So You Think You Can Dance: And The Winner Is…

Posted: August 11, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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Well kids, it’s been a great season this Season 8. And it’s time to crown the winner. But first it’s time to see some of the greatest hits from this season as well as reunite the Top 20! NICK! Let’s see if some of my favorite routines made it to the show!

So You Think You Can Dance

 And the Winner Is…

Group Performance
Who: Top 20
Dancing Style: Jazz
Song: “Wanna Get Hype” by District 78
Performance: This routine wreaks of Sonya. It’s intense and relentless and pretty cool. I like seeing the Top 20 again but I also find that 3 things are distracting me. 1) Ryan, shockingly, is standing out and doing a really great job. How come she didn’t dance like this during the show? Pressure? Nerves? 2) Who is that guy with dyed blond hair? It’s DISTRACTING! I don’t even remember that dancer…is that bad? 3) Seeing Nick Young attack this piece with such gusto just makes me think of what could have been. Oh Nick…can’t he come back next year, Nigel? Rating: 8/10


Cat comes out wearing a shiny bright red dress and on anyone else that dress would look skanky, but Cat makes it look CLASSY! The routine was indeed choreographed by Sonya (called it!) and the judges panel is fully loaded: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (love him!), Sonya Tayeh, Tyce D’Orio, Robin Antin, Lil’ C.

She brings the final 4 four out as the judges sing their praises. Based off of the cheering crowd their votes were between Sasha and Melanie. I think you’re right crowd! I love that they do this: Give some words of encouragement to contestants.  I also love that Nigel apologized for brushing the guys off. He threw in the word “insensitive” which IT WAS. And I appreciate his apology. Like he said, these dancers have worked their BUTT off to get where they are.

With that out of the way, it’s time for Season’s 8 Greatest Hits.


Mary’s Pick:
WhoSasha and Kent
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Song: “Fool of Me”
Performance:  Sometimes when dancers dance a favorite routine for the second time, I feel like it’s not as good as the first time, when it’s new, and scary and fresh. For example: The second time Mia Michael’s “The Bench” was performed. It just wasn’t as good as that first time. It’s like the dancers were dancing as if they already knew they had gold in their hands…However this performance didn’t suffer from that at all. It was just as emotional, just as incredible, just as good. I think it also has to do with the dancers dancing it. Sasha is just so humble.

Nigel’s Pick:
Melanie and Marko
Dancing Style: 
Lyrical Hip Hop
Nappy Tabs
Song: “I Got You”
Performance:  It was the dance with the kiss! This one was definitely one of my favorites. And they performed it just as good as the first time.

Robin’s Pick:
Tadd and Lauren
Dancing Style: 
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: “Another One Bites The Dust”
Performance: Tadd definitely had a lot more fun with this than the first time. It wasn’t one of my favorites though.

Lil’ C’s Pick:
Robert and Miranda
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Miranda and Robert
Song: “Break Ya Neck”
Performance:  Also known as the “Woodpecker Routine,” it’s good to see Robert and Miranda again. I liked them. There’s just something sexy about Miranda’s swagger in this routine. I think Robert danced it better this time around, without the pressure of being judged.

Cat’s Pick:
Top 8
Dancing Style: 
Song: “The Circus Sets Up”
Performance: This is that magical circus routine. I’m pretty confident in saying this is the original performance. And if not, it was definitely pre-recorded. But it’s still magical and one of the great group performances of the season.


We interrupt the favorite performances to bring you a Performance by SYTYCD – UK Winner: Matt Flint. Part of his prize was getting to perform on the show.

Who:  Matt Flint with (our seasons’) Jess and Nick
Dancing Style: 
Song: “Can’t Buy Me Love” by Michael Buble.
Performance:  Um, Matt Flint and Nick Young are REALLY good looking guys. And they look all sharp and snazzy in their suits. I can see why Matt won. He has really good stage presence and some great tapping talent. Plus I’m sure his accent makes him EVEN MORE ADORABLE. This was such a fun routine and I always love it when tap is showcased. Especially like this. Nigel says that was one of the most exciting tap routines he’s ever seen. (Agree!) It had such good energy.


