Glee Recap: Hold On To Sixteen

Posted: December 11, 2011 in glee, TV
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The last 5 minutes of this episode felt like Season 1 Glee. It gave me warm fuzzies all over and I loved it! This is the Glee I fell in love with and I hope it can hold onto that.



Hold On To Sixteen

We start the episode with Quinn finding a new way to bring down Shelby.  And her dressing soft and pretty like she’s in a period movie doesn’t change the fact that she’s acting like a real b*tch. Everyone has been noticing it and everyone has been calling her out on it, but it’s just not getting through. Today’s plan is to tell the world about Shelby’s affair with Puck. It would ruin Shelby for life. Rachel, go figure, starts to be the voice of reason telling Quinn if she takes Shelby this way, she’s not only destroying Shelby’s life, but Beth’s too.

On the New Directions front, with Rachel unable to perform at Sectionals Finn and Mr. Schue need some star power STAT. That’s why Finn suggests getting Sam back in the group. If you remember, Sam’s family moved him to Kentucky. Finn and Rachel go to Kentucky to see Sam and they find that he is working at a bar. And by working, I mean stripping. It turns out he wasn’t making enough money at the Dairy Queen to provide for his family so he had to resort to stripping. I think it’s pretty ballsy of Ryan Murphy (pun not intended, but it works, and makes me giggle) to put a male spin on stripping. “If my brother needs a new pair of shoes or the TV busts, these abs pay for them.” Yes, yes they do Chord Overstreet – I mean Sam. Finn tells Sam how much the club needs and misses them and wants him to come back to McKinnley, but Sam doesn’t think his father will agree. However, turns out his parents fully support him and agree to let him go back to Ohio.

And man-o-man did we miss Sam. (Hey that rhymed! I’m a genius). Sam returns to New Directions and brings the country back with the song, “Red Solo Cup.” At first I wasn’t too sure about this song as Finn’s debut song. When it started I had the same look as Kurt did: confused and scared. Plus the lyrics remind me of that other song about the cup. But as it goes on, I realize this song is freakin’ adorable. It’s sweet, a little awkward and strange, but totally loveable. Just like Sam. Hell, just like Glee. I’m glad Sam and his abs are back. The vibe has completely changed now that he’s back.

Quinn immediately tries to get back with Sam thinking he’ll just forget about the whole her cheating on him with Finn thing. But even Sam can smell the crazy on her and tells her she has “rich white people problems” and that she should chill out and “hold on to sixteen as long as she can.”

Also having problems, are Tina and Mike. Feeling the weight and guilt of his parents problems weighing down on him, Mike tells Tina he’s applying to Stanford – pre-med and going to dance on the side so everyone his happy. “Everyone but you” Tina points out. Not reaching him, she tries some reverse psychology but it backfires when Mike says maybe he should have listened to his father and they shouldn’t be together. Seeing how much he’s hurting, Tina goes to Mike’s father. Though this is trouble written all over it, it’s sweet how much she fights for him. How much she wants his father to take Mike’s wants and dreams seriously. Even though it ends with him dismissing her, you can see cracks in Mike’s father starting to form.

It’s time for Sectionals. And so far things are off to a bad start. Mike is angry with Tina for interfering with his father. It seems she has made things worse. Quinn is on her way to tell Figgins about Shelby and Puck when Rachel intervenes. Tells her to act like an adult and at least wait until Sectionals is over. “Don’t throw out all the hard work your friends did to get to Sectionals.” She also suggests that Quinn tell Shelby to do. It’s the adult thing to do after all since Quinn considers herself an adult. So, Quinn listens for once and reveals to Shelby her plans to reveal the affair with Puck. Shelby handles it really well. She understands the consequences and accepts them. Almost as if she knew it would eventually come. Instead she offers Quinn some sage advice: “Don’t wish your life away. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

The first performance at Sectionals was from the Unitards, starring one Ms. Harmony (I don’t know her last name). But to us Gleeks she’s Lindsay Pearce from The Glee Project, making good on Ryan Murphy’s 2 episode promise. Personally, I can’t wait for more! She performs “Buenos Aires” from Evita. Though I think Santana would have killed it even more Lindsay surely held her own. That girl’s voice is AMAZING! She needs a litte help with those dancing skills though. Those boys were more pushing and pulling her around the stage then dancing with her.

Next up are Troubletones, with an excellent Mash-Up of “I Will Survive/Survivor.” I don’t know if I can forgive Shelby for using Mr. Schue’s tricks, even if that Survivor Mash-Up was great. The girls looked great. Their dresses fabulous and their dance moves had Brittany written all over it for me. Even though they over did it with the 70’s dance moves.

Their performance was so great that when the New Directions started singing “ABC,” I thought for sure they were in trouble. But then halfway through the song, the kids really started having fun. And I had fun. And Tina finally, finally had a moment in the spotlight with Mike Chang. Then new Directions managed to bust out two more songs, “Control” and “Man In The Mirror” highlight Artie, Puck, Sam, and Blaine, I couldn’t help wondering, what about Rory? Isn’t he supposed to be the kid Finn is grooming to be the next him? We barely saw any of Rory. Give me my Damian McGinty, Mr. Murphy.

In the end, New Directions took home the win, and rightfully so I think. They’re energy is infectious. Though I was happy for my underdogs, I couldn’t help feeling bad for the Troubletones. That shot of them still standing in the auditorium as all the lights were turned off was heartbreaking.

