SYTYCD Season 9: 16 Perform/2 Eliminated

Posted: July 28, 2012 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV

Yup. Yup, do not like the new format. You could have a crappy night last week, and a fantastic night the next week and get voted off the same show you had the great night in. It’s not right! Luckily, with four dancers getting voted off last week we got more time to spend with these contestants. We even got some solos from the bottom sick, but still the end of the show felt too soon – too soon!—to say goodbye to them.


So You Think You Can Dance

16 Perform/2 Eliminated

The show opens with a mostly black and white performance of a “silent movie” type routine, of course highlighting Ameila. Set to the song “Here and Now” by June Miyake, the routine is very strange. They do a lot of moves that seem to defy gravity, especially with the help from the red umbrella. However, I feel like it’s missing something. Definitely not the best group number I’ve seen, sorry Tyce.

Cat tells us the show is going on hiatus for 2 weeks. What? What? Boo! And we learn today’s guest judge is Christina Applegate (love her!). And now, it’s time for the routines!


Routine #1
Who:   Tiffany and George
Choreographer:   Napoleon and Tabitha
Dancing Style: Hip Hop
Rehearsal: Okay, seriously, watching Tabitha talk about babies and choreograph with her pregnant belly is so freakin’ adorable. I can’t stand it. The routine is an “adventures in babysitting” sort. The routine is fast and crazy.
Song: “Out Of My Mind” B.O.B. feat Nikki Minaj
Performance: This routine was great. At first I was distracted a bit by the crazy costumes, but Tiffany and George were hitting it hard! (Tiffany a bit more than George.) And honestly I was mesmerized by how sick her abs are. Girl is crazy fit! The routine was fun and fast and these guys rocked it out! Tiffany definitely brought out her personality, I wish we got a bit more personality from George. Another great routine by Nappy Tabs. Rating: 7/10
The judging: Nigel thought it was fun. He felt like George was losing energy at the end, but he thought Tiffany “got down”. Nigel should not use phrases like that. Mary thought the routine was right for everyone and loved it when the music changed and everything got a bit harder. Christina wasn’t expecting that kind of performance from the two sweet kids.


Routine #2
Who:  Amber and Brandon
Choreographer:   Ray Leeper
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Rehearsal: It’s about a couple in the south. It’s supposed to be a sexy routine and Ray is worried about their chemistry because they’re a new couple. I haven’t been super impressed with Amber, but I think Brandon is a good partner for her. I can already see their chemistry in rehearsal.
Song: “Dr. Feelgood (Love Is Serious Business)” by Aretha Franklin
Performance: I cannot stop staring at Amber’s legs. I’m convince they’ve gotten longer. The routine is hot and steamy, but it’s even hotter when they’re dancing together, rather than apart. Amber does this thing where she wraps her whole body around Brandon, it’s pretty hot. The routine reminds me a bit of the routine between Twitch and Sasha (but that routine was WAAY hotter). It was really good though. It’s nice to see Amber come out of her shell and it’s always nice to see Brandon. No idea he was in Step Up: Revolution. Rating: 7.5/10
The judging: Christina is so excited about the routine she’s fumbling for words. “I feel like none of us should have been here watching that.” She said it was the best she’s ever seen Amber dance. (And I agree.) Brandon was sexy. Mary liked their soul. She said Amber was very sultry. As for Brandon he has an unforced masculinity up there. (Agree again). Cat steals my idea and says it reminded her of “Misty Blue” as well. Thanks for stealing my thunder, Cat. Nigel calls this routine “baby making” and I’m immediately uncomfortable. Moving. On.


