All Stars are back y’all! And I could not BE more excited! (Did you have Chandler’s voice in your head when you read that? Because I had his voice in my head when I wrote it.) Hopefully these All Stars will ignite some much needed fire into our season 9 dancers.

So You Think You Can Dance
Season 9

Top 10 Perform avec All Stars


The show opens with The Top 10 Performance. It’s Broadway. Hey, is that Tyce out there dancing? Where’s Cole? Ruh-Roh. Someone got injured. I’m worried. Cole comes out at the end. What happened? Cat calls him slightly injured, hopefully he’s able to perform tonight (Spoiler alert: he is!) 

Guest judge for today is Ben Millepeid, otherwise known as Natalie Portman’s new hubby. He’s also a ballet dancer, so he knows a lot about dancing. Then again supposedly so did the Ballet Boyz. Let’s hope Natalie Portman’s New Hubby did his homework.

Cat tells us there are only 3 weeks left till the finale. Really? I thought we’d have more time. But there’s No time! There’s never any time! Because it’s time for the Top 10 performances with some of our favorite All Stars. I’m so excited. I’m so scared!

Routine #1

Who: Tiffany with All Star Brandon (from Season 5)
Style and Choreographer: Doriana Sanchez, Disco
Rehearsal: They talk about all the lifts (there’s 11) and I’m excited. I love lifts! And SYTYCD has had some awesome disco routines.
Song: “You Make Me Feel” by Cobra Starship feat. Sabi (Disco Remix)
Performance: Okay, I can’t help thinking of Tiffany as a little pageant girl with that sparkly outfit, her high Texas-style hair, and her cheesy face pulling. But then she does this awesome move where she leaps into splits grabbing one foot as Brandon catches her and spins her around and I forget all about that…for a while. They do a lot of lifts, and perform most of them seamlessly. There are a few lifts where you can see them struggling, but for the most part they pulled it off. (I say as I sit on my couch debating whether or not I have the energy to get up and get a glass of water.) Grade: 7/10
The Judging: Mary and Nigel think they had a great connection, though Nigel can’t judge the dancing since Tiffany’s feet was barely on the ground. Mary thought Audrey held her own against Brandon and Benjamin was impressed by their ability to maintain their energy throughout.

Routine #2
Who:  Witney and Nick Lazzarini (Season 1 Winner)
Style and Choreographer: Jazz with Travis Wall
Rehearsal: They are ghosts, which explains Nick’s zombie make up, haunting an abandoned lounge. This routine will allow Witney to bring out the “ballroom” and be sexy.
Song: “Sing It Back” by Moloko
Performance: I can always find things to like about Travis Wall’s routines, even when he has pieces that I’m not that big of a fan of. I liked this piece, but I felt like Witney was weak. There was no connection between her and Nick and I feel like she almost brought too much “ballroom” to her face with all the dramatic inhaling and not enough to her dancing. Nick’s moves were fluid where she was more angled and sharp (if that makes sense). There was a move where they both collapsed into each other and she does this kick off him before they fall to the ground that was pretty amazing. But overall, it wasn’t haunting enough. I felt like it could have been sexier and sadder. I’m mean they’re ghosts right? Rating: 7.5/10
The Judging: Benjamin loved the release and tension. He said it was fun to watch. Nigel felt she was committed and sexy. Mary says “Lord have Murphy!” Someone is on the crazy train and I love it!

Routine #3

Who:  Cole and All-Star Anya (from Season 3)
Style and Choreographer: Cha-Cha by Dimtry Chaplin
Rehearsal: That was Dimtry I saw in the audience next to Travis! God he’s hot! But I digress. This rehearsal is kicking Anya’s butt, which means it’s difficult because Anya is a rock star. Cole wants to make the hot tamale train. Can he do it? He has an open shirt on so there’s a good chance.
Song: “Glad You Came” by The Wanted
Performance: Anya tries to make him look good, but it feels a bit AWKWARD. Not awkward, but like he’s trying too hard. I feel like he needs to bend his knees more. He’s trying his hardest, but maybe being “slightly injured” is hurting him. There was a move where he kicked his leg at Anya and she caught it bent back. At the end of the routine, I see my boy Matthew in the audience. He should be up there. Grade: 5/10
The Judging: Mary says his moves were clean, but his feet are a bit sloppy and the chemistry was not very believable. For Benjamin, Cole needed to show more variety in his movements. Nigel said he was trying to connect with the audience more than he was with Anya, but that it wasn’t bad for his first cha-cha.