Mary’s Pick:
Melanie and All Star Neil
Dancing Style: 
Melanie Moore
Song: “Total Eclipse of the Heart”
Performance:  Wouldn’t it be funny after all that hype with the lift, he dropped her? Ha. But alas, Neil didn’t drop her. However, I didn’t enjoy this performance as much as I did the first time. Not to say they didn’t dance it well, I just prefer that first performance.

Jesse’s Pick:
Marko and Allison
Dancing Style: 
Song: “I Know It’s Over”
Performance:  Just as good as the first time, and random thought: someone got a Brazilian Blowout.

Tyce’s Pick:
Top 10 Girls
Dancing Style: 
Sonya Tayeh
Song: “Pop Drop and Roll”
Performance:  This one’s happening live…and it’s still pretty damn cool.  Love the bobble head move.

The “Best Of” Routines are interrupted again for Cat to eliminate the first of the four. The guys are dressed in suits. Does this mean they might be performing their Matrix-like routine. Also a Top 10 Performance? Anyway, Cat tells us the 4th place dancer is Tadd. He takes it in such stride. Man, I like this dude. I like in his clip reel that the other Top 4 Dancers say things about him…and he’s tearing up…awww…

Getting back to the routines it’s time for…

Lil’ C’s Pick:
Ashley and Chris
Dancing Style: 
Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Song: “Please, Mr. Jailer”
Performance:  Spencer Liff’s best routine this season. And STILL amazing. Chris has such fantastic upper arm strength here. If anything I think he may have performed it with even MORE intensity than before.

Next up the Top 4 are finally going to perform. Wasn’t that supposed to happen yesterday (Wednesday)? But the contestants get surprised by Heather Morris, Harry Shum Jr, Naya Rivera, from Glee. Apparently they are the choreographers and they do a fake out with the fact they’ll be singing too. Okay, so as I watch a little more it turns out this isn’t the case at all! What? I wanted to watch them dance with the Glee Kids, and I wanted a Top 4 performance. That the heck?! Enough with the fake out and back to the show…

Nigel decides to make up the fact he’s made me angry the Final Four aren’t performing with the Glee kids, by picking…

Nigel’s Pick:
Sasha and Twitch’s
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Christopher Scott
Song: “Misty Blue”
Performance:  It’s not quite as good as the first time, but seriously, will these two make-out already?! They are SO CUTE together.

Sonya’s Pick:
Top 10 Guys
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Performance:  The screen turns to read and for a moment I think my TV’s broken, but no, we’re just close up on a door. It’s the Matrix routine. I was right! The kid with the dyed blond hair comes out… and I’m too distracted with trying to figure out who he is. Is that Alexander? I think it might be. I hope it’s for a job and not for fun. Intense and Fabulous. Just as good as the first time. Maybe even better. And yes, the blond guy is Alexander. I can rest in peace now. But seriously, what?

Jesse’s Pick:
Caitlynn and Pasha
Dancing Style: 
Argentian Tango
Miriam and Leonardo
Song: “Malajunta”
Performance:  Aww it’s the original. But it’s still good watching it again. Caitlynn has such good ballroom stature and it’s great, as always, to see Pasha.

Mary’s Pick:
Marko and Melanie
Dancing Style: 
Travis Wall
Song: “Turn To Stone
Performance:  I’m sad they don’t have their statue make-up on. But I guess it’s not practical. Some of the moves are a little smoother, and less slippery than the original. when the music picks up they dance a little more carefree this time around – now that the pressure’s off. But…I still prefer the original.

Cat brings out Sasha to stand with Melanie and Marko. She’s going to eliminate another person. The dancer in third place is…Marko. I knew it. We all knew it. But I still love him. The one thing that always sticks out to me about Marko, is way back when, in one of the intro clips he said, “No, I don’t have a cold, this is just how I talk,” or something along those lines.

The last performance of the night, before the winner is announced is fitting…

Nigel’s Pick
Sasha and Melanie
Dancing Style: 
Song: “Game On”
Performance:  I don’t know how these girls can even think anymore knowing one of the will be declared the winner in a matter of minutes. But I guess it’s probably all adrenaline at this point. This routine isn’t my favorite, but I think it’s fitting. They’re dancing like there’s something at stake, and there is.