Routine #3
Who:   Janelle and Daerian
Choreographer: Pasha
Dancing Style: Cha-Cha
Rehearsal: If it’s possible, Pasha has gotten even better looking. The couple need to be sexy, but this couple seems to be too goofy to take seriously.
Song: “Call Me Maybe” Carly Rae Jesper
Performance: First of all, really? With this song? God, I’m so sick of it. And it doesn’t read ballroom to me at all! It’s too light and sweet and girly and poppy, to ever take seriously in a routine that’s supposed to be sexy! Daerian is definitely struggling, but Janelle is making him look good. And she’s playing more to him, than the audience which I like. Daerian does this crazy lift with her weaving her legs in and out around his head (that sounds dirty, but it’s cool.) Rating: 6/10
The judging: Mary says the transitions were rough and they both had “lousy” feet.  She said a whole bunch of dance terms I didn’t understand, but I believe her at the same time. Christina says they gave their best efforts but Daerian had some strange hand things going on. Nigel says he didn’t feel Janelle was sexy. I agree a bit. She was hot, but it was a sweet hot, not a sexy hot. Does that make sense? But again, I blame it on the music choice. How do you dance sexily to “Call Me Maybe?”


Routine #4
Who:  Lindsey and Cole
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Rehearsal: The piece is about light and hate. Lindsey is the light and positive and Cole is the hate trying to hold her down.
Song: “Wild Horses” by Charlotte Martin
Performance: Everything really worked in this piece. The lighting was beautiful, the costumes were great. Mandy Moore’s dancing was incredible and these two dancers danced it beautifully. My only only complaint is that Lindsey’s hair was in her face the entire time. Cole’s face was so haunting throughout the piece, but every time I searched for Lindsey’s it was covered with hair. However, I really love how she just dove into this piece. She collapsed into Cole with complete trust and he was there for her every time. Anyone notice Pasha’s “Wow” at Mandy Moore after the piece? Grade: 8.5/10
The judging: Nigel compliments the lighting, which I think is really nice. Even though I wish the judges would complement the choreography and other technical aspects after complimenting the dancers…I get it. Nigel calls Cole neat and tidy, and it seems like he’s about to give him an insult, but he basically tell s Cole he’s a genius. And I love his (Cole’s) humble face in return. Mary’s compliments are really genuine. Sometimes she gets corny in there, but her compliments toward Lindsey are really sweet. Christina calls Cole and enigma. She also mentions the hair thing.


Routine #5
Who:  Amelia and Will
Choreographer:   Mandy Moore
Dancing Style: Jazz
Rehearsal: First of all, I’d pay good money to see Mandy Moore dance with Will. It’s nice to see her fawning over my man. Poor Amelia gets sidelined. It’s quite cute and funny. Mandy’s routine is about opposites attracting.
Song: “You!” The Creatures
Performance: I wanted to like this performance a lot more than I did because I really like these two. But the piece just felt sloppy. Maybe I didn’t connect to the costumes. Maybe I didn’t connect to the music but it didn’t work for me and I was really trying to find things I liked about it. One thing I noticed was that Will was a lot cleaner than Amelia. He felt more like a jazz dancer where Amelia seemed a bit more one note. I couldn’t connect to her face or her emotions. Rating: 7/10
The judging: Christina liked it a lot more than Nigel did. He didn’t feel they connected. Nigel also mentions how Will is comforting Amelia as they are getting a bad critique. I like that he mentions that. He says Will has the best personality on the show. Mary said everything they did today was really good, just not as good as the other weeks.


Routine #6
Who: Audrey and Matthew
Choreographer:   Liz Lira
Dancing Style: Salsa
Rehearsal: Matthew says something about Audrey that makes me think they may have a little thing going on there. But there’s no time to think about that because they’re supposed to be doing a hot hot salsa! The couple is struggling with the tricks, especially the tornado spin move. I think Audrey is too cutesy to pull off sexy.
Song: “Cinco Salsa”
Performance: I’ll give the girl props, Audrey tries her hardest, but the whole routine felt like a frenzied struggle. And the cheesy music didn’t really help things at all. Matthew sold it a little more, but he definitely had his issues. Mostly with his footwork and transitions. That last flip trick into a split was pretty cool however. It worked well with the music. Rating: 6/10
The judging: Mary said the chemistry and connections looked uncomfortable. Christina said she was distracted with the music and they looked a little lost. Nigel said everything felt slow in tempo and didn’t have the passion he wanted.


