Glee Recap: The First Time

Posted: November 9, 2011 in glee, TV
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“Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be, let’s talk about sex.” Okay, now that that’s out of my system, on with the recap of this very-special Glee episode.



The First Time

Artie is enjoying bossing everyone around, directing the musical. We get a sneak peak of Rachel and Blaine singing, “Tonight” one of my favorite songs from the musical. Though I personally love it, Artie thinks it lacks sexual passion, thus revealing the fact that both Rachel and Blaine are virgins and awakening the idea of having sex with their loved ones inside them. Only will it be out of love? Or for the experience?

Blaine goes back to visit his old school and eavesdrops on a performance of “Uptown Girl,” which is fun, and cute, and quirky, and a bit dorky — all things the Glee Club has been lacking lately. It was just a lot of fun – MAN I’ve missed The Warblers and their sweet sweet harmonies. Dalton/the Warblers have a new recruit Sebastian, who uses phrases like “sex on a stick” and he has his FLIRT ON. Blaine is obviously attracted, I mean this kid is adorable and his voice is definitely Broadway trained. However, this spells trouble for Klaine…Blurt? Actually yeah, I kinda like Blurt (even if I hate the mash up of names. We should have just stopped at Brangelina).

Sebastian and Blaine go out for coffee and Kurt finds them. He can already sense the competition. Sebastian offers to take them to Scandals – a gay bar – and Kurt remembering what Blaine says about being adventurous, agrees, despite it not being “their thing.”

Finn and Rachel are on their way to rounding the bases when Finn talks his way into realizing that Rachel is only having sex with him to become a better actor. Wrong reasons Rachel, wrong reasons. Finn is hurt and confused and walks away. Good for him. However Tina seems to bring Rachel back to reality realizing sex isn’t something to mess around with, and that it can be amazing if it’s the one you love. When it’s right.

Scandals, isn’t very scandalous. It’s more just strange. And Sebastian is severely over preppie for the kind of bar it is. As Kurt watches his boyfriend dance with another guy, he finds Karofsky. He’s much nicer, much more mellow and less angry. He’s changed schools and come to start accept himself and who he is. It’s kind of sweet that he helps Kurt calm down from his jealously. Unfortunately the sweet stops there when Blaine gets drunk and tries to get Kurt to have sex with him. Kurt wanted it to be special, but he didn’t want it like that – with Blaine practically pushing himself on him. They get into a fight and Blaine abandons Kurt. I think this is the first time we haven’t seen Blaine be perfect. Part of me feels like Blaine is so confused by his attraction to Sebastian. He feels like he needs to prove to himself that he loves Kurt, by sleeping with him. And, he’s also doing it for the experience, like Rachel. Wrong reasons Blaine, wrong reasons.

It’s school musical time (already?) and Artie is freaking out. However everyone manages to calm him down and before we know it we get a FABULOUS performance of “America.” It’s pretty damn amazing and I totally wish I could experience it live. Santana is a total stand out. BTW, Damien McGinty, still can’t dance, but it’s fun to watch him try.  Rachel and Blaine are even more nervous about following that great performance, but Rachel gives him a pep talk. West Side Story is also about finding your soul mate, and they both know how that feels.

Once the play is over, the pressure to have sex is off. Rachel and Finn and Kurt and Blaine find themselves in bed together, well not together together because that would just be awkward. Rachel and Blaine realize they were trying to have sex for the wrong reasons. Blaine apologizes to Kurt telling him that Sebastian means nothing, and Kurt apologizes for not being exciting enough. Finn freaks out over losing his dream and for once Rachel calms him down and realizes he is the guy for her.

I think Glee did this episode (and the topic of sex) tastefully and well, though I could have done without the whole controversy hype. I’m also glad that Finn has a plot point more than just being a jerk, then not being a jerk, then being a jerk again. I’m glad we got a glimpse of Rory, even though tiny and I hope we get to see more performances from West Side Story, it really is my favorite musical of all time – no that’s a lie, my favorite musical of all time is Sound of Music, but it’s a close second!

Random Thoughts

  • Is this the first time we heard Beiste’s first name? Shannon?
  • Romance between Beiste and Cooter Menkins = adorable.
  • Pucks Spanish accent is horrible! Rory’s Spanish accent is EVEN worse! BUT it still made me rewind and giggle.
  • Someone give Puck a new haircut!
  • Other plot points: Chang’s father disowns him and the recruiter isn’t after Finn. It was nice to see Finn have a REAL dramatic moment.
  • Kurt is Office Krupke! I hope we get to see that performance
  • I’m glad Kurt and Blaine have a bit of trouble in their seemingly perfect relationship. Plus, Sebastian is adorable.


Blaine: “Are you going to cry every time we sing?”
Beiste: “I’m such a girl.”
Emma: “I only noticed more teeth.”

Beiste: “I don’t look the way pretty girls look.”
Cooter Menkins: “Good, because I don’t date girls. I date women, beautiful women like you.”

Brittany: “I lost my virginity at cheerleading camp. He just climbed into my tent. Alien invasion.”

Artie: “When you’re in a chair, it’s hard to feel like you’ve ever grown up. Everyone’s always doing stuff for you, they get freaked out about saying the wrong thing, so they coddle you. Sometimes it’s hard to picture of life of being totally self sufficient. But directing you guys…it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever felt like a grown man.” – SNIFF!

Blaine: “Tearing off all of your clothes is kind of a tall order.”
Kurt: “Because of the layers?”

Rory: “You came with your mouth oh-en.”
Beiste: “Gotta work on this kid’s diction.”



“Tonight, Tonight” – It was sweet and Rachel and Blaine’s voice fits this perfectly. Rachel was the right Maria. Sorry Mercedes! Grade: B+

“Uptown Girl” – I miss the Warblers so much and this song is why. You know how I feel about it. Grade: A-

“A Boy Like That” – Santana and Rachel did a great job with this song. I love Santana’s voice too, especially when she’s full on in character. I wish we got the whole song. Grade: B+

“In America” – This is what Glee does best, put’s on a DAMN GOOD show. I could totally see this performance on Broadway. It was glitzy, glamorous, made me laugh, packed a punch. Grade: A

“One Hand, One Heart” – Great song. Great performance. Again, wanted more. But Blaine and Rachel do have Chemistry and I’m glad we got another duet from them. Grade: B



  1. Bethal says:

    Rory as a Shark: Hilarious…he definately should have been a Jet! I’d like to see Kurt ‘s performance as Officer Krupke but I kept thinking they would make him Chino…Wouldn’t it be great if they did a very, very special Glee: West Side Story in it’s entirety? Also, West Side Story is set in the 50’s and I think it’s pretty clear that this is first love for Maria and Tony and the passion they felt for each other did not come from them being sexually active..I’m glad Rachel finally got it right about finding their soulmates. (yes, yes, I know it’s a tv show but sometimes things have to be close to reality)…lol!

    Too bad the Glee cast is too old for many of the Sound of Music roles…but it would be fun to cast them!

  2. Bethal says:

    Perfect casting! Love it!! And Kirk as Uncle Max, Quinn as the Baroness, I better stop now….:)

  3. Beth says:

    No- Kurt as Rolfe- singing “I am Sixteen going on seventeen”- perfect!

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