As Santana, Brittany, and Mercedes, whallowed the sadness of the loss, Quinn comes to the resuce. Yeah, you heard that right. In an attempt to redeem herself, to the girls, the club, the audience, and the world, Quinn repeats all the advice she was given. They are young, this is their time. They should enjoy it while it lasts. She tells them if they rejoin the New Directions Mr. Schue will let the Troubletones perform one song per competition.

New Directions congregates in the gym for one of their after school, final performance of the episode songs. It’s usually a rockin’ anthem that punches the heart, and that’s exactly what it is. Their rendition of Janelle Monae’s, “We Are Young,” was effin’ AMAZING. It had so much harmony, so much heart, so much love and fun, and it was everything Glee used to be. I couldn’t help but tearing up, especially since it followed Mr. Chang’s emotional turn with his son. Mike’s father finally accepted his talent and told his son he’d support him.

That’s a way to end an episode Glee. Well done! Keep it up!

Random Thoughts

Mike almost fell out of his chair when he saw Sam come in. Cute.

Sam hugging Santana. Cute!

The look on Kurt’s face after Harmony (Lindsay Pierce) says, “Just think I’m only a sophomore and im already this good, next year is going to be a blood bath.” – is amazingly hilarious.

Sebastian’s back and despite his awful hair style, I like the conflict he brings. We need some bite back in Kurt and Sebastian brings out that side to him.

John Schneider! I miss you!

I hope Mercedes and Sam get back together. All Mercedes has wanted is to be wanted, and Sam wants her. Give in girl. Your other boyfriend seems like a douche anyway.

The fight between Sam and Blaine almost seemed out of nowhere. How did Blaine find out he was stripping? Shouldn’t that be something a friend keeps quiet?

Watching the Glee kids try the body roll. Adorable and Hilarious at the same time.

Darren Criss has a nice moment with his argument with Finn and with Sam. He’s usually so cheery and smiley, it’s nice to see he’s not perfect.

I’m glad the Glee Band is getting a chance to show off their dance moves and other skills.

Love Santana being so into the Glee Boys little body rolls.

The way Quinn has behaving, I don’t really know if I believe her “I love you girls” speech. But it was a good try.

I love when Glee does those wide steadi-cam shots for those final performances, there’s something so raw abut it.



“I don’t like you. I don’t like the way you talk to my boyfriend. I don’t like your smirky little mere cat face. I don’t like you’re obnoxious CW hair. I’m onto you.”

Kurt’s insult to Sebastian. “You smell like Craigslist!”

Finn when he sees the “stripper” dressed as a fireman in the “bar,” – “I didn’t know Backdraft was a musical.”

“That’s not an image I can ever get out of my mind.” – to Finn after seeing Sam rip his overalls off.

“I’m just crying because it makes me so sad to think of not seeing your face every day, though I don’t understand why the dairy queen makes you put that glitter all over it.”

Santana to Sam: pulls out little red book she’s been carrying around, “Welcome back, Lisa Rinna. I’ve missed you so much since your family packed their bags, loaded them into your mouth, and skipped town. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to enjoy a crisp pickle but couldn’t find anyone to suck the lid off the jar. I assume you’ve been working as a baby polisher, where young mothers place their infant’s heads in your mouth to get back that newborn shine. So glad you’re back. I haven’t seen a smile that big since the abominable snowman got his teeth pulled by that little gay elf dentist. Love, Santana.” Closes book and smiles.

Blaine, while punching a bag: “After getting bullied so much I took up boxing. I also started a Dalton Fight Club, which I obviously can’t talk about.”

“I’m being nice. It’d be rude if I followed you around and every time you took a step I played a note on a tuba.” – Santana

“It was that damn Trouty Mouth. Even I felt a little something in my lady loins when he did that magic sex dance.”  – Santana


“Red Solo Cup” – It was just so nice to have Sam back and see the group having fun. It was a goofy little song, not to be taken seriously. The song was indeed strange especially since it was half talking, half singing but I enjoyed it. Grade: B+

“Bueno’s Aires” – Lindsay has a fabulous voice so she gets an A for that, but the dancing needed some work. I do hope she comes back though. Grade: B

“I Will Survive” / “Survivor” – For wanting to separate themselves from the Glee Club, this song and performance had New Directions all over it. However, I love this mash-up and the energy these girls had was unrelenting. Santana and Mercedes voices just blend so well. Grade: A

“ABC” / “Control” / “Man in the Mirror” – Though I don’t know if you can consider this one song or a medley (I mean it was clearly 3 different songs), the performances were great. Each member of the group (with the exception of poor little Rory) had their moment to shine. It’s the way Glee used to be. It also brought back a lot of nostalgia of the 90’s…oh that Jackson family! With this great performance, I almost didn’t miss Rachel. ALMOST…Grade: A

“We Are Young” – The reason I say almost is because with Rachel taking the lead to this song, and Finn joining it, it was like old times. This song stirred up all this emotion. It felt real and genuine and there were all these little sweet moments in it: Artie wheeling Sugar Motta around, Blaine reaching for Santana and the ladies, Rory with his scrunchie face, Mike’s wave, and Rachel going to Santana. This is what Glee is supposed to be about and I hope there are more outstanding moments like this around.

What did you think of this episode of Glee? Do you find it ironic that with Quinn finally just embracing her youth, she’s also giving up on being immature? I hope she continues that road to redemption. I’m also glad Blaine is getting more solo moments, aren’t you?




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