So You Think You Can Dance: Final 4 Perform

Posted: August 10, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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Thanks for hanging in there with me folks! I was out of town, but now that I’ve had to watch it, here it is. Our Top 4 dancers – Melanie, Marko, Sasha, and Tadd are performing tonight one last time! Kenny Ortega and Katie Holmes are the guest judges tonight.

So You Think You Can Dance

Top 4 Perform

Cat looks adorable. Everything’s right. Her hair is cute, her dress is cute (and age appropriate). Whoa, when she turns around her mic/earpiece is a crazy contraption. I never noticed it before, but then she doesn’t wear her hair up to often. So before Wednesday, I didn’t know that Katie Holmes was going to be a guest judge, but when Gaga was a guest judge it was announced weeks and weeks before. I wonder if this was a last minute addition? Anyway, I hope we get to see a glimpse of adorable Suri!

In the words of Cat, let’s get on with it!


Routine #1

WhoMelanie and Marko
Dancing Style:  Disco
Doriana Sanchez
Rehearsal: Before I talk about Disco, how is this the first time we’re seeing a disco routine this season? The many times that it’s been done on the show it’s been a lot of fun! Anyway, it’s good to see these kids back together again and Doriana says the energy should be coming out of everywhere…plus lifts.
Song: “I Feel Love,” by Donna Summer

Performance:  Sometimes Melanie’s facial expressions can be a bit cheesy. Never in her contemporary routines, but it seems like she’s pulling face a lot in this routine in particular. She’s doing what Nigel calls “goldfishing.” Also, I don’t feel the energy. It’s subdued. The music has a fast beat, but they are doing everything in half-time it seems. And that lift where he has her over the shoulders doesn’t quite come off right. I think this routine was a little lackluster. It lacked passion and energy and everything Doriana said she was striving for. I mean, compare that performance to this… Grade: C
Kenny: Fun, electric, sizzling, great.
Katie: They were energetic. She believed the story.(Katie? What exactly was the story?)
Mary: She thought the lifts were a struggle and she went in and out of the style.
Nigel: He sensed they were uncomfortable. Marko has a lot of strength. He wants to see them do better.

Routine #2
Sasha with All-Star Mark
Dancing Style: 
Rehearsal: Mark and Sonya reunited again! This is gonna be good. Sonya says this piece is her “ode to Sasha”. Mark represents the obstacles in Sasha’s life.
Song: “Raise Your Weapon,” by Deadmaus

Performance:  I love it when the camera gets close allowing us to see Sasha and Mark’s face. She’s slightly shaking as he pushes her head down which is a brilliant detail that I don’t know would be captured seeing it live. This piece is totally Sonya and Mark was the right guy to dance with her. Their bodies twisted and turn and writhed. And Sasha fought to get out of Mark’s grasp I wish they accentuated the beat a bit more – just hit it a bit harder. But for the most part it was a great routine. I felt like it was building to a big WOW moment that never came, but I liked it. And I want to give special praise to Mark’s Abs. They deserved to be mentioned. Good work Mark’s Abs. Grade: B+
Katie: Sasha has grace and integrity. She was strong and powerful.
Mary: Sasha looks mature and strong.
Nigel: She fighting to the end. She’s thrown down the gauntlet to the other contestants
Kenny: Sasha’s work is always brilliant. She’s battling through a lot (an injury – I didn’t notice) She’s a warrior princess!

Routine #3
Tadd and All-Star Joshua
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Choreographer: Lil’ C
This piece is about being a hustler. (Oh my little, Josh! How I’ve missed you!)
Song: “Swag Hard” by Ace Hood

Performance:  I really like this piece. It was nothing fancy. It did have any crazy jumps of lifts to distract you. It was strictly about choreography. Intricte, hard, crazy crazy choreography. The biggest challenge, being in sync with each other. I think for the most part they pulled it off. Tadd has swag. I’ve always know and seen that. He has swag and personality, but Josh out danced him. There’s just something about Josh. He just hit it a little harder, he went down a little lower, or jumped a little higher. Josh took it to the next level. Cool parts: Then sliding back on their knees, the ice skating move they did while staying in one spot. Overall, good work Tadd, but your all-star got the best of you. Grade: B+
Mary: You have the sweetie factor, and the X-Factor. He’s been hustling hard ever since he started the show. He’s always delivered. (Word.)
Nigel: He got down and dirty on his knees. Tadd’s a bit too sweet. Not as strong as he’d like it, but not bad.
Kenny: Perfect pairing. They played off of each other well. He loved the choreography.

