tearing up at key moments throughout the episode.


So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9
Top 8 Perform / 2 Eliminated

We start the show with a lovely Top 8 routine to the song, “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid. Cat introduces the choreographer as Peter Chu, but I heard it as Peeta Chu and immediately started looking for Josh Hutcherson, but instead just saw an Asian guy. The guest judge this week is Jesse Tyler Ferguson, by far my favorite guest judge of past seasons. Yes, even more than Neil Patrick Harris. Jesse is always good for quotes, and man there were many this episode.

Cat’s dress is so adorable this episode and really her entire outfit works today. Tim Gunn would be proud. Today’s performances were all great. We got to know more about the dancers, there were moments to cry to, and it was overall a great night. Too bad the eliminations were not so fun. But first lets continue with the performances as if I don’t know who’s going to be voted off…and GO!


The Routines

Routine #1
Who: Witney and All-Star Twitch
Style and Choreographer: Hip Hop with Luther Brown
Rehearsal: What is Ratchet? Wratchet? Witney doesn’t know. No one knows.
Song: “My Homies Still” by Lil Wayne
Performance:  I didn’t think it was possible, but I barely even noticed Twitch in this routine…and I LOVE Twitch. But Witney, girl, I could not take my eyes off of her! She was really into it, hitting every note really hard. She seemed to get a little tired and winded near the end but she killed it. Sure at times it looked and felt awkward. For lack of a better phrase there were times she felt like a “white girl” doing hip-hop. But I really admire what she did here. Plus she’s just so damn cute. I also have to give it up for the choreography. It was so sassy and dirty, and just different. Yay for new choreographers! Rating: 8/10
The Judging: Nigel, after throwing out some probably offensive gang signs, says she brought it. It’s like he has been waiting for this performance the whole season. (And I know what he means). Mary thought Witney had it all. She loved Witney’s musicality. JTF takes a few digs at the Ballet Boyz which is awesome, and demonstrates to us how he waits for the bus. Then he says Witney is brilliant.

Routine #2
Who: Cole and All Star Allison Holker
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: This couple excites me. They both throw themselves into their character and Sonya is just the woman to bring out all their quirkiness. Cole is supposed to be a soul-less sadistic man, and Allison plays a desperate woman vying for his heart.
Song: “Possibly, Maybe” by Bjork
Performance: Wow. Just Wow. This piece had so many wow moments for me. It was crazy amazing. It was just seriously everything I hoped it would be. These two dancers are such great performers you could just see on their faces how immersed in the routine they were. I mean Allison had to get herself together at the end there. Wow Moments: Cole pushes Allison down his leg, she grabs on, sticking her legs out like a doll and he lifts her with one leg. He lifts her up with one arm. The upside down sequence, when Cole comes at Allison as she’s crawling away. That ending. Wow, just Wow. Rating 10/10. Yeah you read me. 10 baby. Now I’m gonna watch it again.
The Judging: Jesse calls Sonya a sick demented woman, with love. He calls Allison one of the greatest actresses of the show. He says the routine was so intense he’s shaking. Mary calls this routine the best Allison has ever done on the show. She calls Cole creepy, scary, and memorable. Nigel says it was quirky and scary and Cole brings that anyway to the competition. He is unique. He also says, Allison is so strong in her dancing, it’s hard to find someone who can match her level because she overshadows them always (I agree). However, for Sonya, Cole was the strongest partner Allison has ever had. Wow. That is a great compliment.

