Glee Recap: Mash-Off

Posted: November 16, 2011 in glee, TV
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This episode of Glee started off shaky and had some highs and lows. But it ended on a fantastic and hard “hitting” (get it?) note that only makes me think good things for the next episode. Naya Rivera, you go girl!



“Mash Up”

Previously on Glee, everyone is mad at each other. And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Puck is infatuated with Shelby and he’s taken to stalking her in the hallways and day dreaming about being with her. This leads us to a testosterone-filled, awesome rockrand-roll rendition of “Hot For Teacher.” Most of the Glee boys involved and Finn is back to banging those drums. I love this Finn. This confident Finn, but we really only see it when he plays the drums. That’s his true comfort zone. Just like when Brittany dances that’s her true comfort zone. You can just see it in their faces.Also back, cute back-up guitarist of the Glee band.

Kurt approaches Sue about her false accusations about his father and playing dirty with smear campaining. Sue takes it upon herself to give him tips about his own campaign while in the process. But while doing so, provides the fire to Kurt that he’s not going to run a dirty campaign in his own quest to be a politician. Well, high school president, but same thing. However my question is, what in the WORLD is Kurt wearing on his head?

In order to build up morale, especially since the Glee Club is divided into two parts now, New Directions and Troubletones, Mr. Schue decides to bring back Mash-Ups. And thank god for that! Mr. Schue and Shelby bring the group together and do a Mash Up of Lady Gaga’s “You and I” with Eddie Rabbit’s “You and I.” Rachel calls it “weirdly amazing” but I think it’s just weird. I don’t know if those two songs really went together, although I did love the harmonies Matthew Morrison brought to Gaga’s version. And thus a Mash-Off is born. The two clubs are going to compete to see who can perform the best Mash Up. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, right?

Finn bestows the solo to Rory, a Hall & Oats Classic (because they stayed together for the long haul. Rory is not so sure, but everyone seems to back Finn up. Even poor Blaine who Finn is desperate to over look time and time again. But first, he has needs Rory’s help in getting Santana to stop insulting him. Santana has been out of control and Finn can’t take it anymore. First he tries to out insult her. “You look like an ass-less J.Lo.” But no such luck, Santana is the queen of insults. Then he suggests dodgeball, and folks…this can only mean good things. Only good things. Well, not for the Glee kids, but for my (and your) viewing pleasure.

As for Kurt, well he sure has been in a pretty pissy mood lately. I mean I guess its high school and he’s a moody teenager, but he’s being really immature and he’s acting like a kid. He just looks miserable all the time, like he’s pouting. I understand that Rachel stabbed him in the back, but he still needs to get on with his life and not dwell on it. Rachel misses him, but Kurt shuts her down. I agree that he should because this only means she’s asking for a dodge ball to the head, but there’s a more mature way to approach it all. He just seems to be taking everything so serious lately. He doesn’t seem to be having fun anymore.

However, this short, frustrating sequence is made up to me by an awesome mash up of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “One Way Or Another” while watching kids get pelted with dodge balls. Love those close-u shots of those kids getting hit in the face. In the end, the Troubletone’s win, which isn’t surprising, I mean look at Santana and Brittany. They are crazy athletic. New Directions walks away defeated, but not before the Troubletones pummel poor Rory until he bleeds. This starts Kurt’s anti-bullying/banning dodgeball campaign, but more on that later.

Even as other’s bring it up to Santana how mean she is being, Santana doesn’t stop. It’s like she’s being fueled to out do herself every time someone tells her to stop. However, instead of being snarky and deliciously bitchy and feisty, she’s mean, like hurtful, bulling mean. And finally Finn calls rips right back into her. He tells Santana she’s just angry because she’s in love with Brittany and can’t tell anyone how she feels. She’s a coward. That look on Santana’s face was like someone stuck a fork in her, then twisted, twisted, twisted. This was fantastic work from Naya. That look still haunts me. While Finn should not have said those things in front of everyone, I’m glad that someone FINALLY said this to her. Yes she is frustrated, and hurt, but she takes it way too far. So far even Brittany, FINALLY said something. He had no right to out her, no right at all, but I understand why he did it. It wasn’t out of malice, it wasn’t to be mean, it was in the heat of the moment and everything he said rang true. This is why it hurt her so much.

Meanwhile, back on the Puck/Shelby/Quinn plot line. Puck comes clean to Shelby about Quinn’s evil plans. He tells Shelby that Beth was not an accident, even though he thought she was at first. She was born so Shelby could be her mother, and so he could be a part of her life. With this new set of information on Quinn Shelby finally lets her have it, confronting her about all the evil things she’s been doing. But Quinn still acts like a bitch and tries to say any hurtful thing to Shelby she can. So Shelby kicks her out and now Quinn gets nothing. And I don’t feel sorry for her. Not one bit.

