Movie Review: Project X

Posted: March 26, 2012 in movie reviews, movies
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The only way to explain this movie is to see it for yourself. The true genius of Project X is its documentary-style. It felt EPIC, when in fact, all you watched was a bunch of boobs (figuratively and literally speaking).


Project X

Starring: Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Brown, Kirby Bliss Blanton

Premise: Three nerdy high school students decide to throw one epic birthday party. Things are looking good: the girls are hot, the alcohol is flowing, that’s when things get out of hand. WAY out of hand.

My review: Theres no good way to explain this movie. It was completely unbelievable. And by unbelievable, I mean NOT believable. But you know what? I still believed what I was watching and that’s thanks in part to the documentary/shaky cam technique.


Thomas (Thomas Mann), Costa (Oliver Cooper), and JB (Jonathan Brown) are three friends who are outcasts of the school. For Thomas’ birthday they decide to throw him a huge, high school-life changing party. Thomas, good-looking, nerdy and a straight arrow is hesitant to the whole thing. He doesn’t want to damage his father’s pristine house as his parents vacate for the weekend. Well, Thomas, spoiler alert, but you fail.

The movie starts out with that nostalgia of high school: wanting to fit in, throwing a massive party while your folks are out of town, partying with your friends in the back of house. But then the party just get got out of control – Like WAY out of control.

It turned from a typical high school party with crying, making out and property damage, into a drunken orgy filled with adolescent debauchery, dumb out-of-control pranks, and a flame thrower. Then again…maybe that is a typical high school, just to the 10th power. (Writing that sentence makes me feel like an old FART).

Overall it was entertaining and funny, in the moment, but looking back without the documentary style technically it’s not all that impressive. But for good brainless fun, check it out.


Rating: 3 Stars (out of 5)





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