Call it what you will, poor writing, bad casting, bad plot, I don’t know but here are some of the worst movies of 2011, in my opinion and believe me it gets worse as we get to #1. This list was a hard one to compile into 10 movies so let’s start with the runner ups.

Bad movies almost making the cut are:

Beastly (bad casting, bad script), The Roommate (good casting, poorly written script, not scary moments), Something Borrowed (awful, awful premise/ plot).


10)     Limitless   (my review)

There was some debate between this movie and Beastly. But Limitless won out because of that thing Bradley Cooper did at the end of the movie. Seriously? Seriously?! Yuck!


9)   The Green Lantern

I knew this movie was going to be bad. I just knew it. And it was. Ryan Reynolds did his best, but was heavily held back by shoddy green effects and Blake Lively. She rocked it in The Town, what happened girl?


8)   Melancholia

Quite possibly the most boring end-of-the-world movie EVER. Even if it was well acted. There was some good memorable scenes, but everything was a bit too slow, and depressing, and melodramatic for my taste.


7)   Bad Teacher (my review)

 Justin Timberlake and a poorly written main character ruined this movie. I have every confidence Cameron Diaz would have rocked this movie if only her character had some redeeming quality. Plus less Timberlake more Segel – ALWAYS.


6)   Abduction (my review)

 Ugh, Taylor Lautner and his cocky little smile. Need I say more. Ugh!


5)   Hangover Part II (my review)

 I really wanted to like this movie, but it took itself too seriously this time. It was no fun. It was more like a frustrating thriller with some comedic bits. A kid loses his finger and gets lost in Bangkok? Not funny.

4)   Hall Pass

I didn’t expect this to be good. And it wasn’t.


3)    Waiting For Forever

I love Rachel Bilson and the presmise seemed cute and quirky and light. But the movie was heavy, dark, and pretty much depressing.


2)   Transformers: Dark of the Moon (my review)

 Awful name and talking life size plastic barbie doll aside, this movie was HORRIBLE! Michael Bay, I’m disappointed in you. Even YOU phoned it in this movie. There was nothing fresh about this, just recycled concepts from past movies and an annoying main character.


1)   Red Riding Hood

Melodramatic, poorly acted, no-nonsense plot: basically Twilight (director included) only without vampires and new actors. The only thing impressive about this movie was Catherine Hardwicke’s ability to make even Gary Oldman look bad. Takes a lot. She found it.

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?  What was your worst movie of 2011?




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