Routine #7
Who:   Witey and Chehon
Choreographer:  Stacey Tookey
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Rehearsal: They have a cute little intro piece where they both discover they can speak German. Chehon asks her how she’s doing and she responds “My name is Witney”. It’s actually quite adorable. This piece is about two people who are meant to be together and certain circumstances are tearing them apart. Chehon vaguely says it’s an experience he’s gone through before so he can relate. But that’s all he gives us. We want details, dude! Or just come find me, we can make out, and you can tell me all about it…
Song:  “I Will Always Love You,” Whitney Houston
Performance: First of all, I have to say it’s no fair playing this song. Within the first beats of Whitney’s acapella soulful voice, you know this routine HAS TO BE GOOD. And yeah, it was pretty damn good. There may have been some slight tearing up, especially near the end when Witney turns around and grabs Chehon by the legs almost pleading for him not to go. But we’ll get to that. The beginning was so lovely. Witney just melted into her partner and you really felt the tug and pull of their love story. It was so intimate like they were dancing with only each other. Then on the up tempo ,when the music kicks in and Whitney sings “I Will Always Love You,” that lift was breathtaking and everything after that was so beautiful and yet heartbreaking at the same time. Good work guys. Rating: 9/10
The judging: Christina calls them painters in this piece. Chehon is stunning. She thanks them. Mary is overcome with emotion bout about that song and the routine. She says Chehon showed a lot of passion. Nigel mentions about how hard it hit them to be on the bottom (Cat even mentioned how nervous they were), he calls them flawless.


Routine #8
Who:   Eliana and Cyrus
Choreographer: Nappy Tabs
Dancing Style: Hip Hop
Rehearsal: Eliana is the ballerina on a jewelry box, and Cryus is the robot that brings her to life. See, this is something Nappy Tabs does best, bring out the best in each dancer by using their strength, much like my favorite routine ever of theirs, the one with Alex Wong and Twitch. Random thought: How awesome would it be to see Eliana dance ballet with Alex Wong? Eliana doesn’t think she’ll be very good at hip-hop due to her training, but I refuse to believe that. This girl can do anything…well except care for birds apparently.
Song: “Toxic” District 78 feat. Cheesa
Performance: And it’s true. Eliana rocked it. Sure Cryus was a bit better at the isolations than she was. But girl hit it hard. And Cyrus was amazing as to be expected. I could probably watch him be a robot forever. I wish there was a little more dancing to this routine. But it was pretty cool. Rating: 8/10
The judging: Mary calls it fabulous, crazy, frozen, sick, buck. Christian calls Eliana the best dancer she’s ever seen. Nigel calls Eliana better than Cyrus during this routine. Love how Eliana sticks up for Cyrus.


Random Thoughts

  • Love Will and Ameila’s chest bump during their introductions. Adorable.
  • Chehon is so good looking!
  • Anyone notice when Cat is reading off Chehon’s numbers she brushes the side back of his head with her hand?
  • Is there something going on between Matthew and Audrey? What do you think?


  • “I’m doing a wiggle.” – Cat at the intro
  • “Could you make that soupier?” – Christina
  • Pasha shaking his hips –  “That’s actually how you’d ask a girl for a cup of coffee.”
  • “Ameila should watch out. I might take her out and dance.” – Mandy Moore about Will.
  • “You’re both on the damn train. Get out of here.” – Mary
  • “They’re on the train. Tabitha and Napoleon are on the train and hoping Hogwarts has towels.” – Cat

Top 5 Performances

  1. Witney and Chehon – Comtemporary
  2. Lindsey and Cole – Contemporary
  3. Tiffany and George – Hip Hop
  4. Amber and Brandon – Contemporary
  5. Eliana and Cyrus – Hip Hop

