So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6 Perform

Posted: August 3, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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As Cat says, tonight the top 6 have to dance to prove they have the right to be in the top 4. I have high hopes for tonight, especially with Lil’ C as a judge as well as Christina Applegate (love her!)


So You Think You Can Dance
Top 6 Perform + All Stars

Tonight we get 2 performances and 1 solo from each of the dancers. As she introduces Christina Applegate, I can’t help thinking how similar their hairstyles are today and shiny wardrobes for that matter. We need to have a dance worthy of a standing ovation so we can see if she’s wearing a dress or just a shiny top.

Contestant with All-Star

Routine #1
Melanie and All Star Twitch
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Nappy Tabs.
This routine’s concept? Little Red Riding Hood with a twist. Little Red is “buck”. Someone puts the term “Little Red Swagging Hood” out there and I keep my fingers cross that does not become a thing…
“Roman’s Revenge”, by Nicki Minaj

Performance:I’ve been waiting to see if Melanie could pull off hip hop….and I’m not sure if she can. She sure did dance the hell out of it. But she’s totally not hip hop. She just looked a little awkward and young, and I have to say a bit too classy for Hip Hop. She did get low and hardcore, but I almost felt like I was watching a kindergarten routine. Twitch was hitting the beat harder. However, I have to say those lifts looked easy and amazing and it looked like intricate choreography. This was no lyrical hip hop, so good effort. Grade: B-
Lil’ C:
The beginning was shaky, but she got better.
Loves her, and has never seen her get down and dirty like this.
She was on fire. She was committed. It was a nice change of pace to see her not be adorable.
“Grandma, what a big talent you have.” He knows she’ll be in the finale.

Routine #2
Sasha and All Star Kent
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Choreographer: Tyce
Rehearsal: Concept  is about two people who’ve hit a wall in their relationship and the emotions ones go through when someone’s done them wrong. Sasha can relate and she gets teary eyed and vague.
Song: “Fool of Me” by Me’shell Ndegeocello

Performance:They start off facing each other, Sasha blocked by Kent, and she melt’s into him, and I already know this piece will be amazing. And I was right. I LOVE idea of using the wall as a prop, it allowed them to do crazy things with their body. Good one Tyce. Cool parts: Kent’s spins with his head moving out of control. Usually when dancers spin they have a focal point. Kent did not – and it was beautiful, Sasha’s upside-down split against the wall, when Kent shoved her down to the ground hard with both hands, Kent climbing up the wall, Sasha pushing him hard, those leaps off the wall. The only thing that was a little awkward was that end move/pose against the wall. I wish that wasn’t there, because other than that it was pretty beautiful. And I love that Tyce had tears in his eyes. Grade: A-
Christina: Something has hurt her in her life and she can tell, and she just danced it on the floor. She couldn’t take her eyes off her.
Mary: Intoxicating. Her technique is amazing. Everything was dynamic.
Cat: “Don’t let them knock you down!”
Nigel: She brings them into her routines and performances through her emotions. She does this brilliant.
Lil’ C: (He’s trying not to cry, but failing, and Lil’ C breaks my heart with his comments.) “In life, when you talk about life is hard, it’s about being in a relationship with yourself and with life, and sometimes life just treats you unfairly, and you feel like you put so much into it and it never reciprocates, so I understand that portal that you dance from. I felt like you were speaking to me the whole time and it’s all about not being ashamed of your struggle but rejoicing in the fact that you can come out in front of people and talk about how victorious you are in coming through it.” And this folks, is why I love Lil’ C.

Routine #3
Marko and All Star, Janette
Dancing Style: 
Paso Doble
Dmitry Chaplin
Concept – Marko is a matador. Marko struggles during rehearsal. I can’t lie, I don’t remember Janette all that well. I think she was Janine’s season?

Performance:Despite his distracting shoulder pads that probably give his posture and unfair advantage. Marko seems to have great control over this routine. He shows power and strength. Marko lifting Janette around his shoulders like she was a cape was cool, but I don’t think it was as intense or passionate as it could be. Grade: B/B-
Mary: Sometimes people don’t understand this version (I didn’t). Most of the time Marko nailed it.
Nigel: Wanted more passion. Wasn’t into it.
Lil’ C: Loves the way to perform. He was connected and committed to the piece.
Christina: Huge fan of his as well. He could have gone a little deeper. She’s extraordinary.

