Glee Recap: I Am Unicorn

Posted: September 28, 2011 in hunger games, TV
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This episode of Glee, though not as great as the premiere episode was strong. I feel like the show has a direction – a storyline – to follow. It feels less chaotic, more character driven, and less glitz and glam. So far, I approve.



I Am Unicorn

We start the episode with Brittany trying to convince Kurt to run for class president. Class or School? I have to say Brittany does a good job convincing him, “When a pony does a good deed, he gets a horn, and he becomes a unicorn. And he poops out cotton candy until he forgets he’s magical and his horn falls off. Black unicorns become zebras…[You’re a unicorn]… A unicorn is somebody who knows their magical and isn’t afraid to show it. You went through hell last year and you never forgot how special you were.” Also Kurt ponders this possibility we find….

Mr. Shue will be unable to direct the school’s production of West Side Story. He wants to focus all of his attention on Nationals. He tells them, Emma and Beiste are co-directing the musical, making Rachel go crazy…then again, it doesn’t take much. And helping them out will be Artie as a student direction. I approve, Schue! Together the three of them will hold auditions for the lead role.

Besides the return of Mr. Schue writing words on his white board, we also find the return of Shelby aka Rachel’s mother, aka mother to Quinn’s baby. She is starting up a Glee Club of her own and McKinnley, made possible by Sugar Motta’s father writing a big fat check. This brings up concerns to Schue for all his kids. How will her presence affect Quinn, Puck, and Rachel. And what does that mean for the Glee Club? I think it  spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Brittany has been working hard on Kurt’s campaign complete with pink posters, glitters, and gift bags she calls “Kurt Hummel’s Bulging Pink Fun Sack.” That’s genius BTW. However, Kurt, surprisingly, thinks it’s too gay. He thinks it is sending the wrong message for him. He wants something more toned down, something understated and elegant. (Really? This from a guy who wore a sparkling black leotard? This seems out of character.) Brittany, really wants to push the unicorn thing. She believes the person who runs should be different from the mundane popular kids that don’t “represent the people.” I think it’s super sweet how she’s pushing this.

Meanwhile, Shelby, Puck and Quinn meet up for the first time since Shelby adopted Beth and to say it doesn’t go well is an understatement. See, Quinn is still in her rebel stage and has no plans on changing back to the way she was. Shelby understands what Quinn is going through. She reaches out to her saying she wants Quinn and Puck to be a part of their child’s life, but only if Quinn can clean up her act. Then Quinn pulls the whole, “I’m her mother, not you” and storms out.

Continuing in the trend to make Kurt now completely unlikeable, Blaine reveals his thoughts about auditioning for Tony in the school musical, the part Kurt wants (and believes should be his). Sensing how Kurt reacts (which is BADLY), Blaine backs down, agreeing to go for a supporting role only. No, I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. Kurt is acting entitled. Stop messing with Blaine’s life Kurt! First you make him move to your school, now you’re making him take the back seat to you? Frankly, in my opinion, I think Blaine would be the better Tony.

Shelby gets together with Rachel, to help her on her audition piece for the part of Maria. Together, they sing, “There’s a Place For Us,” which is much more fitting than their last duet. Man, when they harmonize, I totally get chills. I like that Shelby is trying to make amends with Rachel and the other pieces of her life.

Sue, who has noticed Quinn’s “downward spiral,” enlists her to help her bring down the Glee Club. Sue films a PSA about Quinn’s backslide, blaming it all on the Glee Club. But when they barge into Will’s office to blame it all on him, Will’s not having it. He pushes back hard, telling her to stop playing the victim and to grow up. It’s about damn time someone told her to do that.

Puck, meanwhile, has a different reaction to seeing Shelby. He wants to do everything to be a part of Beth’s life and the way he comes to Shelby is actually quite sweet. I like it when Puck’s a nice guy and I’m interested in seeing him handle being an actual father to his kid.

For Kurt’s audition piece he sings, “I Am The Greatest Star”, from Funny Girl and it’s pretty great. I think I enjoy it more than some of his other pieces because he’s not mugging for the camera. This is probably because he is too busy climbing and flipping on some scaffolding. However, as amazing as his audition was, if I were a casting agent, I wouldn’t cast him as Tony. He just doesn’t fit. Beiste is on my save wavelength. She wants a Tony that “excites her lady parts” and Artie believes Kurt is “too delicate” to play Tony. This does not sit well with Kurt. So what does he do? Freak out naturally. Talk about someone who needs to grow up.