Routine #4
Melanie and All-Star Robert
Dancing Style: 
Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: The concept is about unrequited love. She’s in love with him, but he can’t love her back, so she has to let him go.
Song: “Sacrifice” by Sinead O’Conner

Performance:  Melanie has always been a great actress. That look at the end she gives Robert when she knows she has to walk away from him is heartbreaking. Also, Stacey Tookey has great attention to detail with her routines. Especially the ones that have a specific story. In the beginning of this routine, Melanie ever-so-slightly, wrapped her right leg around Robert’s even though she was facing away from him, like she still wanted to be connected to him. Then nearing the end, when they were hugging as he brought her down from a lift. Again she wrapped her legs around one of this as sle slid down. Those little things speak VOLUMES in a routine like this. It wasn’t completely fabulously AMAZING. But it was pretty darn good. Grade: A-/B+
Nigel: Beautiful choreography, beautifully danced. Loved the assisted lift. She’s captured his heart.
Kenny: Robert’s contribution to this piece brings so much to the game. She’s incredible. He would push himself to the front of the line to work with Melanie. (He’s gonna have to fight Gaga for that!).
Mary: She has the captivating capability to draw people in (I agree!). Everything she does, she does with class.
Katie: Melanie blew her away. Every movement she makes, makes sense.

Routine #5
Sasha and Marko
Dancing Style: 
Spencer Liff
Rehearsal: Concept – Marko is a proper waiter, Melanie is an elegant woman who’s come to dine alone. But Sasha wants something not on the menu.
Song: “Whatever Lola Wants” by Ella Fitzgerald

Performance: I think Spencer has been hot and cold this season, but this routine was one of his better ones. It was quirky and fun and man, Marko did a lot of leaping and flipping and sliding. I was more focused ON Marko, but Sasha was beautiful and I believed her part. Again, I felt like something was a bit off. I also wish they slicked back Marko’s hair. I saw a bit more personality for Marko than I did from Sasha. I was just looking for a spark that wasn’t there. Maybe it was chemistry they were lacking. Grade: B-
Kenny: Sasha throws her entirety into everything dhe does. He barely recognized Marko. He was great.
Katie: She admires Sasha, she’s stunning. Marko is incredible. She loved when he jumped up (Hmm…I want to say something mean here. But I won’t. Ha!)
Mary: She enjoyed it every minute of it. Sasha was saucy. Marko had personality.
Nigel: Didn’t knock him out. He wanted to see more character.

Routine #6
Sasha and Tadd
Dancing Style: 
Choreographer: Mark Ballas (aka that guy from Dancing With The Stars)
He wants this routine to be fun, sassy, sexy and hard hitting. That’s asking a lot, Mark.
Song: “Raindrops” by Basement Jaxx

Performance:  Hmm…what’s going on tonight? This is another routine that I felt wasn’t all that great. It was missing something. Are the dancers tired? Even Sasha, who does everything well was just okay. It didn’t feel like a Cha-Cha to me. I mean it could have been  Salsa or something…And it looked like Tadd was struggling a lot, and that Sasha was thinking a lot. It just didn’t work. Grade: C-
Katie: They’re both strong dancers and she congratulates them. I don’t think Katie will give any negative or real critique tonight.
Mary: They both had a lot of big problems, hand connections moves. Sasha struggled a little less than Tadd. It wasn’t her favorite.
Nigel: Tadd couldn’t cope with the style. They both struggled.
Kenny: America knows what they can do. They’ve been working hard this whole season. Let it go. Turn around and come back strong! Good advice Kenny!

