Movie Review: Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Watching Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, is what I imagine riding a roller coaster to be like: clutching the edge of your seat, some moments forgetting to breathe or resisting the urge to shut your eyes.  Though I hate roller coasters, I really really liked this movie. Really.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Starring: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton

Premise: On a mission at the Kremlin in Russia, the team – Ethan (Tom Cruise), Benji (Simon Pegg), and new comer Jane (Paula Patton) – finds themselves alienated when their mission is compromised by terrorists who bomb the Kremlin to the ground. With the world convinced onvinced it was the IMF’s fault, the Secretary of Defense is forced to activate Ghost Protocol. This means the IMF is shut down, and the team are now WANTED. Unless they can take out the real terrorist, they will be caught and labeled forever terrorists – enemies of the country.

My Review: It is my belief that anything J.J. Abrams’ touches (LOST, Felicity, Cloverfield, MI:III) turns to GOLD and I’m beginning to think the same things about, the director of this installment, Brad Bird (Incredibles, Iron Giant). Being already an impressive action movie, the fact that Bird has only previous directed animated features makes this movie all that much more amazing. The action sequences were almost like action sequences straight out of animated movies. Though exciting, with animated characters there is no real danger level. However with live action, the threat is much more imminent. There were three sequences alone that left me worrying about the fate of Ethan Hunt, and he’s the lead. I know they would never, ever dare to kill off the lead, but I was still imagining the worst. I was left on the edge of my seat. And any movie that can make an entire theater go “OH!” out of pain (more than once), is a good movie in my book.

The team believes the man responsible for the attack on the Kremlin is Hendrix (Michael Nyqvist) a man convinced that America needs to “start over.” From destruction the strong emerge to create a new, better world. Their mission should they choose to accept it (and they should because if not they’d be on the run from the government forever) is to find Hendrix and stop him from launching Russia’s nuclear missile at America. However, without the government backing, Ethan and his team don’t have all the usual luxuries and resources making everything they do that much more life threatening. It’s easier – scary, but easier – to scale a building when you have a harness and other team members backing you up. But when you have to scale the tallest building in the world, with wonky glue gloves created, but never tested, by a first-time-in-the-field techie, there is cause to worry.

Besides Jane (Paula Patton), another new addition to the team is Brandt (Jeremy Renner) who became an unintentional member of the group. Though I’m used to seeing Renner in more serious roles (The Town, The Hurt Locker), it was nice to see him in a more comedic and, for lack of a better word (because weaker doesn’t seem right), a vulnerable role. It was a nice chance of pace, though it took some getting used to. Simon Pegg, was his usual funny, smart, nerdy role, but he provided some nice comedic relief from the unrelenting, heart-racing action. Paula Patton, who is so gorgeous it should be illegal, was a different kind of character from this type of movie. Sure she played the pretty girl to catch the eye of some horny diplomat, but her character had motive, had a back story, had something at stake which made her motivations all that much more believable and more than just a pretty face who can kick ass.

And last, but certainly not least, there is Tom Cruise. No matter what crazy gossip you hear about him, or what you think about his religious beliefs or marriage to Katie Holmes, there’s no denying Tom Cruise has star power. He makes this movie what it is and he knows how to put on a show. It’s always been known that Tom Cruise likes to do must of his stunts, and this is evident in a majority of the action sequences (unless the VFX is just incredibly amazing). But he’s also just utterly believable as Ethan Hunt, Daredevil.

Overall if you want unrelenting action sequences, edge of your seat tension, fast cars, fancy toys and beautiful women, check out this movie. It’s fun, exciting, and a great way for 2011 to go out strong. Tip: The only way to see this movie is in IMAX. It’s worth it! Plus this movie solidifies the fact that Taylor Lautner will never be Tom Cruise.

Rating: 4 Stars



PS: The Dark Knight Rises Prologue – Amazing! Though I can’t understand what Bane said at all, I have no doubt TDNR will be amazing. That action sequence alone was terrifying. In a good way.

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