So You Think You Can Dance Season 9: Vegas Week 2012

Posted: June 23, 2012 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV

Vegas Week has come on gone on SYTYCD Season 9. And it was grueling. Here are the best and worst moments of this year’s Vegas Week.

Vegas Week Top Five Moments

  1. Debbie Allen asking herself “Why Am I Crying” during Hampton “The Exorcist” William’s mesmerizing solo
  2. Finding myself rooting for Cyrus, the last Dragon House member. There was something about watching this man break down into tears that made me want to root for him. I also loved how the other dancers supported him and were amazed by his solo. I hope they don’t break his heart, I’d take him in my top 20.
  3. Glad to see at least one of my favorites made it to that last round like ballet dancer,  Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, anyone notice if the cute Australian made it? What was his name again? Daniel Baker? As well as the leggy girl? I guess she was a pole dancer? What was her name again? (Sorry, they’re my favorites, but I don’t remember their names, just what was unique about them. Bad writer *slaps own hand*)
  4. I like Ameila Lowe, though I’m a bit sick of her schtick, I think she’s a great dancer – very unique, and I was touched by her words when she said, “tomorrow you will see a different animal up here.” I also loved the way Sonya told her she “got her.” Sometimes when you’re “weird” or “unique” all you really want is for someone to understand you. Hopefully she passes through to the Top 20 and then just kills it.
  5. Debbie Allen (can you tell I love her?) telling Rachel Applehans to “put on some clothes and just dance.” She did have some nice movements in there. Too bad the “risky business” shirt covered it all.
  6. Travis Wall…love how Cat Deely introduced him as “home grown.” I can’t wait to see Travis’ choreo this year! (Sorry had to add a 6th)

Worst Moments

  1. Tyce yelling at Alexa until she cries – and then everyone cheered when she finally broke down. Congratulations “jiges” you made a little girl cry! The fact that they have to break her down like only to put her up on this insurmountable pedestal actually makes me not want to root for the girl…I don’t know why. Especially when they say things like, “she could win it all.” (Though when Debbie Allen says “child” I immediately believe anything is possible.)
  2. Danielle Dominguez being voted off.  After making it through with flying colors, she chose to help a fellow partner for his audition. As a thank you, he promptly kicks her in the head and sends her to the hospital. She comes back in time to join a group and get something done. However the group struggles and blames Danielle  she couldn’t learn as quickly with a head injury. Guess the only thing left to happen was for her to get a swift kick in the butt from the judges. I thought she rocked it. Why didn’t she stay and fight like Rachel? Why couldn’t they have let her dance for her life? I mean girl finished her routine after being smacked in the head. She didn’t stop it, or cry, or just lie there on the ground. She finished it. That’s a fighter. I hope Danielle comes back next year and fights like hell for the Top 20.
  3. Voting krumper Mariah Spears off. Really? Really? I thought she was great. Okay, so she doesn’t have the dancers body exactly, but she is unique. Isn’t that what you’re looking for, Nigel? At least let her dance for her life!! I would have LOVED to seen what Lil’ C thought of her krumping. I mean if nothing else, that’s television GOLD right there.
  4. Adrian Lee. I can’t believe he got voted off. Then again, maybe I can. He just kind of rubbed me the wrong way this time, talking about how much it hurt his family when he was voted off. He should have just let his dancing speak for itself. Season 7, I loved him, and I wanted him in my Top 20. This year, I felt like he thought they owed it to him to make it through. He should get through on talent.
  5. Watching a cameraman actually have an internal debate: “Do I call 911, or do I keep filming? Call 911 or turn on my camera? What do I do?” Did you hear the medic say don’t shake him? That’s scary. I’m glad they are giving Jason Alexander the chance to be in the Top 20. Just wish they did the same for Danielle Dominguez…

Could anyone spot out who the 35 were? Do you guys thing the two blond best friends (Whitney Carson and Lindsay Arnold) will probably be vying for that last spot? Are you as excited for the Top 20 as I am? I’m ready for the competition. Bring. It. On!

Happy Season 9 everyone!





  1. Corinthia says:

    Eliana Girard is the “pole dancer” and her (non-pole) audition was a favorite of mine too. I’m pretty sure I saw her among the group still remaining at the end of the Vegas episode

  2. stuart says:

    i guess i missed something. who the hell is this woman zoe?

  3. stuart says:

    why do i or anyone else have to wait for moderation?

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