Routine #7
Marko and Lauren (Season 7 Winner)
Dancing Style: 
Tessandra Chavez
Rehearsal: Concept – about a failed love story about two people who are drawn to each other but can’t make it work. She wants this routine to be both emotionally and physically challenging.
Song: “Shirk” by Me’shell Negeocello

Performance:  Lauren dances with every piece of her body. From the tippy tip of her finger tips, she uses everything to accentuate each piece. I thought this piece was great. The best of the night, so far. It was really beautiful and void most typical contemporary clichés we’ve seen (such as those leg developpes, or extensions or whatever their called. And Marko dances with great emotion. I could tell what he was feeling without even seeing his face. Great parts: Lauren stopping midway through doing the splits, when Marko lifts her three times in a row around and around and a round. When Lauren grabs his leg and twirls it around in a circle. Really good stuff. Grade: A-
Mary: Marko has honest communication in the dance. She can feel who he is and his feelings are real. He is real.
Nigel: He’s been disappointed by the finale, but not with this piece. He does what he does brilliantly.
Kenny: Gorgeous choreography. Marko and Lauren were made for each other. He was swept away from Marko.
Katie: She loved the little moments, and he created such stunning pictures. She’s glad she got to see it because it’s special.

Routine #8
Melanie and Tadd
Dancing Style: 
Ray Leeper
Rehearsal: The guy is shooting on the girl and the clothes are coming off. He wants it to be naughty and dysfunctional.
Song: “Show Me What Your Working With,” Sister Monica

Performance: Okay, see! This routine had what most of the other routines were missing passion and chemistry. Tadd and Melanie work so great together, this routine brought out the best in them I think. It was nice to see Melanie play a strong girl who’s taking control of the situation and Tadd just brought his wonderful personality to it. There were a ton of great moments throughout the routine, and their characters were so strong. Plus, Melanie taking off his shirt? HOT! This is a performance to rewind. Speaking of which….Grade: A-
Nigel: That routine brought the night to life. Melanie had a character before the dance even started. Tadd redeemed himself, be brought character and gymnastics.
Kenny: Before Melanie started Kenny was already gripped to the stage. Melanie brings theater to everything she does. Personalities worked beautiful, great chemistry.
Katie: Breath of fresh air. It was fun and different and new.
Mary: Tadd brought sexy back. He was hitting it. It was strong and dynamic.

Routine #9
Melanie and Sasha
Dancing Style: 
Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: Concept – about a pair of suppressed housewives longing to find out what life is like outside of the home. They come together to break free.
Song: “Heart Asks Pleasure First”, Ahn Trio

Performance:  Seeing these two girls dance this style, especially when they let each other take a turn in the spotlight, makes it really easy to compare the two. Where as Melanie dances with more control and technique and the emotion is mostly in her face, Sasha dances with abandon and freedom with the emotion pulsating throughout her body. And yet, I can’t pick out who I like better. Either one of these two girls could win and I’d be okay. As for the routine, it wasn’t really memorable. It wasn’t bad, just not one I’ll remember. Grade: B
Kenny: He calls them actresses that can dance, but I really think they’re dancers that can act. This routine engaged him. It was beautiful.
Katie: She loves seeing them dance together. She loves their clothes and the way they can dance in it
Cat: They’re so different, but they dance together beautifully.
Mary: She adores both of them. They have great musicality. Gorgeous movement.
Nigel: Both girls would grace any dance company. They’re both fabulous.

Routine #10
Marko and Tadd
Dancing Style: 
Gumboot Stepping
Chuck Maldonado
Rehearsal: He’s going back to the roots of stepping and he wants them to show how much they want to win.
Song: “B.O.B” by Outcast

Performance:  Stepping is so underrated. I think it’s fabulous and it brings me back to college days and frats when they have those stepping battles. Sometimes it doesn’t always translate to TV or movies well, but I hope these kids can pull it off. And…They…Don’t. Sorry guys I love you both, but the beginning wasn’t in sync, and Marko, I love you. But you can’t be hardcore. You have too much of a baby face to be hardcore. They’d be like watching Kent do stepping, it’s just WEIRD. Tadd was a bit better than Marko, in my opinion, but I also wish we could have heard the beats they were making with their hands and feet. Stepping works much better on a larger scale. Wasn’t feelin’ it. Grade: B-
Katie: Doesn’t give any really critique or feedback, just congratulates them on the season. The End. BRING BACK JESSE TYLER FERGUSON!
Mary: Solid gold. She loved the concept. She thought it was cute.
Nigel: Stepping works better with a huge group. They weren’t together and it was difficult. He predicts a girl will win tonight (and I agree…it’s rude…but I agree).
Kenny: He congratulates them all and wishes them good luck.


