Attack the Block is a throwback to the classic alien movies I grew up with. It’s not a movie you’re meant to take seriously. It’s fun, campy, hilarious, thrilling, charming, and just overall a fun movie to partake in.


Attack the Block

Starring: John Boyega, Jodie Whittaker, Alex Esmail, Franz Drameh, Leeon Jones, Luke Treadaway.

Premise:  A tough inner-city gang, headed by leader Moses, causes trouble in the ghettos of London. While robbing a young woman, they are interrupted by a “meteor” that falls from the sky. When it turns out to be an alien that attacks Moses, he and his gang hunt it down and kill it. Suddenly the kids find themselves defending the turf as the more aliens land and turning their apartment complex called “The Block” into a warzone.

My Review: At first, when the movie started, I couldn’t help thinking, “What the hell am I watching?” It was unlike any movie, I’ve ever seen before. Slowly, but surely, it turned into, “What the hell am I watching? This is awesome!” And the sole reason for the awesomeness is the kids. Though we don’t meet them under the best of circumstances it’s hard not to root for them. They’re charming – it probably has to do with the accents – they’re feisty, and they stick together.  It reminded me of Sandlot, if those kids grew up in the ghetto instead of suburbia, and fought aliens instead of played baseball, but you get what I mean.

The aliens weren’t complicated. They were designed quite simply, yet they were still unsettling. In fact, everything about this movie was simple…and unsettling. Well, maybe simple is the wrong word. The movie had a focus, and that one focus was that the kids needed to protect “The Block”. They needed to get rid of the aliens and protect their home. Only instead of with technology, they’d fight with water guns and lighters and fireworks, just like any other kid would.

Here’s the low down, if you want depth and mystery and army tactics, if you want fire breathing aliens with intricate ways of destroying the enemy and a love story that melts your heart in the midst of the attack, then this movie isn’t for you. But if you want to laugh, if you want to root for the underdog, if you want to be charmed and watch some awesome kids play with fireworks and dirt bikes and swords…If you want a good time, check this movie out.

It’s a keeper.


Rating: 3 ½ stars (almost 4)





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