The Bottom Six
All the dancers are brought out on stage, and with more time the revelations feel less harsh. Thank goodness for that. The bottom three girls and guys are: Amber, Lindsey, Eliana (What? Sorry, I meant to write WHAT?!?!)n George, Brandon (Really?), and Daerian. Okay, seriously? Get ready for my rant. Seriously? Eliana? You waste a perfectly good slot for Janelle on Eliana? Really? Granted Amber and Lindsey didn’t really have great weeks last week so that’s understandable why they are in the bottom three, Eliana just doesn’t make sense. Girl works hard, and rocks it. Really? If she goes home, I will personally hunt Nigel Lythgoe down and yell at him. Harshly. Of these three my vote is for Amber. As for the boys, the choice is that much harder. George is amazing, no doubt he’s safe. But between Brandon and Daerian, I really don’t know who to choose. We don’t know as much about Brandon as we do about Daerian, but I feel like Brandon has really broken out of his shell and shown some great personality. However Daerian, his tricks are AMAZING. I don’t think he’s been given the proper chance to show America what he can do. Especially when he keeps getting stuck with ballroom.


The Solos

Nigel has Eliana, Amber, Daerian, and Brandon dance for their life. I’m glad that there is time for this. Does this mean George and Lindsey are safe? Do you think Nigel is only doing this so he can show America just how good Eliana is, or is she really being considered to go home? If Lindsey is indeed safe, despite the fact she had an incredible week this week, Amber should go home.

Solo #1: Amber
Song: “This Is What Makes Us Girls”, by Lana Del Rey
Performance: She is a beautiful dancer, and there’s something carefree about this dance. But I also feel like she knows this is her last dance. She feels a bit defeated, so she’s just going to let it all go. Grade: B

Solo #2: Brandon
Song: “I Want It All Back” Tye Tribbett & G.A.
Performance: I’m so glad we get to see him dance in his own style. It’s so aggressive. I love it! The one thing I love about Brandon is when he dances he always makes me want to get up there and dance with him. His smile is so bright and fills up the whole room. He really wants it. Fun Fact: Did you know Brandon was in Step Up 4: Revolution? Grade: B+

Solo #3: Eliana
Song: “Near Light” Olafur Arnalds
Performance: You know upon first glance it may seem like your typical contemporary routine. But There’s something about the way she’s dancing this solo that just shows so much control. And her face and the emotion in this piece is lovely. Grade: A-

Solo #4: Daerian
Song: “Ordinary People” by John Legend
Performance: Daerian may have lousy feet, but he has incredible tricks. And he does them with such ease. He also dances with such joy. This solo is so technically impressive. I could watch it forever. Grade: A


It’s time to eliminate one guy and one girl. First, Nigel saves Lindsey. He says it’s because she has the potential and room to grow. As for Amber and Eliana, they decide to save Eliana. *Whew* He tells Amber that if America had voted based on her performance tonight, she would not be going home. Not liking the new format now so much are we, Nigel? As for the boys, I keep going back and forth. Who do I want him to save Brandon or Daerian? Daerian or Brandon? Who? I don’t know. I can’t pick. Luckily, I don’t have to. Nigel tells George he’s safe and Brandon gives George a smile and a pat on the shoulder. Okay, maybe Brandon should stay. But then I look at Daerian’s puppy dog face, slowly and surely he’s becoming more and more crushed. Maybe it should be Daerian. Nigel says he has tricks that come out of his sleeves. His solo was incredible and it’s what saved his life. Brandon is going home. Congratulations Daerian.

*Sigh* That was rough guys. Rough. And now we have to wait 2 weeks for another SYTYCD? Unbelievable! That’s such a bummer. Damn you Olympics! (Not really). Goodbye Brandon and Amber, I’m sad to see you two go! Man, I love this show. Such a myriad of emotions every time I watch it. Do you agree with the judges’ decision? DO you agree with America’s Bottom Three? This week I voted for Will and Eliana. I’m gonna make damn sure my girl isn’t in the bottom three again!





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