Routine #3
Who: Eliana with All Star Ryan
Style and Choreographer: Quickstep with Jonathan Roberts
Rehearsal: Eliana is a bored housewife who wants his attention. You guys, I don’t remember Ryan…is that bad? That is bad. Wait, was he on that season where there was a husband and wife dancing. Let me go look it up. Yes, I think that’s him, from Season 6, he was a ballroom dancer, so that would make sense. (Turns out there are a lot of Ryan’s in SYTYCD history). Carrying on…
Song: “That Man” by Caro Emerald
Performance:  I first heard this song on a boat in Spain and every time I hear it, it takes me back there. But that’s another story. The quickstep has always been the kiss of death on this show. I felt like there was something off with the routine, like it should have been faster in some parts. Those tricks were AMAZING though. I’m glad they weren’t shown during the rehearsal package because I was really surprised by them. Though I love Eliana, the quickstep could have been quicker. Rating: 7.5/10 but I blame the routine, not the dancer because I love Eliana.
The Judging: Mary calls Eliana spectacular. She says be careful of locking your arms and some other helpful things. She also points out the “waterfall” trick as she calls it. Jesse says, “Holy smokies, Lord Have Murphy!” I love you JTF. He also brings up her love of pole dancing. I love you EVEN more JTF. He calls her range and accessibility extraordinary. Nigel calls her top line the best he’s ever seen in a non-ballroom dancer. He says this show was created for her. She’s remarkable. (And HUMBLE, Nigel.)

Routine #4
Who: Lindsey with All Star Alex Freaking Wong
Style and Choreographer: Jazz with Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: The routine is about sexual tension.
Song: “Somebody that I Used To Know” by Goyte
Performance:  Alex has such great lines and he out danced Lindsey. Sure she may have had a bit more to do than he (except for those insane pirouettes!) but she had too much control. If the routine was supposed to be sexy and sultry, I didn’t get that. Alex let himself go a bit more and he tried to connect with her. I still believe if he had not been injured he would have won his season. The routine was great, but Lindsey didn’t live up to it. Also, I just got a look at what Lindsey is wearing. Honey, who dressed you? Rating 7/10
The Judging: Nigel thought everything technical was great, but he didn’t feel the sexual tension (I agree NIGEL!) He says Lindsey has the ability to be a great dancer if she can add on that second layer. Mary says the dancing is great and the partnership is fantastic, but it was missing the emotional element. Jesse is in Fan Boy Heaven with Allison and Twitch. He felt technically they were at 100 percent, but emotionally they were only at a 70 percent.

Routine #5
Who: Will with All Star Lauren (Ugh, her again?)
Style and Choreographer: Hip Hop with Christopher Scott
Rehearsal: Will doing Hip Hop. This should be interesting. Concept: Will has a lot of problems and has to dance his pain away. Will wants to show more of his serious side. Lauren represents his pain.
Song: “Dance My Pain Away” by Wye Oak.
Performance:  This might just be my favorite Christopher Scott routine. It was almost like a solo. You didn’t even need Lauren. (Sorry, I don’t know why I don’t like her). But the moments they dance in sync were actually pretty great. I thought Will did a great job. He showed so much emotion and was the good leading man for this story. I love all the intricate finger movements he did. I love the jumping on the couch section (Tom Cruise reference not included). It was great. Will has incredible musicality and he hit everything strong when he needed to, and soft when he needed to. He also danced with a lot of maturity, which I appreciate. I like this more serious side of Will. Rating: 9/10
The Judging: Mary loved the routine. She thought it was intriguing. She thought Will was precise at articulate and he was tight and perfect. Jesse calls Will an adorable puppy. He feels like Will plays that up sometime. He also mentions the “dance saved my life comment.” Nigel thought Will contained his cheesiness. He loved the concept and thought Will did a great job.

Routine #6
Who: Cyrus with All Star Melanie Moore (Last Season Winner)
Style and Choreographer: Jazz with Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: It’s about two cool people strutting themselves through town. Cyrus has his work cut out for him.
Song: “Badder Badder Schwig”, Freddy Fresh feat. Fatboy Slim.
Performance:  Our 2011 favorite Ginnifer Goodwin, I mean, Melanie Moore is back. Melanie pulls her face too much doing this scrunchie pouty face and I find it distracting. Then I realize it’s because Cyrus isn’t really doing anything, but to his credit, it looks like he’s having a lot of fun. Minus the fists, I don’t really find it jazzy. It’s overall just a strange routine. Rating: 7/10
The Judging: Jesse says Cyrus’ charisma and uniqueness will be memorable. Nigel calls him a people magnet. When Nigel realizes Cyrus doesn’t know who Bob Fossi is, he tells him he needs to do his homework. Start watching those Youtube videos Cyrus. Mary says though everything wasn’t perfect, he’s always dancing out of his own style. He blows her mind.