Routine #4
Tadd and All Star, Ellenore
Dancing Style: 
Sonya Tayeh
The concept about a period piece. A time before couples touched each other. In this piece the couple will feel that first sensation and go wild. Sonya wants to find Tadd’s dirtier side.
Song: “The Gulag Orkestar” by Beirut

Performance: I don’t know how I feel about this piece. Though hanging from the chandelier provided some great moments, and created some great pictures, I feel in a way it hindered what this dance could have been. Sonya in rehearsal said she wanted them to go WILD and FREE, but I felt like the dancers felt they had to be constrained to the chair and the chandelier. I gotta say though, Tadd has some MASSIVE…strength (yes and muscles). To hang himself by one hand off that chandelier, or to balance on the back of the chair on one hand, or hold on tight while spinning. That’s some mad crazy skill there. I can barely hang onto a railing while walking down the stairs, so I’ll give him that. As for Tadd, he didn’t really get into character. I didn’t feel his lust for Ellenore. A for creative, but for concept and dancing…Grade: B
Nigel: “It was…” He’s speechless. He wanted to see a little more dancing, despite the interesting positions. He was left “hanging”….He wanted it longer (and I agree).
Lil’ C: Sonya is able to showcase the dancers abilities. He wants them to make each move last a lifetime. He needs to live in the moment.
Christina: Remarkable. She likes the dirtier side of dance.
Mary: Tadd is still growing. Choreography was daring with that dangerous prop.

Routine #5
Ricky and All Star Jaimie
Dancing Style: 
Dee Caspry
The piece is about a couple trying to stay together. He’s trying to keep her in line…with sticks…this should be interesting – especially since he can’t use his hands to lift her. I don’t know about this…
Song: “Inside These Lines” by Trent Dabbs

Performance:I have to admit at the beginning of this piece I was so focused on the sticks that I forgot to watch the dancing. Bad I know. But then Jaimie did this one move and it’s like I snapped back to reality. The piece was beautiful actually and the concept was cool. To watch him conduct (or control her) was quite amazing. Ricky is so free with his movement and I really felt like he was flowing and controlling her. Love the end where she jumps on his back, grabs his sticks (not in a dirty way), and throws them on the floor. Grade: B
Lil’ C: Congratulations on dancing with a prop. Excellent.
Christina: He doesn’t dance with the clearest intention. He’s magical, but doing that would take him to the next level.
Mary: Beautiful free flowing movement. He’s risen from the ashes.
Nigel: Lovely piece. Lovely lines. Wants him to find a deeper base.

Routine #6
Caitlynn and Pasha
Dancing Style: 
Dimtry Chaplin
Concept – passion passion passion. Caitlynn’s challenge: lose the cheesy grin and bringing passion.
Song: “Drop it Low” by Kat De Luna

Performance:That routine was HOT. Caitlynn rocked it. Shaky lift at the end aside (at least I thought it failed), Caitlynn made Pasha look even better. Pasha is the king of ballroom, but she held her own and I wasn’t looking at Pasha’s nice chest anymore, but I was looking at her. Mstrong>Grade: B+
Christina: She’s beautiful. Her body “like whatever.” Her technique was beautiful.
Mary: Her routine was better. Her body melted with Pasha. Her technique was on fire. Only criticism: pulled her face a bit too much.
Nigel: Samba rolls were excellent. Be careful with pulling too much face.
Lil’ C: She danced it amazingly.