Lindsay Arnold and Jakob Karr Broadway So You Think You Can DanceRoutine #4
Who:   Lindsey with All Star Jacob (Season 6)
Style and Choreographer: Broadway with Spencer Liff
Rehearsal: Jacob is Lindsey’s shadow, but they can’t see each other. I’m very intrigued. If they can pull it off, this could be amazing.
Song: “Dancing Dan (Me and My Shadow)” by Fosse Original Soundtrack
Performance: It’s cool, but the whole time I’m just thinking how good Jacob is. I mean boy is really, really good. He looks so agile and flexible, while she looked stiff. The shadow sequence was pretty darn cool. I thought the timing worked well, but overall the energy level was a bit off. Maybe it was too simple? (I say as I still have not been able to get off the couch to get that glass of water). This felt more like Jazz than Broadway. Rating: 7/10
The Judging:  Nigel calls Jacob’s feet fantastic. He’s such a neat dancer. He calls her magnificent, which I disagree. Jacob overshadowed her, figuratively and literally! He says she needs more extension (that I agree with). Mary puts Lindsey on the hot tamale train. (Really she hasn’t even broken a sweat!) Benjamin says Lindsey executed it well and was on top of the beat.


Routine #5

Who:  Will and All Star Kathryn (Season 6)
Style and Choreographer: Bollywood with Nakul
Rehearsal: Kathryn is a snake, Will is her charmer. And he’s enamored with Kathryn. Will is doing Bollywood, guys. I can hardly contain myself. This is going to be great! Hopefully.
Song:” Ooh La La”, by The Dirty Picture Soundtrack
Performance: Will is so awkward. And I mean that in a totally awesome, endearing way. He looks like one of those guys that have absolutely no rhythm but you know when you get him to the club you will have the best time dancing with him because he doesn’t have a care in the world. Only, Will has rhythm. He’s a big, loveable, dancing teddy bear, that I can’t help smiling goofily at. I wish Kathryn were smiling a bit more because Will just looks like he’s having so much damn fun. But she’s a snake and snakes can’t smile. Right? Anyway, as for technique, dare I say Will was out dancing Kathryn? He just had so much energy but he took every movement seriously. Their chemistry was spot on. Despite a few awkward moments, they more than pulled it off. Rating: 9/10.
The Judging: Mary mentions Step Up 4, as she should. Mary calls Will the most likeable guy of the competition. Ben says Will has a unique style. He took advantage of expressing himself throughout the routine. Nigel says such great things to Will I have to give the whole quote: “Will there are times when I want to say to you just calm down a little bit. Take things a bit more seriously. But then I think oh shut up Nigel, because what you do is bring personality to everything you do and that is a blessing in itself.” (Sweet.)

Routine #6

Who:   Cyrus with All Star Jaimie (Season 3)
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Travis Wall
Rehearsal: The world has ending and Cyrus and Jaimie are the only survivors. The story is epic, the partnering is major. I’m interested and excited to see Cyrus pull it off. Let’s hope all the saving the producers did for Cyrus that he lives up to it. This could be his breakthrough moment, or a big disaster. I want to be blown away.
Song: “Outro” by M83
Performance: There was some very striking imagery in this piece. The beginning and ending were so dramatic with images that were everlasting. The routine, or rather the choreography was amazing. Travis out did himself, but I couldn’t help thinking, I really wish Allison Holker and Twitch were performing this piece. Honestly, Allison would have KILLED. Not to say Jaimie didn’t do a good job. There was this move where Jaimie brought Cryus to her with just one leg that was pretty cool, but Cyrus didn’t do much dancing. He did a lot of carrying, a lot of lifting, and he had one leap where he jumped in the air and brought his legs together, but it wasn’t fluid enough. I feel like he wasn’t dancing with enough confidence or hitting all of Travis’ lines. However, he did better than I expected.  He dances with a lot of humility and he’s very likeable. Rating: 8/10
The Judging: Benjamin says Cyrus has compelling raw energy that is very exciting. Nigel says a lot of things, complementing a lot of people, but he basically says Cyrus with a lot of help, did great in this routine. Mary says Travis didn’t hold back and really challenged him. He had great transitions and reminds me these dancers only have a few hours really to work on the routine. It’s true. And now I feel bad. I’m going to get my water….

