Catching Fire: Casting Finnick Odair

So…I don’t know if you heard…but casting is underway for the 2nd Installment of The Hunger Games series, “Catching Fire.” Personally this book is my favorite even though it’s a little less action packed than the others. It’s the first time we really see the brutality of the Capitol outside The Hunger Games, the first time we see Katniss bear the repercussions of her decisions in the arena as well as her relationship with Peeta, and we also get to see her work with a group of people instead of against the group of people. One of my favorite characters is also introduced in Catching Fire and that’s Finnick Odair. So that bears that question, now that Francis Lawrence has been hired as director for the next installment of The Hunger Games, in Catching Fire, the thing on everyone’s brains is, who the hell will be cast as Finnick?

Finnick Odair

Casting for Finnick isn’t that easy. Many people are quick to jump on the find the “find the hottest guy and cast him” bandwagon, but Finnick is so much more than that. Finnick is truly messed up, his body used and abused, his mind full of secrets longing to be with his crazy equally messed up girlfriend. Sure he is cocky and arrogant and a bit oblivious to what is actually going on for the first half of Catching Fire, but as we get to know Finnick, we realize it’s because he’s so damaged, he can do nothing else but just grin and bear it. Like I said, Finnick is, and has to be, more than just a pretty face.

My Picks for District 4, Finnick Odair

(On a scale of 1-10 how Finnick is he? 10 being FINNICK and 1 being NOT FINNICK.)

Josh Pence

Google him. Your answer is there. Josh is just an all around catch and he knows what it’s like to be used for only his body. Plus he’s not that well known which I think is key for casting Finnick. We can’t associate him with another persona. Finnick has to be Finnick not (insert actors name here) playing Finnick.

Rates on the scale as a 9.

Chris Evans

He wasn’t even on my radar as Finnick until I saw that boxing shot in Avengers. You know the one I’m talking about…*sigh* However, he may be almost TOO well known at this point. I do think his previous work showcases he can play the pretty boy with a lot of depth. And well, he’s just pretty to look at.

Rates on the scale as a 8.

Hunter Parrish

He was originally my top choice for Peeta, but if we can’t have him as Peeta how about as Finnick? He can portray the depth, dark and light of Finnick Weeds has given him a lot of experience being “eye candy.” Only problem? He’s short, IMDB lists him as 5’7. Does height matter? I think in this case, it just might…

Rates on the scale as a 6.

Brant Daughtery

Yes, yes, he doesn’t quite look like Finnick. But Josh Hutcherson doesn’t look like Peeta and man, Brant is good looking. I know how only from his performance on Pretty Little Liars, so I know he can play a jerk really well. But if anything, we’ll just look at him and swoon…

Rates on the scale as a 5.

Justin Hartley

Seriously, he IS Finnick. He has the body, the looks, the experience playing the dark side (Smalleville), and the heartthrob. I last saw him on Hart of Dixie where he played a totally different character. He may be a bit on the older side, but who cares? Would you argue if you had to look at this face for 2 hours? I think not. Besides, make-up can do wonders right?

Rates on the scale as a 8.

Drew Van Acker

Look at his imdb photo. That is so Finnick.

Also google him, the pictures that come up will be all you need to convince you. He just needs more mass and muscle, but he can pull it off. But I’m sure he could pull it off. Also, he’s great in Pretty Little Liars as a “dude you don’t know if you can trust or not”. Sound like a certain character? Eh? Eh?

Rates on the scale as a 7.

Names floating out there I’d be OKAY with: Garret Hedlund, Ryan Kwanten

Names floating out there I say NO to: Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch (after Battleship and John Carter flops, NO), Robert Pattinson (Hell no, no no no no no no no”), Zac Efron (Yummy, but too young), Alex Pettyfer (Bad reputation, could never pull off the depth), Robert Pattinson (I know I already said him once, but I really mean it)

*crossed out means they’ve been eliminated as a choice, *WHEW*

What do you think of my choices? Who do you want to see in the role. Personally, I’d be fine with an unknown as well. Fresh faces are always good as long as Finnick is a heart throb, but able to take on the depth and complications of the role. What do you think?

Next up: Johanna!


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