So You Think You Can Dance: Final Four Revealed

Posted: August 4, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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The final four get announced today. What do you think the odds are of Sasha, Melanie, Tadd and Marko NOT making to the finale? I say NONE. But let’s find out!


So You Think You Can Dance

Final Four Revealed

Cat, who’s not only gorgeous in that yellow flowy dress says the word “jigdes” instead of making the audience say it with her, and it’s adorable. I’ve missed her saying that. The only thing wrong with her look tonight is that big flower by her neck. Everything else, hairstyle and all is working.

Group Performance

Song: “Grown Unknown” Lia Ices
Style: Contemporary
Performance: There are two things that go through my mind during this performance. 1) What’s up with that big ass ugly flower? Is that really necessary? No? 2) Whoever choreographed this has great musicality. The choreographer (who is later revealed to be Justin Giles) uses each beat of the song well and all the male dancers have a chance to partner with each girl dancer. Now if you remember, Justin choreographed that beautiful piece where the Top 7 guys each represented a stage of grief. I had a feeling this routine was done by him. Rating: 7/10

Today, there will be no bottom 4, instead the dancers with the least votes will be the ones going home. Oh, and they will each dance solo’s. Let’s get on with it than shall we?


Who: Sasha
Song: “We Gonna Win” by Miri Ben Ari
Performance:  Sasha’s solo is definitely dance for your life worthy. It was funky, and weird, and creative, and intense, and just amazing to watch. I’ve always loved her solo’s because they’re original, and they set her apart from everyone else.
Grade: 8/10

Who: Caitlynn
Song: “Touch” by Natasha Bettingfield
Performance:  Her solo was beautiful, yes, but it had a lot more acting than tricks. It was completely different from yesterday’s which I think is a good thing. Show’s range right?
Grade: 7/10

Who: Melanie
Song: “My Love” by Sia
Performance:   While Jordan danced with more control this time around, I think Caitlynn danced with more abandon. She definitely tossed everything she could in there, but I still dug it. It was cute.
Grade: 7.5/10

Who: Tadd
Song: “Only So Much Oil in the Ground” by Tower of Power
Performance:   I’ll say it again, I love that Tadd doesn’t start off center stage. And apparently the cameramen had no idea what Tadd was doing because there was a brief period in time where Tadd was not on camera at all. I love it. So spontaneous. And Tadd really looked like he was having a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun with him.
Grade: 9/10

Who: Marko
Song: “Give Me Something” by James Morrison
Performance:   Marko is so carefree in this solo. Somehow he shows control and abandon at the same time. Though this wasn’t his best solo, I still love him.
Grade: 7/10

Who: Ricky
Song: “Requim for A Tower” by London Music Works
Performance:   Ricky really was dancing for his life. He was putting it all on the line and if we couldn’t tell, the music told us. It was INTENSE. But I don’t think he lived up to that intenseness. Not to say it wasn’t pretty great. He did a lot of tricks. He let himself go. I loved that last little somersault landing on his but with his legs out. Also anyone notice he did a dance move called the cowboy? You know the dance that some girls do to look cool by using one hand as a lasso as they gallop around stage? No? Just me than?
Grade: 8/10


Lauren and Kent’s Prom Dance

Kent and Lauren dance their Emmy Nominated Dance that Travis choreographed to the song “Collide.” This was definitely one of the standouts last season. I don’t know why, but I never feel like seeing a performance for the second time lives up to the amazing time that was the first time. I even feel like it’s different for the dancers. The emotions are different, the dancing is different. Almost like they know it’s a good dance, they know what people are going to think so they dance it different. Lauren and Kent dance it well and they make-out at the end, which didn’t happen the first time. Love the little giggle they do when their lips break apart. Travis Wall is Amazing. Kent is adorable.

The Final Four Revealed

After saving Melanie and Marko, the time has come to find out who’s not going to make it. Nigel says Caitlynn dances from her head, Melanie dances from her heart, and Sasha dances with her soul. He says something cheesy and that they are brilliant. Sasha is joining Melanie and Marko in the finale. Good bye Caitlynn. Now it’s the guys turn. The last guy going into the finale is Tadd. So long Ricky.

The Finale is next week y’all! I can’t believe it’s OVER already. Do you agree with who went home? Did you think it could have been anyone else? No! I’m satisfied with this turnout. What performances do you want to see again from this season?

Random Thoughts

  • Where’s Christina Applegate?
  • When Cat was introducing Tadd’s solo, anyone notice that she looked around for him and briefly made a startled face when she realized he was hiding in front of the stage. Does she not know what they do for their solos? Anyway, it was cute and funny.
  • LOVE that Lauren and Kent are slow dancing the ENTIRE time Cat gives her 2 minute intro. Talk about commitment.
  • Caitlynn is standing in first position while listening to her recap…or is that fifth position?
  • Choreographers need to tone it down on the props sometimes. Less is more people. Less is more.
  • Marko cries when he hears he’s in the finale. Love it. He’s such an emotional guy.
  • Cat to Caitlynn, who’s crying: “Stay with me for a second, okay? I’ll hold on to you.” You’re so sweet, Cat.
  • Anyone hear Cat let out a little sigh before she revealed which guy was going into the finale? What does it mean?
  • Tadd is so humble.
  • Cat looks on the verge of tears herself when signing off.
  • Anyone wish we could have heard what all the dancers as well as Cat were saying to each other when they rushed to say bye to Caitlynn and Ricky? I think Cat’s hand got caught when they were hugging Ricky.
So You Think You Can Dance Announces Final Four
  1. Bethal says:

    I look forward to reading your recaps each week! I suppose I have some random thoughts too:
    For some strange reason I liked the huge flower in the opening dance.
    Caitlyn is standing in fifth position (I commented on it last night as I was watching the show:)
    Are Lauren and Kent a couple? That didn’t look like a regular choreographed kiss!!
    Oops! You had Jordan on the brain when yourecapped Melanie’s solo…I really loved, loved, loved Melanie’s solo from performance night and just loved (once) last night’s. She is amazing and I voted for her! (I also voted for Marko)
    Tadd is so adaptable! You can tell he is sometimes so far removed from the dances he performs on the show but always picks up the style.
    It was sad to see Caitlyn and Ricky go!
    Dances I want to see? Too many to name I think the dancers this season are so talented it’s hard to choose! Definitely Twitch and Sasha, Marco and Melanie, and anything with all-start Allison. (Hey where is winner Janine?)
    Last Random thought: Cat so deserves to win the EMMY!!

  2. Right? I agree the kiss did look like more. Thanks for the comment an thanks for coming back!

  3. Ana says:

    I totally agree with the kiss! Thanks for the recap. Caitlynn always stands like that when she is being judged does she? I think it’s cute that she stands like that, shows her years of training that she even does it unconsciously. I love the opening wonder, especially the bit where Melanie and Marko partnered for a bit. My eyes were on them. I agree with all that was said with Cat, I think she’s a very genuine person whether on or off camera. She’s quite lovable, even past contestants love her.

  4. I’m sure Caitlynn has probably always stood like that at eliminations…I just never really until this past episode. It was just really noticeable! Haha.

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