Glee Recap: Yes/No

Posted: January 22, 2012 in glee, TV
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This episode is all about romance. Love is in the air. Will wants to propose to Emma, Sam wants to win Mercedes back and Becky has a crush on Artie.



Sam and Mercedes

Sam is still after Mercedes. That boy just doesn’t give up. The first thing he does – well after leading us in fun and cheesy rendition of “Summer Lovin’” – is get himself a letterman jacket. However the only sport left with an available spot is the synchronized swim team. Yup, that sounds about right, anything to get Chord Overstreet to take his shirt off, hey I’m not complaining. Synchronized swimming is pretty cool (more on that later). No matter how much Mercedes insists she’s with her new man, and has no feelings for Sam, her heart doesn’t lie. After thinking an emotional love song, she realizes it’s Sam who has her heart. The Glee girls tell her to take a chance – that her and Sam aren’t done yet. Personally, I’d like to see the two get back together, we barely saw any of their “summer romance” and her new boyfriend is a jerk.


Becky and Artie

Becky has a crush on Artie. She tells us so in her voice over that sounds a lot like Dame Helen Mirren (Because it was!). And the girl’s got guts and promptly asks him out, even though Sue thinks it’s a bad idea. She manages to talk her way into a date to Breadstix with Artie and he realizes they have a lot in common. The Glee Club doesn’t understand why he’s hanging out with her. Does he feel sorry for her? Doesn’t he know she can’t be trusted? Maybe she just wants to spy again for Sue. But Artie says they connect. However, Becky wants more than just a friend and Artie doesn’t know how to let her down. Surprisingly, he goes to Sue, who tells him it’s best just to let her down easy instead of stringing her along. The way Sue comforts Becky after the fact is super sweet.


Will and Emma

Emma, who’s still wedding crazy, has been waiting and waiting and waiting for Will to propose. When Beiste tells her she and Cooter eloped, it only heightens Emma’s thirst for a ring. Luckily, Will is a smart man and gets the hints she drops. He goes to the Glee Club to help him find the perfect song he can propose to her with. He even takes Finn ring shopping with him and asks him to be his best man. This sparks a big question for me. Does Will have any friends of his own? Because this seems a little inappropriate to me. Artie votes for a song that brings back Will Schuester’s old boy band dance movies. But I think the girls win it with their ballads. No one KILLS (in a good way) a ballad like Rachel Berry.

However, Will’s whole proposal plan goes awry when he decides to ask Emma’s parents for her hand in marriage. They of course deny it telling Will that Emma hates messes and marriage is messy. Is Will prepared to spend his whole life with someone like that. By the look on his face, he’s not so sure. Looks like Will may not propose after all.

Fortunately, the man man’s up and realizes he loves Emma. And his proposal is pretty damn romantic. The roses in the hallway is super suite and I loved that he even convinced Sue to take part. The roses lead Emma to the swimming pool where the synchronized swimming team paired with the Glee Club sing and swim, “We Found Love.” I’m not a big fan of the song in general, but it works with the swimming. Glee does thinks like this pretty well. Remember this? Emma says yes, of course.

However it’s not over yet. We end Glee on a cliff hanger. Finn has convinced himself he needs to be more honorable in his life like his father, who served in the Army. Finn decides to enlist, which scared everyone. His family and Mr. Schue tries to talk him out of it, but he’s pretty adamant. That is until his mother reveals to him that his father didn’t die in the war. He was dishonorably discharged from the Army and died from a drug overdose. He changed when he came back from the war, abandoned his family, and died alone. He wasn’t a hero. I don’t know, this whole scenario just seemed kind of cruel. I’d be as scared as the next person if my child wanted to join the army, but to talk him out of it by revealing a secret as big as that. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, being betrayed by his mother and father, Finn realizes that the only constant in his life is Rachel. And he asks her to marry him. We never find out the answer…at least not for two weeks.



“Summer Lovin” – Cute, cheesy fun. I was glad to see Rory have a few solo lines. This song was perfect for the story but I wish they did something a little more original with it. It did seem like they had a lot of fun. Grade: B+

“Wedding Bell Blues” – This song will always be called Bill to me, even if that’s not what it was called. Emma’s voice is sweet even if she’s not the best singer. However the visual of Sue and Beiste as her bridesmaids is classic. And genius. Grade: B-

“Moves Like Jagger” – Oh Will and your boyband moves. This song was a lot of fun and I love Kevin McHale’s voice. Grade: B

“The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” – This song was really beautiful and those three girls sang the hell out of the song with a lot of emotion. I probably could have done without the Rachel Berry Drama Queen tears (it just felt insincere) but the song was beautiful. Grade: A-

“Without You” – Rachel freakin’ kills it. And when the whole Glee Club faded away and it was just Finn and Rachel, it was so super sweet. No one sings a ballad like Rachel Berry. This was the perfect song for Lea Michele and I don’t know if any other version can compete. Grade: A

“We Found Love” – In context with the backup dancers and singers this song was a lot of fun. Whoever visualized this concept is a true artist. The Glee Clubers also looked like they had a lot of fun. Grade: B+

Random Thoughts

  • Sue part of Wills proposal = awesome
  • Artie jumping into the pool with his wheel chair, awesome.
  • Brittany’s face when she’s watching the proposal. Full of wonder, cute and hilarious at the same tine.
  • Sugar Motta = the perfect Rizzo



“I, Becky Faye Jackson, am the hottest bitch at McKinley High School… you may be wondering why I sound like the Queen of England. It’s simple: in mind, I can sound like whomever I want. So lay off, haters.”

“Dude you’re in synchronized swimming and Glee Club, that’s like some kind of weird death wish.” – Finn to Sam

“Don’t be alarmed by the disco ball.” – Artie

Artie: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Becky: “5 foot 10.”

“Marriage is messy and if it’s one thing Emma can’t handle is messes.”

“Why don’t you tell her the truth so she can move on and maybe date someone who doesn’t sound like one of those weird puppets they bring around to the grade school to teach about sexual predators.” – Sue to Artie

“If you pee in my pool I will kill you.” Coach Roz

“Sam Evans, I’m coach Roz Washington and you are one strange looking kid. I’ve never seen lips like that on a white child and one of your nipples is higher than the other. I bet you had to overcome a lot with those crooked nipples.”





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