So You Think You Can Dance: Meet The Top 20

Posted: July 9, 2012 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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So You Think You Can Dance

Season 9

Meet The Top 20


So You Think You Can Dance is back ya’ll. It’s Season 9 and it’s time to meet our Top 20.

Top 20

  • Alexa Anderson – Contemporary
  • George Lawrence II – Contemporary
  • Will Thomas – Contemporary
  • Amber Jackson – Contemporary
  • Nick Bloxsom-Carter – Ballroom
  • Lindsay Arnold – Ballroom
  • Witney Carson – Ballroom
  • Eliana Girard – Ballet (classically trained)
  • Daniel Baker – Ballet (classically trained)
  • Chehon Wespi-Tschopp – Ballet (classically trained)
  • Tiffany Maher – Jazz
  • Audrey Case – Jazz
  • Janelle Issis – Belly Dancer/Jazz
  • Matthew Kazmierczak – Contemporary
  • Dareian Kujawa – Contemporary
  • Janaya French – Contemporary
  • Amelia Lowe – Contemporary
  • Cole Horibe – Martial Arts/Contemporary
  • Brandon Mitchell – Stepper
  • Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer – Animator/Pop/Lock


Routine #1
Who: Alexa, George, Will, and Amber
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Song: “We Found Love” by Jessie J
First Impressions: ALexa has a very distinct way of dancing. She’s very bony and angular when she dances. Sometimes it works, but other times it’s distracting. Instead of being graceful and fluid, she’s a bit sharp. Will, is the total odd ball. He’s tall, he’s big, and he doesn’t quite have the dancers body. However, he dances beautifully and his personality wins me over every time he opens his mouth. George graceful, fluid dancer, and Amber…thoughts TBD.
Performance: The routine is actually quite mesmerizing. Some of it works (when they dance in sync) and some of it doesn’t (when Will and George drag Ashley around the floor, and Alexa dances by herself across the room. Awkward.) Alexa is a stand out for me, but I think it’s partially because she’s so floppy. I’ll keep my eye on her, I’m not so sure about her yet. Other thoughts, George’s pirouettes are beautiful.

Routine #2
Who:   Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Lindsay Arnold, Witney Carson
Dancing Style: Ballroom
Choreographer: Jason Gilkinson
Song: “Dance Again” by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull
First Impressions: Never believe a guy who says he never cries. Nick comes off as goofy for me. Maybe it’s a ballroom thing. Hopefully he can do something that will make me take him more seriously. Or make me love him in a goofy way like I did Benji Schwimmer. Lindsay and Witney are blond firecrackers. They’re sweet and cute, but I hope their dancing can show more depth.
Performance: Yeah three people dancing ballroom together awkward. It’s not just awkward, it’s uncomfortably, silly and awkward. Not to take away from the dancing, which was great intricate, and I’m sure dancing with two girls is harder than just one, but the entire routine was embarrassingly distracting. The two girls might as well have danced together because they danced Nick right off the stage, he didn’t really need to be there.

Routine #3
Who: Eliana Girard, Daniel Baker, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
Dancing Style: Ballet
Choreographer: Desmond Richardson
Song: “Romantic Inclinations/Like A Shot/Fury” by P. Rottman/S. Everitt/G. Shadid/T. Marberger
First Impressions: These three dancers stood out as my favorites in the audition rounds. Eliana has crazy flexible legs and Daniel and Chehon are just mesmerizing to watch. I can tell all three are classically trained. I think Eliana is going to be the girl to beat for the girls. As for the boys, Nigel needs to stop calling them professionals, I think it works against them. It also sets the bar really high.
Performance: Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. I didn’t realize Eliana was on point at first and I wondered how she made herself so tall. I don’t think we’ve seen a performance like this on SYTYCD. I almost felt like I was watching a professional dance routine. However it wouldn’t be SYTYCD without a bass track added in. Still the routine great and I could tell just how difficult it was. Desmond did not hold back. Eliana was definitely the star of this routine.