Routine #7
Who: Chehon with (the OG Hot Tamale) All Star Anya
Style and Choreographer:  Tango with choreographers who apparently shall not be named. (**Spoiler Alert** Edith and Leonardo their names)
Rehearsal: Chehon was confident going into it. Until he found out the Tango wasn’t all he thought it was. Anyone catch who the choreographers were?
Song: “Breathing Below Surface” by Jesse Cook
Performance:  I love that he gets his own solo moment in the beginning. I feel like he needs to get lower to the ground more and arch his back. His upper body is too tight…sorry I lost my train of thought. He does this lift where Anya is like floating and I’ve seem to have lost my train of thought again. The final trick though he does so seamlessly and all of the sudden the routine is over. How did that happen? I was completely mesmerized. Cat mentions how the audience was spellbound by that routine and the judges are standing up. Rating: 8/10
The Judging: Mary is excited. She said it was amazing and her favorite number of the night. If Mary liked it, then you know it’s good. She’s the expert. She puts him on the train. And really, it’s been a while since she’s done that. Nigel thought the lines were beautiful and classical. He said all of Chehon’s strengths were highlight in the routine and they had a fantastic connection.

Routine #8
Who: Tiffany and All Star Ade
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: Tiffany needs to…not sing. And I think Cat’s mic was left on because we can hear her laughing after the clip package. Adorable.
Song: “The Power Of Love” by Celine Dion
Performance:  First of all, Tiffany’s body is sic! It’s so sick is what it is. Second of all Ade’s partnering is so strong, so strong, I never knew when a lift was coming but when it did, it took my breath away. He didn’t have to work for it, it was as if Tiffany were an extension of him. That move where she jumped into his arms and he lift her up so she was over his shoulders was so seamless, I had to rewind it. The strength it must take to do that. And Tiffany was dancing her heart out. She was working for it. Even though she’s utterly forgettable, I think I will remember her after this routine. Rating: 8.5/10
The Judging: JTF calls the routine insane and the lifts amazing. Mary thinks Tiffany is extraordinary. She calls this routine her best performance of the season (which I agree). She praises Mandy Moore and I agree. This was one of her best routines. Mandy Moore really out did herself. She also calls Tiffany special, and tears up. Nigel takes Cat’s quote regarding one direction. Really Nigel? Really?


The Solos
This time around, everyone got a little intro package and everyone got a solo. Finally we get a chance to know these dancers better!

Solo #1
Who: Tiffany
Song: “I Was Here” by Glee Cast
Performance:  It felt like your typical contemporary routine. A lot of reach back to her body into a fist. A lot of kicking one leg up (What is that called ?A ronde?). She’s cute, and I feel like I got to know her a bit better from her package. She’s really close with her sister, but I also feel like it’s too little too late. She’s completely forgettable. Grade: B-

Solo #2
Who: Will
Song: “Better Man” by James Morrison
Performance: See I wish we had these “get to know you” clips earlier in the show. Will’s piece was utterly serious and I totally and completely related him. Plus when a crying Mom utters the words, “My son said, ‘Mom, I think dance saved my life,’” You can’t help but feel like you know this kid and you just want to hug him. I know exactly how he feels. But on to his dancing. I feel like he was dancing this peace for his mother. That last look, killed me. It was void of his cheesy face pulling and he was just dancing out there, showing us how long and limber he is. He danced like a man. Grade: A-

Solo #3
Who: Lindsey
Song: “Senorita”, by Bond
Performance: Her routine is strong. It’s dramatic and shows a different side of her. I enjoyed it. Also, she’s so lean. She’s so tiny, if that makes sense. Grade: B

Solo #4
Who: Chehon
Song: “On the Nature of Daylight”, by Max Richter
Performance: Damn. Chehon may be the best soloist this show has ever EVER seen, and this one took the cake. This was the most amazing solo I’ve ever seen. So much emotion. Such strength, such techniques. There were many many moments that took my breath AWAY. And to top it all off, it was introduced by this touching package about how Chehon is adopted and has been separated from his adopted parents for a while so it’s hard for them to see him dance. Cut to end of the solo and we see his Mom in the audience. Tears people. Tears. God, I love this show. Grade: A