Contestant with Contestant

Routine #1
Sasha and Ricky
Dancing Style: 
Kumari Suraj
“Wacking” comes from Los Angeles. (Remember Princess Lockeroo danced that style during the auditions?) It’s difficult and the contestants wack themselves in the face.
Song: “Schoolin’ Life” by Beyonce

Performance:Upon first impression, I don’t like it. The costumes look like Broadway and don’t match the sound. And their wacking looks like a cheerleading routine. Also the fact that Ricky doesn’t get low enough really sticks out while dancing next to Sasha. I don’t like it at all. It feels cheesy and just not at all cool. Sorry. Grade: D
Mary: They did a really great job, but not to the level of Princess Lockeroo. The wackin’ was slackin’.
Nigel: He enjoyed the fun of it. Ricky needs to relax more. Sasha was fabulous and loves the outfit (what?!).
Lil’ C: It’s a funky, sassy style and he felt like they didn’t enjoy it enough. They were too focused on the steps.
Christina: They could have “wacked it harder.” (dirty)

Routine #2
 Melanie and Tadd
Dancing Style: 
Spencer Liff
It’s a high concept about a student dancer who falls for her choreographer and Tadd uses that to get a good performance out of her. In the end she realizes he’s not in love with her.
“(Where Do I Begin) Love Story” by Shirley Bassey

Performance: Tadd’s almost too cool for Broadway. I thought the both of them performed this really well. Melanie really is a good performer. You know how she’s feeling in her face. Tadd is a magnificent dancer. The things he can do with his body is quite amazing. I don’t see it so much in his facial expressions, but his dancing really says it all. And I think that says something about him. Even if the face is lacking, his dancing, his body has all the emotion. Tadd really was the stand-out for me in this routine and I think that’s a big thing because I love Melanie. That ending with Tadd posing her and walking away, and Melanie’s look of devastation was amazing. Grade: A-
Nigel: Melanie’s solo was amazing. She’s a brilliant dancer as well as an incredible dancer. The little things Tadd did was outstanding, he held up well to the beast of Melanie.
Lil’ C: Melanie has a quiet fire. It was technical and sensual at the same time. Her solo was beefy. Tadd continues to grow.
Christina: Melanie continues to grow. “That towel under the developpe was sick and wrong.” Tadd’s hands are beautiful and he’s brilliant.
Mary: America is in love with both of them. They’re both extraordinary. They’re fabulous.

Routine #3
Caitlynn and Marko
The piece is about Marko who’s overbearing and controlling and Caitlynn is trying to get away. Sonya wants all the sexy to be gone.
“Heavy in Your Arms” by Florence and the Machine

Performance:I liked it. It was definitely intense. Definitely Sonya. And Caitlynn definitely took a lot of abuse. Love when Marko grabbed her by the waist and dragged her across the floor. And when she flew in the air and balanced on his feet. I also liked it when Marko chased her around the stage then flipped over her. There was a lot of fighting, and pushing and pulling. I love it when I get so into a routine I actually feel like I’m gritting my teeth. Grade: A-
Lil’ C: This routine was “double hashtag buck”. That’s a twitter reference. Wreckless. Convicted. Murderous.
Christina: Marko is a beast. His aggression was beautiful. This was Caitlynn’s moment. Christina lets out a “FINALLY!”
Mary: This was one of Caitlynn’s best numbers EVER. She had another breakthrough. She brought grit to it. Marko is her favorite dancer.
Nigel: This routine makes up for the chandelier routine. Sonya is wordclass. He thought the routine was stunning. Caitlynn showed the how mature he could be.


Prefacing this week’s solos are clips of the parents of the contestants giving their kids encouragements. I always like clips like this, it makes you more emotionally attached to the dancers.

Who: Ricky
Song: “After Tonight” Justin Nozuka
Performance: It wasn’t a dance for your life performance, he almost fell out of his pirouettes there. I was also distracted by the fact the singer he was dancing too sounds a lot like John Mayer or Jason Mraz, but it wasn’t. Rating: 5/10

Who: Caitlynn
Song: “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” by Katie Thompson
Performance: She used the whole stage and I love that ending where she sits at the end of the stage, but other than that, it seemed like the normal things she does. Rating: 6/10

Who: Tadd
Song: “We Speak No American” by Yolande B Cool and D Cup.
Performance: I love that Tadd never starts center stage. I love how me comes in from the sidelines. I also like how he uses unordinary parts of the stage. I don’t think this solo can live up to last week’s solo. But it still had a lot of personality. I also love his little slide to Cat after his solo! That gives him an extra point. Rating: 8/10

