Glee: Top 5 Songs, Performances, Emotive Songs, and Disasters…so far

Posted: September 18, 2011 in glee, TV
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Season 3 of Glee Premiere’s this week, and I have to say, despite all the drama surrounding the TV series this summer, I’m super excited for the premiere. I hope Season 3 lives up to Season 1. I will be reviewing episodes again, though it won’t be in such a timely manner as usual. The recaps will probably occur over the weekend (I hope you tun in). In remembrance of the past 2 seasons here are some list of my favorite songs, performances, emotional songs, and disasters.


All Time Favorite Glee Songs:

1)      Don’t Stop Believin’, Season 1– This song – this first performances embodies everything Glee was intending to be. About the underdog. Even just hearing the first few notes of this song it does something to you. You feel nostalgic. That’s what a good song and performance should do.

2)      Keep Holding On, Season 1 – I loved Avril’s version, but this song is when the Glee Club really came together. The harmonies, the movement, the group. I love this song every time I hear it.

3)      Somebody To Love, Season 1– Whoever doesn’t like this song – and Glee’s rendition of it –is dead inside.

4)      Rolling In The Deep, Season 2 – Though I’m sure everyone is partial to Adele’s verison. There’s something magical about how Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff’s voices blend. Plus the fact that it’s acapella? Genius!

5)      Run Joey Run, Season 1 – Okay, this is utterly debatable. But this ridiculous video was made me truly fall in love with Glee. The song and video was so…late 80’s early, 90’s. It was dramatic

Runner Up: Poker Face, Season1 – I know there’s a lot of controversy over this song. But I thought it was a really original composition. It broke the song down in a unique way. Yes singing about your muffin to your birth mother is not ideal…and uncomfortable. But I can forget those details and admire the song for what it did. Show off Lea Michele’s voice and spring a whole new take on Poker Face.


All Time Favorite Glee Performances (mainly focusing on the dancing)

1)      Safety Dance, Season 1 – Okay this was the best flashmob sequence I’ve ever seen. It probably helps that Kevin McHale (Artie) is a fantastic dancer. This whole sequence just looked like fun and the dancing was incredible!

2)      Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), Season 1 – Though Kurt Hummel dancing in a leotard is a think of marvel, in this instance, I’m referring to the Singles Ladies performance danced by the McKinley high school football team. I fell in love with Glee from this performance as well. Football players dancing like Beyonce? Genius.

3)      Total Eclipse of the Heart, Season 1 – Okay so the song was just okay, but singing like that while doing complicated dance moves? Amazing. AMAZING!

4)      Bohemian Rhapsody, Season 1 – It takes a lot, a lot to do this song justice because the original by Queen is so fantastic (though Wayne’s World version is a close 2nd). However, Vocal Adrenaline, or rather, Jonathan Groff’s performance with the his dancing is spectacular. It was right that VA won that year.

5)      Like A Virgin, Season 1 – This more has to do with the editing and the direction and the story telling, but I thought the performances by each three little vignettes was spot on. It really brought something new and fresh to the already great song by Madonna.

Runner Up: Sing! (Sung by Tina and Mike), Season 2 – This ALMOST made it up there. It was the first time we heard Mike Chang “sing.” But it was really personality and character and adorableness of the performance that won me over.

5 Performances that Brought Out the Most Emotion

1)      Rose’s Turn, Season 1 – Chris Colfer was SO angry in this song. And I loved it. Whenever I feel frustrated I BLAST this song (and F-You by Cee-Lo) because the emotion inside of it is incredible.

2)      Take A Bow, Season 1 – This is Lea Michele’s big song. The first heartbreak emotional moment for her at the end of the pilot. And it is amazing. Hands down it brings out a lot of feeling from the person watching it.

3)      I Want To Hold Your Hand, Season 2– Potentially we were manipulated during this song with the clips of Kurt as a child with his father, but I don’t care. Seeing the tears run down Chris Colfer’s face as he sang this song, longing for his sick father, brought a tear (or rather tears) to my face.

4)      Pure Imagination, Season 2 – Again, I was already feeling rather emotional during this episode and to have one of my favorite songs sung by Glee was so great.

5)      The Dog Days Are Over, Season 2 – Glee had a rough period in there, where everything was just a mess and the songs were mediocre and everything just felt disjointed. Then this song came about and though I’m partial to Florence and The Machine’s version, the kids on the show looked like they had a lot of fun with this one. It brought back the nostalgia of Season 1 and reminded me that it’s moments like this that make me like this show. When the kids are just kids and enjoy each other’s company.

Runner Up: Born This Way, Season 2



Biggest Disappointments

1)      Thriller/Heads Will Roll, Season 2 – This was probably the biggest disappointment for me. I had such high hopes but I think Michael Jackson’s version was so incredible, nothing and I mean NOTHING would/or will EVER live up to it. Ever. But seriously, Glee could have done better.

2)      Friday, Season 2 – I hate this song. With a passion. And I’m disappointed Glee played it. Ha!

3)      I Love New York/New York, New York, Season 2 – This song was the first song they sung once experience NY, but I felt like it failed. Maybe it’s just because I severely dislike the Madonna version (The lyrics are just so juvenile).

4)      Barbara Streisand, Season 2 – It’s totally obvious they were trying to recreate the success that was “Safety Dance.” But it was…just okay. See the problem with doing something AGAIN, but with a different song is that you risk being compared to the original, and it did not – by a long shot – live up to it.

5)      Candles, Season 2 – This was supposed to be the big duet with Kurt and Blaine as a couple and it failed. Miserably. It was nice. But it was slow and especially when Raise Your Glass followed it which was so happy and uppity, and showed off Darren Criss’ charisma. They could have done better…


What are some of your favorite songs and performances? What were some of the disasters? What songs made you laugh, or cry, or both? Are you excited for Glee? Please come back for my recaps! See you soon!


  1. Bethal says:

    I apree with all of your choices above and off the top of my head: Lea Michele singing Don’t rain on my parade and Poppa. Chris Colfer’s Blackbird, Santana and Mercedes performance of River Deep, Mountain High, Almost anything by Mark Salling. Whenever I need a pick-me-up I play my “Glee” playlist on my i-pod. And when I really need a jolt of fun….I play the video of Single Ladies as performed by McKinley’s Football team (where the “role” of kicker was played by Kurt) And. Please. Don’t. Ever. Again….: Afternoon Delight… 🙂

  2. Barbs says:

    And what about True Colours? I really loved that one!
    I would like to see Tina sing more 😀

  3. Jess says:

    Agreed with all of them except i LOVED thriller/heads will roll. Totally agree with run joey run, that was the first episode I watched and totally enjoyed. Also loved pretty/unpretty and for some reason bust a move always puts a smile on my face!

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