During the school president elections Rachel FINALLY makes the right decision after hearing Kurt’s presidency speech and withdraws from the race telling everyone to vote for Kurt. It’s about time Rachel and the two are back to being friends. They really are better together. Maybe now Kurt will stop being a sour-puss.

Then in a wonderfully shocking and devastating twist, it comes out that a student overheard the conversation Santana and Finn had and another Congress Cantidate is mimicking Sue’s smear tatics by outing Santana in order to bring Sue down. I love how Sue is so delicate and sensative in breaking the news. Just one of Sue’s many layers. Santana, obviously,  is devastated and runs away crying. This leads us into an amazing performance of Adele’s “Rumor Has It/Someone Like You.” In the competition of Mash-Ups the Troubletones win hands down. Then Santana, angry, scared, hurt Santana slaps the hell out of Finn for revealing her secret to the world.

Cut to Black.


Random Thoughts:

Puck-stafa: ‘nuff said.

Love that Brittany is handing out balloons.

Rachel and Shelby’s mother-daughter time. Sweet. You can really see on Rachel’s face how much she craves her approval.

Brittany singing “Stop the violence” to Santana is cute.

What was with that look Santana had when the Glee Club started their Mash Up Song? Could it be Blaine’s faux-stache?

Darren Criss, Mark Salling, Harry Shum Jr, and Kevin McHale should never grow mustaches. NEVER!

Quinn is too bouncy for me. Why do I hate her so much?

Rick “The Stick” Nelson: ‘Nuff said.

I’m all for Kurt’s anti-bullying campaign, but really…if you think dodgeball is bullying, why did you play it? I know I know, at least he’s sticking up for something, and trying to create a change, but I still cant’ help rolling my eyes.

Naya Rivera was AMAZING this episode. See, you can be dramatic, effective, and powerful *cough* Dianna *cough*

Cory Montieth and Naya played that ending just right.

I can’t wait to see how the Naya plot line goes down. But please ditch the Quinn plot line!

Yes, Santana was vicious this episode, but she doesn’t deserve the load of hurt that’s coming her way. Yes, Finn knows that the entire school is aware Santana is in love with Brittany, and Finn said not to be mean. But I also understand why Santana slapped him. And I think she was right too. If I were in her situation. I’d slap him. Even though he did nothing wrong, unintentionally he did. They’re both right. Is that possible?



“I’m Sue Sylvester, I have a human heart, and I’m running for Congress.” – Sue

“A vote for Brittany is a vote for root beer water fountains and robot teachers.” – Brittany

“Oh guys go get some moist towels, we have to keep Finn wet before we can roll him back in the sea.” – Santana

“You want a mash up? We’re the ultimate mash up.” Wow, that’s a good pick up line.

“When that girl with the lips, said you looked like a whale, I wanted to tell her you looked just fine.” – Rory to Finn about Santana.

Finn: “You know that term trash talk.”
Rory: “Is that when you discuss trash?”

Rory: You’re skinny like all your crops failed on your family’s farm.
Santana: That is the lamest thing I didn’t understand a word of.

Santana: “You’re not fat. I should know I slept with you. I must have liked the fact that you looked like a taco addict that’s had one too many back alley lipo-suctions.
Rory: “Whoa.”
Santana: “Please stick a sock in it, or ship yourself back to Scotland, I’m trying to apologize to Lumps the Clown.”

Kurt: “Although she knows it to be untrue, my opponent Brittany, stated that my face was used as a template for Hasbro’s successful line of my little ponies.”



“Hot For Teacher” – This song was pretty great. The guys were so into it, and it was totally rock and roll. Grade: A-

“You and I/You and I” – Wasn’t that impressed, but I loved the harmonies. I thought it would have been better NOT done as a duet, but with a group. Love Idina’s voice though. Grade: B

“Hit Me With Your Best Shot”/”One Way Or Another” – Fun song, but that had to do more with what was going on in the background. The song choice was a bit cheesy, but I enjoyed it. Grade: B-

“You Make My Dreams Come True”/”I Can’t Go For That.” – Definitely not impressed. Lame costumes. And I didn’t really feel like the songs went together. Grade: C

“Rumor Has It/Someone Like You” – Fantastic. Effective. Will be downloaded. Love Santana’s voice. You can never go wrong with anything Adele. Grade: A

  1. Bethal says:

    I’m downloading Rumor Has It/Someone like you….amazing! I agree with the ditching of the Quinn storyline, they took a wrong turn with that one. I admit, I’m an avid television enthusiast (I only watch a few shows but the ones I watch I’m addicted to)…but in my opinion the acting on this show is above par especially Naya’s acting…after this episode I called my daughter and we were talking about the characters like they were real people….crap! I only wanted to watch the show for the singing!

    So upset about the upcoming clips…Is Couch Beasts Honey stepping out on her…with SUE? ok…I need a new hobby….

  2. Jess says:

    Loved Rumor has it/Someone like you! Amaziiiiing

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