The time has come. No more putting it off. We can’t! My DVR tells me there’s only 7 minutes left in the show. If it cut off at the end, I will kill it. I promise you that. Both girls are already crying, but Cat stretches the inevitable out more to show the dancers reel clips. I’m glad they do this BEFORE they announce the winner. Finally after all these seasons they worked it out. Fun Fact: the winner took 47% of the vote and the runner up 32%, which only leaves 21% split between Tadd and Marko. Wow…

And the winner…of Season 8…So You Think You Can Dance…




I can’t even focus on Melanie because her Grandma is breaking her heart with her tears. I also love the fact that they reveal the big poster with her picture. She gets to immediately see the fruits of all her labor. The right winner was crowned. Frankly I would have been just as happy if Sasha won, but I’m happy with the outcome.

The other dancers rush the stage and I’m glad we get some time to watch Melanie celebrate. I just wish we got a tad bit more…


Random Thoughts

  • I spy with my little eye, Alex Wong and Joshua (Season 4 Winner).
  • Sonya’s eye shadow matches her earrings, matches her necklace, matches her rings.
  • I can’t believe I had to hear Tyce say “Nasty” again. Make. It. Stop.
  • Like Tadd fixing Cat’s hair.
  • LIKE: Tadd’s face when Cat says she has the cutest smile.
  • LOVE: Tadd holding his flowers like he’s Miss America. And Marko shaking his head at him like he’s saying, “You’re so stupid!” in a joking way.
  • LOVE Cat singing the judges names.
  • Nigel thanks the director and the lighting director, and I appreciate that. I being a crew member type myself, I always appreciate when crew members get thanked.


Cat: “We love you Sonya, but by God, you’re WEIRD.”

Jesse: “You know just dance your heart out tonight and hopefully America…oh wait they already voted…oh my gosh you guys should be so scared right now!” Awesome Jesse, just awesome. 

Tadd: “Even though I’m like 5’4, I try to rise as high as I could.”


My Top 5 Performances of the Season

  • Melanie and Marko – Lyrical Hip Hop
  • Melanie and Marko – Statue
  • Sasha and Twitch – Lyrical Hip Hop
  • Sasha and Kent – Contemporary
  • Tadd and Melanie – Broadway

Thanks for sticking with my recaps! I hope you enjoyed this seasons as much as I did. It definitely had its ups and downs. As always keep on reading. I hope to start my Glee Recaps soon once the season starts! Keep on loving that dance!

  1. Bethal says:

    Yea Melanie!! She has been my favorite all season, although, I’ve said it a hundred times EVERYONE was fantastic this season! I’m glad she won. Not only was Melanie a strong, emotional and inspiring dancer she seems like a very nice and grateful person (at least from what we can see from the show). Also…did she dance 5 or 6 times last night? Amazing!! I was glad to see alot of the dances again. I did love the pairing of her and Marko…although she really connects with anyone as a partner.

    My random thoughts too:
    I saw Alex (freaking) Wong! Love him!!
    Loved Sonya’s tutu (If there is anywhere to wear a neon green tutu* it’s the finale of SYTYCD!)
    If they must remake Dirty Dancing Melanie would be great as Baby!
    Where is Cat’s emmy? (She needs to win!!)
    I wish the producers would put together a special or something to show where all of our favorite dancers are now…Every once in a while I’ll catch someone dancing in the background of an awards show or in a movie but a “Where are they now” would be exciting!!
    Thanks for the recaps!!

  2. Ana says:

    I wanted Melanie to win and she won! She had been my favorite ever since she auditioned. I loved the results show, except there’s too much of Sonia’s routines. How about Justin Giles and Dee Caspary? I would have loved to see their routines once again. Oh my gosh, I think all of the dancers from top 20 deserves to go on tour. It had been an amazing season.

  3. Bethal says:

    I’m a little late because I haven’t been at a computer….I vote YES for an All-Star season!! Great Idea…any way to get in touch with Nigel Lithgow??lol!

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