Routine #4
Who: Tiffany Maher, Audrey Case, Janelle Issis
Dancing Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Sail” by Awolnation
First Impressions: Tiffany and Audrey are pretty much identical in my eyes. The only thinking I really remember about Audrey is her ability to neck fart. Making them look and dress alike won’t do them any favors. As for Janelle, she is probably the most distinct of the two (and she’s so gorgeous!). It sucks that she was unable to dance. Think it had to do with her smacking her head into the door when she found out she was in?
Performance: Sonya is so great. I love her. And these girls danced the routine in all it’s quirky glory. The song is amazing. I remember first hearing during Chehon’s audition solo I believe. But back to the actual performance – the girls costumes showed off their lines beautifully and there were moments they hit that were stunning. However they were wobbly, shaky, and weak and some points slipping here and there. If I could tell the girls apart I’d be able to be more specific. I look forward to learning more about them.

Routine #5
Who: Matthew Kazmierczak, Dareian Kujawa, Janaya French, Amelia Lowe
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tucci
Song: “Modern Drift” by Efterklang
First Impressions: Thoughts: I’m so glad “lousy feet” Dareian made it!, Matthew looks nothing like Ryan Gosling, I’m actually pretty glad Amelia made it too. She has the potential to really stand out.
Performance: Honestly, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Amelia. Maybe it has to do with the fact that her skin is so pale she seems to be glowing, but she also just moved incredibly well. As much as I feel like I shouldn’t like her, because she feels like a gimmick. I really just do. Dareian had some great moments in the piece, but his “lousy feet” really did stick out. It almost made him feel like he wasn’t extending enough. And the other two, Matthew and Janaya were a little forgettable, but I blame it on them not being featured during the audition period. I have a feeling Matthew will be someone to watch.

Routine #6
Who: Cole Horibe, Brandon Mitchell, Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer
Dancing Style: Lyrical Hip Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Song: “Resolve” by Nathan Lanier
First Impressions: I am really excited that Cole and Cyrus made it. Cyrus especially, as he just stood out as a Russell of sorts for me. He has the potential to do and grow really well in this competition which makes for great moments. Cole is an excellent mover, he’s so graceful and yet composed at the same time. And I look forward to getting to know stepper, Brandon Mitchell.
Performance: This piece is probably one of my favorites of the night. It reminds me of the piece Mia did two seasons ago where each dancer is highlighted in their own style, but there’s something about the music and the way it all works together that makes the piece really beautiful. Cyrus and Brandon were definitely hitting it harder than Cole, but I think the stand out for me was Cryus. He just has so much personality and life when he dances.

Travis’ girl group routine was definitely beautiful and a bit haunting. It flowed well back and forth and reminded me of the ocean. However, I felt myself distracted by the way the lights kept hitting the camera. I just wanted the camera to be still so I could watch the dancing, instead of being blinded and forced to concentrate on the silhouettes. I also find Travis more compelling when he’s choreographing for two people rather than a group number. Unless the piece has a strong concept (instead of just a general one) sometimes I find that the dancers get lost in a sea of hair. (– Song: “Where the Light Gets In” by Sennen)

As for Sonya’s Top 10 Boys routine I also found myself distracted by what the boys were forced to wear. Seriously? What was that? Not flatting at all? It looked like maternity pants pulled up way high. I love the way Will was so self-conscious about his body. It really is adorable. As for the number, it definitely had Sonya written all over it, but I felt like it would have been better (instead of awkward) if there were some girls mixed in there. Even just one? Because I found myself distracted by the strange partnering within the piece and the strange, strange costumes. (– Song: “Precognition” by Steed Lord)

Oh Mama Mia, I have missed you so. Somehow whenever you choreograph a piece you can tell just how much a dancer throws his or her all into the piece. I don’t know if it’s because of Mia’s rep that they so desperately want to impress her. But the bar was set pretty high with this piece as each dancer threw themselves into the piece completely. Also in typical Mia fashion the dance seems extremely simple. It seems like the dancers don’t do a whole long. Yet somehow it’s emotional, mesmerizing, special, and unique all at the same time. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I desperately hope she choreographs more pieces this year. (– song: “Eyes” by Kaskade)

I am jazzed for this year’s So You Think You Can Dance. It’s my perfect little summer treat. I can’t wait to see how these dancers grow and how they work with the All-Stars (Hopefully my favorites Allison Holker and Alex Wong make an appearance). Hopefully the change of adding a favorite male and female dancer will bring about some new energy and new life into the show. But frankly, I could never be sick of this show. Bring it on! What did you think of the performances? Who are your stand-outs? Do you have any favorites yet? Who do you think will be the first dancers voted off? Click here to find out more about your Top 20.




  1. Monica says:

    I love your recaps!! Keep them coming 🙂

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