Solo #5
Who: Witney
Song: “Where Have You Been” by Rhianna
Performance: First of all, best thing from her “junket” as JTF calls it. Witney’s Dad saying: “It’s hard to be a dad with an 18 year old daughter who’s a dancer.” Witney wastes precious seconds of her solo walking up from the audience and does things in her solo her father would not approve of. Also, I LOVE her red shoes. Grade: B-

Solo #6
Who: Cole
Song: “Arise” by E.S. Posthumus
Performance: Cole joined martial arts because he was bullied as a kid for being a social outcast.  You know what? Social outcasts, weirdo’s make the best dancers because you have so much to pull from when you dance. And I always find myself appealing more toward the weird quirky dancers rather then the cutesy pretty dancers. Thank God he fused martial arts into his routines because his solos are always great. Grade: B+

Solo #7
Who: Eliana
Song: “Infra 8” by Max Richter
Performance: Eliana looks exquisite with her black Tutu and pink ballet slippers. Whenever anyone breaks out those toe shoes, I am in complete awe. The strength it has to take…I’m immediately captivated by her solo and it’s over too too soon. Girls got legs man. And her slow pirouette reminded me of a music box. Grade: A

Solo #8
Who: Cyrus
Song: “Existence (VIP)” by Excision and Downlink
Performance: Even though I don’t think he’s as great in other genre’s as everyone thinks he is. He is FANTASTIC in what he does. I could watch his solos forever. But seriously, what’s up with the camerawork? Cutting off his feet like that? Seriously! This is a dance show! Show us dancing! Grade: A-

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The Bottom Four
After that great routine with Tiffany, it really brings the momentum down bringing everyone up for elimination time. Yuck! Lindsey and Witney are in the bottom two. The two best friends go against each other. Aaahh…drama drama drama, but I agree with America’s decision to put the two of them in the bottom. Will and Cole are in the bottom…which is surprising considering the amount of times I voted for Will…COME ON! To make matters worth, both these guys had AMAZING routines this week. Can Cyrus go home pretty please? I’m relieved Chehon is safe though. My prediction for who’s going home?  Lindsey and Cole are going home….

Witney says it is déjà vu that both the best friends are standing there. The judges save Witney and I think Lindsey knew it. It’s sad to see her go, but I wish she let go a bit more. As for the guys…Will is voted off. Cole is safe and. I. Am. Crushed. I am crushed!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Big, big big mistake. Big mistake. Cat says if I didn’t want him to go I should have voted. I DID VOTE, Cat. I did. Ugh. I can’t believe Will is gone. This makes me sad.


Routine Preferences

  1. Cole and Allison
  2. Will and Lauren
  3. Witney and Twitch
  4. Tiffany and Ade
  5. Chehon and Anya
  6. Eliana and Ryan
  7. Lindsay and Alex
  8. Cyrus and Melanie

Top 3 Solos

  1. Chehon
  2. Cyrus
  3. Eliana

Random Thoughts

  • JTF showed us a card telling us the producers gave him the names of the performers so he’d know who they were. Um…where was that card when the Ballet Boyzzzz were judging? Yes, I still can’t get over that people!
  • After Will’s solo they showed his father beating his chest out of love, when Cat pointed out his parents to him. Adorable!
  • Chehon has always been a man, a grown up, so mature, but when he was crying today because his Mom was here. He felt like such a little boy. And I loved it.
  • I love it when SYTYCD can make me cry.
  • Jesse called “ganchos” (a tango move), nachos. Love it.
  • Jesse does his own version of the robot after Cyrus’ routine. Hilarious!
  • Did Cat just quote One Direction? Perfect…until Nigel takes her thunder by repeating the comment. (I won’t repeat it because it was awful both times)
  • Allison Holker’s dress in her routine was SO ADORABLE. I’m hearing it was a vintage wedding dress.
  • Immediately after Cole and Allison’s routine, Cat softly said, “Oh Cole,” but it was so hauntingly soft as if she had just found her four year old son with a severed birds head in his hand.