Routine #7
Who:   Chehon and Lauren (Season 3)
Style and Choreographer: Lyrical Hip Hop with Dave Scott
Rehearsal: Chehon is neeeervous.
Song: “Pretty Things” by Maxwell
Performance: Chehon really just let it all loose. You know he said time and time again he went on this show to learn other dance styles and really to just let himself go and see what else is out there. And I think, with this routine, he’s finally doing that. He still had such a joyous smile on his face, but he was able to break himself down and not be so stiff and controlled. He just danced and it was lovely to watch. I’m not a big fan of Lauren. Personally I think she showboats a lot and she’s too smiley, but I feel like she brought something out of Chehon. She kind of took the lead and she brought something new out of him. It was a great routine, with a lot of isolations, something Cryus would have killed in. I think, the fact he was nervous, the fact it was new, he had no choice but to let it all go. Rating: 9/10
The Judging: Nigel –  “I’ve gotta thank Dave because he’s sort of taken that stick out of you.” (OH NIGEL! Cringe That was mean. It’s not a stick. It’s control!) Nigel said it was warmer, and lovely to see that smile on his face. Mary said it could have been funkier, but that Chehon accomplished a lot. Benjamin (who says “and all that” a lot) says he brought a lot of looseness to the routine and that he is very charismatic.

Routine #8

Who:   George with All-Star Allison (from Season 2)
Style and Choreographer: Broadway with Tyce D
Rehearsal: Something about a train. Something about Paris. George is distracted by Allison. Tyce says the phrase “breaking all the rules” mixed with the word “raunchy” and I black out.
Song: “Bahamut” by Hazmat Modine
Performance: George has a lot of control, whereas Allison just dances with abandon. Even when he scissors his head with her legs, he still can’t let go. Then near the end of the routine something just changes and he starts acting more and letting the music move him. Strong routine, great dancing, but George needs more personality. Rating: 7/10
The Judging: Mary though the routine was a lot of fun as Allison looks for her friends in the crowd. Benjamin calls George and amazing mover and that he has a good connection with Allison. Nigel is not as big a fan of it as everyone else. He says George has good technique, but he didn’t bring enough character into it (I agree). He wasn’t raunchy enough. I think Nigel just likes the word raunchy and the crowd seems to agree as Mary has to FORCE them to BOO Nigel.

Routine #9

Who:  Eliana with All Star Alex Wong (Season 7)
Style and Choreographer: Contemporary with Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: I’ve died and gone to heaven. Alex Wong is back. Speak of the devil. Two ballet dancers dancing contemporary? I would have LOVED to see them do a Pas De Deux with Desmond Richardson. What a missed opportunity. But that’s okay. I’m glad to have Alex back and glad Eliana is being partnered with someone besides Cyrus. This routine is about an on and off again relationship. Stacey wants Eliana to be less perfect.
Song: “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” by Nancy Sinatra.
Performance: Oh. My. God. She is fantastic. There’s something about this music and the slow dancing that just captivated me. I was mesmerized. Holding my breath practically. Eliana danced so gracefully slowly stretching all her limbs and muscles. I love the way she crumpled her legs to the music “bang, bang”. I would kill for her feet. Finally we got to see her dance, forreal. And Alex – it was just a joy to have him back. He has so much strength, and he has so much emotion in his face. Eliana needed a bit of that on her face. But really, overall, the performance was fantastic I could have watched 10 more minutes of that. Rating: 9/10
The Judging: Cat calls it kind of amazing. That’s how you know it’s great, when Cat says it first. And the judges, slowly get to their feet. It’s about damn time. Nigel says Eliana has great maturity in movement and is has favorite girl (Really Nigel? I thought that was Lindsey). Mary is talking in this high pitched voice, which is how we know she likes it. She calls Eliana the perfect tiramisu: a lot of layers and delicious. Benjamin says it was very passionate and everyone felt it.

Routine #10
Who:  Audrey with All Star Twitch (Season 4)
Style and Choreographer: Hip Hop with David Scott
Rehearsal: It’s about a 400 year old couple who love and hate each other. Audrey is scared and doesn’t have a lot of confidence. Twitch thinks all she needs to do is just let go.
Song: “Sincerely, Jane” by Janelle Monae
Performance: Audrey is too cutesy for this routine. She and Tiffany have the exact sae problem. Also Twitch is so dynamic and has so much personality. He over shadowed her. There were some moments she got down, and hit those hip hop beats, but she wasn’t on the same energy level as Twitch. It’s like they were dancing too different routines. That ending was cute. Rating: 7/10
The Judging: Benjamin says Twitch took over. He wanted more from her.  Mary was engaged, she says she held her own. Nigel wanted more character from Audrey and wished she was crazier.