Prefacing this week’s solos are Cat’s intimated interviews with each of the contestants.


Who: Melanie
Song: “Song for Viola” Peter Bradley Adams
Performance: Melanie’s solo was pretty great. They played a clip beforehand where Melanie was talking about her Dad who passed away long ago and I could feel that was a bit part of her solo. She was already crying even before the music started. As for her dancing, it was controlled and beautiful and breathtaking. Fun Fact: She was closest with Ricky throughout the competition. Rating: 8/10

Who: Marko
Song: “The Fear You Won’t Fall” by Joshua Radin
Performance: I’m a sucker for Josh Radin, and I’m a sucker for Marko. He ALWAYS dances his solo’s with something you don’t even really see in his performances. It’s just fantastic. It’s like he’s saying, this is me, take it or leave it, I’m just gonna dance! Fun Fact: His favorite performance was “Turn To Stone” with Melanie. Rating 8/10

Who: Tadd
Song: “Mamma Knows Best” by Jesse J
Performance: Um, yeah, I LOVED IT. I always love Tadd’s solos. I feel like I say it every time but his personality is infectious. I love how he was swimming on his back across the floor, and I love, love the stumble fake out at the end. Fun Fact: When he did that lap around the stage a couple of solos ago, he REALLY didn’t know where he was going. Rating: 9/10

Who: Sasha
Song: “Be Be Your Love” Rachael Yamagata
Performance: I love this song! I really do. I love how Sasha just melts into the stage, and really I could watch her dance forever. BUT, this wasn’t one of her better solos. Fun Fact: She’s never made anyone cry with her dancing before! Rating: 7/10

Random Thoughts

I spy with my little eye. Legacy! (During Sasha and Mark’s performance.)

I really want to shave most of the facial hair off of Mark’s face.

Sasha has a tongue ring. Did she always have that?

Love the look on Cat’s face when Nigel used a really big word describing Lil’ C’s routine.

Anyone notice that Sonya was previously sitting next to Doriana in the audience, then when they show Lil’ C who was supposedly on the other side of Sonya, there’s a white guy sitting in between him and Doriana? That’s what we call a seat filler people.

Love Cat trying to get Melanie a job working on Dirty Dancing (Kenny’s new movie). On a tangent – HOW CAN YOU REMAKE THAT? YOU’RE GOING TO RUIN IT!)

I spy with my little eye Sasha’s sister, Natalia in the audience. I hope she makes it on the show next year!

Is there really a website called “Keep Your Shirt Off, Tadd?”

Love the strategically placed hearts on Tadd’s boxers.

Loved Nigel taking note of the camaraderie between the dancers. Apparently Sasha and Melanie hugged each other and wished each other luck before they performed their routine.

Katie looks a lot younger with her long hair. And she should never judge on SYTYCD again. Harsh. Sorry. (No I’m not.)



Lil’ C regarding Josh and Tadd: “I’m in the middle of a swag sandwich right now.”

Cat: “Just to be clear your hustling…not soft…but hard?”

Cat: “You seemed to be hustling hard…”
Tadd: “Yes Ma’am.”

Kenny: “Lil’ C, can you hook me up with a pair of them red shoes.”
Cat: “They’re like the cool version of Dorothy. If Dorothy were in the hood, that’s what she’d be wearing.”

“Nobody puts me in a corner.” – Cat, always prepared.

Cat jumping up and down with Melanie, “I just got you a job! 20 percent!”

Melanie, regarding her kiss with Marko so many moons before, “IT was open mouth, no tongue.” The look on Cat’s face. Priceless.

Tadd: “People want me naked for some reason?”

Cat, regarding Marko and Tadd’s miner costumes, “I’d like some diamonds please!”


Top 4 Performances

  • Melanie and Tadd – Jazz
  • Lauren and Marko – Contemporary
  • Robert and Melanie – Contemporary
  • Sasha and Mark  – Jazz


Order of Elimination Prediction

  • Tadd (eliminated first), Marko (eliminated second), Sasha (runner-up)

Winner Prediction

  • Melanie

Melanie is going to win. Does anyone really think anything different? There’s a change Sasha could steal it from her and I’d be happy with that, but these two girls far surpass the boys no matter HOW MUCH I love them. What performances do you hope they dance in the finale? The top 4 performances were kinda lackluster don’t you think?




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