Brittany has been working hard putting up the rainbow/unicorn posters and Kurt starts ripping them down. Yelling and throwing a fit. This makes Brittany feel bad, and for once it’s Santana who picks her up. For once, Santana is supporting Brittany and I like that. Even if I’m still opposed to them getting together. Santana calls Brittany a genius and a unicorn and that smile that appears on Heather Morris’ face is SO SWEET. From that little pep talk, Brittany decides to run against Kurt.

Meanwhile, Kurt goes to his father to vent about his audition and Burt brings him back to reality. “Dude , you’re gay. You sing like Diana Ross and you dress like you own a chocolate factory.” I love Burt and his ability to speak it like it is without offending or hurting. Please give us more scenes with him Ryan Murphy.

After freak out from Mr. Schue, a heart to heart with Shelby and Puck, and a picture of her daughter, it seems like Quinn is on the right track back to redemption – and the Glee Club. Only she’s not. It’s all just a façade to get her baby back. Dun-Dun-Duunnnnn!

We end with Blaine’s audition using the song “Something’s Coming”, and even though it’s fantastic, I think Darren Criss overacted it just a bit. I wish it was a bit more subtle and less bouncy. Mysterious, if you will. This song is incredible. It’s one of my favorites from the musical so I expect it a certain way, I guess. Artie notices that Blaine put down he was only interested in auditioning for supporting roles. He asks if he would be interested in reading for Tony. The look on his face is heartbreaking. You can tell he doesn’t want to hurt Kurt, but he wants the part so bad. Kurt, however looks shocked, then disappointed. He has the right to feel hurt – no doubt. But he should be happy for his boyfriend.

I’m glad that his episode moved the plot forward in a natural and less sporadic way. I feel like the writers have a plan. And I like it. Things feel a bit less chaotic. Like they’re taking their time instead of trying to cram every exciting thing into one hour. I do wish we had a couple more songs though, particular some group songs. This episode wasn’t as good as the premiere, but I’m not complaining. The show is definitely going in the right direction.

Random Thoughts:

I love the way Mike Change sash-ays.

Love seeing Mike Chang’s muscles.

Love Pucks picture for Beth of the clown pig. Complete with saying “Too Beth.” Too. Beth.

Sue’s nicknaming is back. I heard “butt chin!”

Love Artie reaching and catching to Blaine’s song.



Schue: “I’ve decided to include a student director this year.”
Rachel: “Mr. Schue, I’m honored. But Barbara was forty when she directed herself it’s just too soon.”
Brittany: “I hate you.”

Kurt: “I don’t know what to say.”
Brittany: “That happens to me all the time my lips move but only dust comes out.”

Becky regarding Will’s rant to Quinn: “That was really sexy.”

Puck to Quinn: “You look like a real housewife of Reno.”

Puck talking about Beth: “I don’t care about you, I care about Beth.”

Emma: “If I were Maria I’d love to be held in Kurt’s toothpick arms on my fire escape.”

Santana: “This is toned down, in the original the unicorn was riding you.”

Burt: “You sing like Diana Ross and you dress like you own a magic chocolate factory.”

Sue: “Well hello, She Hulk, Weepy the Vest Clown, and little Miss Golden Marmoset. It’s a brazilian monkey and seriously, it’s your spittin’ image. I’m gonna send you an e-mail. Are you still at freakishlyboneyginger@gmail?”



“There’s A Place For Us” – Grade: A-

“I Am The Greatest Star” – Grade: B+

“Something’s Coming” – Grade: B


Did you like this episodes? Do you like all the new plot lines? Do you wish we had a few more songs in this episode like I do? Do you think Shelby will stick around. And how will she get people to join her Glee Club, when they won’t even join the original one? So. Many. Questions.

  1. wolfgirl40 says:

    Loved this episode. I am enjoying season so far, there seems to be more character development and less songs for the sake of hearing their own voices. Looking forward to next week.

  2. Bethal says:

    It looks like Glee is going in a New Direction….ok that was really lame! I would love Shelby to stick around and I think Sugar Motta is so amazingly obnoxious but “somehow, some way, there will be a new way of living” in Lima….I don’t like the Quinn storyline about getting full custody but great speech Mr. Schue! Other than that I agree they need MORE songs and Blaine is a much better Tony than Kurt. If he makes Coach Beiste happy than Kurt will have to be supportive for his boyfriend (but is this spelling the end of the relationship?) Vote for Britanny!

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