Who: Sasha
Song: “Teeth” by Lady Gag
Performance: I think this was Sasha’s best solo she’s ever done. It had technique, tricks, personality, swag, and she danced it so well. Like! Rating: 8/10

Who: Marko
Song: “Wonderful World” by James Morrison
Performance: Marko comes leaping on stage and already has my heart. His performace is just so carefree and unlike any of the other dancers.  I like it. And I like Marko. Rating: 8/10

Who: Melanie
Song: “Cracks” by Freestylers
Performance: This solo was something different. She danced to a more intense song. Love that slow sink into the splits. She gets a half standing ovation. Rating: 8/10


Random Thoughts

  • Anyone notice Melanie drifting off during Lil’ C’s first critique of her. I think she got lost.
  • Oh my little Kent, it was good to see you. He was definitely one of my fave’s last season.
  • Caitlynn’s little brother is so cute. Do you think Caitlynn is a natural blonde? I mean the rest of her family is blonde.
  • After all the rhyming to the word “wack,” LOVE Cat telling the audience not to turn off their TV’s because they still have to vote. Give this woman her Emmy already.
  • I miss Allison Holker.
  • Check out this link to read about what the dancers rehearsals are like. Can you say HARDCORE?

Cat to Kent: “Who knew you could be such a baddie?”

Lil’ C to Marko: “I love the way you establish your dominance. It’s all about the crotch you know?”

Sonya to Tadd: Kiss her feet, kiss her toes!
Ellenore: I probably should have gotten a pedicure.

Cat: “He’s giving you props for the props.”

Cat to Pasha: “Yeah that was slightly unbelievable, Caitlynn strutting in the distance and you turning away.”

Cat: “Don’t hold back when you wack.”

Cat: “That’s not really how women want to be described as a beefy beast…but we’ll take it.”

Top 3 Performances

  1. Marko and Caitlynn – Jazz
  2. Sasha and Kent – Contemporary
  3. Melanie and Tadd – Broadway
Bottom 3 Performances
  1. Sasha and Ricky’s – Wacking
  2. Melanie and Twitch’s – Hip Hop
  3. Marko and Janette’s – Paso Doble

Final Four Predictions

I love Caitlynn but there’s no way that Sasha and Melanie aren’t making it to the final 4.

  • Melanie
  • Sasha
  • Tadd
  • Marko

Over all this night had its ups and downs, but I think it’s pretty clear who the stand-outs are. I’m also pretty sure either Sasha or Melanie (probably Melanie) will take the crown. I was a little disappointed by the All-Stars (with the exception of Kent). Gimme Allison back! I also wish they did a group routine, but I guess that’s what tomorrow is for. Who are you voting for? What routine was your favorite? What did you think of Christina Applegate as a judge? Do you love Lil’ C as much as I do? Do you think Nigel has been extremely hard on Ricky from week to week?





  1. Bethal says:

    Another great show and recap: Chandeliers, walls, mirrors, chairs and raw emotion…what more could you ask for?! I finally got my “wish” of Melanie with Twitch although I think the Napoleon and Tabitha are so amazing that I just felt It could have been much more intense. It’s too bad Caitlyn’s “moment” came this week…if she had a couple of more performances she may have been able to pull ahead of Sasha (who is definately a stand-out this season!). I am in total aggreement of your top 4. Ricky has grown more on me lately and his body is made to dance so it will be sad to see him go but I think Tadd has done the impossible and continued to improve week after week (and what a handsome face!) I’d like to see Melanie and Marko make the top 2 (and dance together again) with Melanie taking the win!

    • I know, I want to see Melanie and Marko dance a NEW piece together again as well. I think Melanie would have done great it if was lyrical hip hop…actually wasn’t the piece where her and Marko kissed lyrical hip hop? She’s just not gritty enough to be real hip hop. If that make sense. Haha.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another solid show… but somehow wasn’t compelling enough for people to call in their votes. I wonder how voting is doing this season. Definitely entertaining though and it looks like the show itself produces so many fans within the Hollywood crowd (as evidenced by the guest judges’ love for the show). I agree with your insights… once again!

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