“You’re not trying to be street over there are you?” – Cat to Nigel

“Do all 18 year old young morman girls dance like this?” – Nigel

“How you did it in those diaper pants, I’ll never know.” – JTF to Witney

“See how I can just sneak in here and hug you and it’s all fine?” – Cat to Will after his solo.

“Thank goodness I know you’re such a nice guy because you’re going to be in my nightmares” – Cat to Cole

JTF: I’m shaking and I need a cocktail.
Cat: We can sort that out for you.

“I feel like I know you, and I don’t, and I know that that’s weird…and creepy, but I love you.” JTF to Eliana.

“Creepy is the understatement of the century.” – Cat

Cat: I have never see you jump so high or try so hard why would that be?
Chehon: Because my Mom is here

“Will you are an adorable puppy covered in puppies, with stickers all over you that say ‘adorable puppy’, wearing a hat with puppies on it.” – JTF

“I don’t think you’re cheesy at all. I think you’re a loveable puppy.” – Cat to Will.

Witney’s Mom: He doesn’t like the hot tamale thing so much.
Witney’s Dad: No I don’t.

“It’s fists, fists! I was very confused.” – Cat

“That was gorgeous. There are going to be tons of little girls going Mommy I want to be a ballet dancer after watching that.” – GIVE CAT HER EMMY ALREADY!

Will: I dance because I have to.

“You’re laughing like a girl.” – Cat to Cyrus


Final Thoughts

Well one more week to go until we meet our top 4. My votes are for Witney, Eliana, Chehon and Cole, but chances are Cyrus will be there. America loves him more than I do. I’m so disappointed Will was voted off. This blows. Especially since he killed it this week. What do you think of this week? Do you agree with who was voted off? Are you as infatuated with Jesse Tyler Ferguson as I am? Do you wish he was the permanent fourth judge?






  1. Will was my favorite too, so I’m not happy. Sadly even if he had missed bottom two I think it would have been Chehon and Cole and Chehon is my second favorite and I think he would have gone home as well. Cyrus is fun and personable and I wish they had told him to get a year of training and come back next summer, because the choreography that doesn’t include dancing and that limited seeing what Eliana could do drove me crazy.

    • ara01 says:

      Thank you. That’s exactly what I have been trying to figure out. I forgot Eliana was paired with Cyrus in the beginning. I have been trying to figure out why I never noticed her until the all-stars. Since then, she has been fantastic and I’m really hoping that she’ll make it to win. Cyrus, on the the other hand, drives me crazy. I have no idea why he has made it this far. It’s such a clear technical difference that it makes me cringe every time. I don’t mean anything against him as a person or in his own style where clearly he excels, but he doesn’t have the versatility necessary to continue on the show as long as he has. I was so sad to have to watch the last couple of eliminations while he is still there (it’s one thing when they do eventually have to leave, but at least let them stay in proportion to their technique). I’m split between Witney and Tiffany for second among the girls so next week should be interesting. Tiffany has never stood out for me and I had to rewind to see who she was. She is a beautiful dancer, but I guess there must be something missing with her because she is so forgettable to me. I’ve been impressed with Witney overall, but I have to say I wasn’t a big fan of her this week. As far as the guys, I think Chehon is a brilliant technician and I would love to see him go on to the finals. I’m also, oddly enough very impressed with Cole. I think that’s an interesting one for me because I am generally very much biased towards those dancers who have a modern or ballet background and a significant amount of training. I think one of the things I like with Cole is that he surprises me so much every week with how technical he is despite a lack of technical preparation. I would love to see the two of them make it into the finals, and then for me it would come down to how they perform there. Please, please, please…I will be so disappointed if Cyrus makes it all the way.

  2. Warriorgirl says:

    I agree about the whole elimination thing. I thought that Chehon would’ve gotten kicked off and Cyrus was in the bottom two as well. But no. They have to kick off my second favorite guy, Will. He’s awesome! I think that the judges unfairly favor Cyrus. He’s a nice guy and all, but still. He really needs to loosen up and get training. The thing about Cyrus is that he can only do one thing, even though he’s good at what he does. Everyone favors him, without him deserving it. If Cole doesn’t win, I’ll be ranting… a lot.

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