The Bottom Four

It’s time for the bottom 4. I hate this part. In the DANGER ZONE is: Witney and Audrey. I’m pretty surprised by Witney honestly. I have a feeling its Audrey going home. The bottom boys are: Chehon and George. George is going home. Chehon can’t go home. He did so well today, and I really like him. It’s George’s time after being in the bottom so many times. (PS: I’m glad my favs Will and Eliana are safe).


The Solos

Solo #1: Witney
Song: “You’ll Find A Way” by Santigold
Performance: Like the dress, don’t like the song. Yuck. There’s no denying Witney isn’t sexy, I wish she brought what she’s bringing now to her earlier routine. Girl’s gotta be safe though. Less stripper moves, more depth please. Grade: C+

Solo #2: Audrey
Song: “And I Am Telling You” by Jennifer Holliday.
Performance: Really, any other version of this song besides Jennifer Hudson should never be played. But that rant is for another day…He routine shows a lot of technique and it crescendos perfectly. She really did dance for her life I think, more than Witney. And the song was fitting. She’s telling you she’s not going Nigel. Will you listen? Grade: A-

Solo #3: Chehon
Song: “Til Enda” by Olafur Arnalds
Performance: He shows so much height and power, and he does this cool leap that lands into a one legged pirouette of sorts. He showed a lot of control and also a bit of reckless abandon he learned. Amazing! This IS dancing for his life and if he goes home after this routine the judges are CRAZY! Grade: A-

Solo #4: George
Song: “Brotsjor” by Olafur Arnalds
Performance: Can’t help noticing this dude is being used a lot for solos. But I’m digging it and George is really showing his musicality. It’s very modern. And he does this cool roll from the floor into a handstand. Whoa. Grade: A-



The judges are not unanimous. They save Witney and Audrey knows it. I think Witney knows it too, but her reaction… “reaction” did not seem genuine. We are reminded of Witney’s neck farts (Yay) and the fact she sleeps in glasses and a retained (Yuck). Audrey is crying, but hopefully Matthew will comfort “comfort” her later. As for the boys, Nigel calls George’s solo, the greatest he’s danced. I agree. He talks about how they both have trouble connecting with the audience. They save Chehon and he seemed sincerely worried. I think George knew it was time though. The judges (and choreographers as Nigel reminds us) got it right this time. *Whew*


Routine Preferences

  1. Eliana and Alex – Contemporary
  2. Will and Kathryn – Bollywood
  3. Chehon and Lauren – Lyrical Hip Hop
  4. Tiffany and Brandon – Disco
  5. Cyrus and Jamie – Contemporary
  6. George and Allison – Broadway
  7. Witney and Nick – Jazz
  8. Lindsey and Jacob – Broadway
  9. Cole and Anya – Cha-Cha
  10. Audrey and Twitch – Hip Hop

Random Thoughts

  • Love the way Will rubs Kathryn’s back and gives her a little supportive kiss on the forehead during judging.
  • Anyone notice Benjamin’s fake standing O for Eliana and Alex’s routine. He was off in his own world till he noticed Nigel and Mary standing, then he stood with a cheesy grin on his face. Not. Subtle. At. All. Natalie Portman’s Husband.
  • Cat mentions the Ballet boys calling Twitch Titch. Adorbs.
  • Love how Kathryn and Twitch are so humble and grateful for everything the show has done for their careers. DON’T LOVE have Nigel rubs it in. Almost as if he’s saying, “Look how good we are, Ma.”
  • The All Stars come out on stage to say goodbye as well– which is awkward. Lauren is  smiling – which is inappropriate. Sorry peeps, not a fan.


  • “Lord Have Murphy!” – Mary
  • “That looked kind of amazing from where I was standing.”
  • “There’s no reason you can’t out do him.” Bejamin about Audrey and Twitch. Best thing he said all night.


Well another one bites the dust. I enjoyed this episode much more than the last episode. What was your favorite routine? Who are you voting for? I cast my votes for Will, Chehon, and Eliana. 3 weeks left guys! Can you believe it? Until next week!




  1. sytycdfan13 says:

    Jacob is from season 6 and Twitch is from season 4.

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