Well tonight’s show promises to bring us a new round of All Stars, Lady Gaga, and Rob Marshall. While I don’t expect too much from either of these two judges, I am still stoked to see the performances. Especially to see how little Ivan from Season 3 turned out!

So You Think You Can Dance

Top 8 Perform + All Stars

Cat comes out wearing a pretty, yet also oddly strange dress. It’s definitely stylish, but I have a feeling I’d like it a lot better in a different color. It looks a bit like snake skin from afar, anyone agree? Unfortunately she’s not wearing any jewelry for me to admire, but that’s okay because Lady Gaga is wearing enough accessories for everyone. On opposite ends of the judging table (do they hate each other?) is Rob Marshall, director of such musicals as Chicago and Nine. Mary, also, looks great! She went easy on the tanner today and looks great.

No more wasting time because each dancer will be dancing twice. Let’s git ‘er done!

Contestants with All-Stars

 Routine #1
WhoSasha and Pasha
Dancing Style: 
Quick Step
Jonathan Roberts
Jonathan says it’s bizarre and he wants to see personalty.
“Putting On The Ritz”, by Terry Snyder

Performance:This performance totally had the personality. If you want personality, Sasha was the dancer to give it to. She gives a great performance here. At first it’s dainty and cute, and looks almost a bit strained in the beginning, but it seems like after their first trick they relaxed into a bit more and it got fun and exciting. I loved the move where Sasha ran backwards kicking her legs out. Also loved the fact she spun Pasha once. I don’t know if it’s me but it looked like they flubbed that final lift, but it doesn’t matter because it had a lot of fun and they both look great together. Grade: B+
Rob: Sasha is astonishing and classy. One of his favorites.
Mary: She has a magnificent stage presence and her running promenade step with a reverse turn was great. It’s the best attempt by far at a quick step. Did she just say “skimmy”?
Nigel: Top line was stiff (I agree), but she put on a 5 star performance.
Gaga: A beautiful soul and spirit.

Routine #2
Caitlynn and Ivan
Dancing Style: 
Marty Kudelka
Concept – Caitlynn is fed up with her man. Ivan wins her over. Caitlynn surprises Marty with soul.
Song: “Let me Love You” By Mario

Performance:It’s a slow move jam and I feel like Caitlynn’s bottom half is more hip-hop than her top half. The routine was cute and simple, but there was nothing really amazing about it. Ivan looks adorable. I thought he did a fantastic job and he accentuated his movement better than Caitlynn did. Love that he puts his hat in front of him and Caitlynn when he goes to kiss her before leaving. Grade: B-
Ivan is amazing.
Caitlynn needs to get down and into it more. She needs to get a base.
She’s sexy and they were magical together. Needs to stop relying on her center. Ivan moved through the movement.
She’s stunning with her dance and smile. She needs to lose herself more in her performance.

Routine #3
Ade and Jordan
Dancing Style: 
Tyce DiOrio
They are badasses and there’s a secret rendezvous for them to be badasses together? That’s all he could come up with? There’s gotta be a better way to describe it, Tyce!
“Nutbusch City Limits”, by Tina Turner

Performance:  Ade, Ade, Ade, you are a handsome handsome man. And I think he looks better than he has! I’m too distracted by how good he looks to focus on Jordan. Okay, so, I felt like Jordan could have had a little more fun with it. This routine was pretty hot and had good choreography (did I just say that about Tyce) but I didn’t get the feeling I wanted from it. Cool parts: When Ade picks Jordan up and spins her, that last lift when he lifts her over his head and she puts her legs straight up and points them. Grade: B+
Nigel: Calls her body pliable and it’s creepy. Fun routine.
Gaga: She’s a star, crazy legs.
Rob: Throws herself into abandon (which I agree)
Mary: Does astonishing things with her body and makes them look amazing.

Note: I feel like the judges are really pushing for Jordan. She is an amazing dancer and has crazy legs. I just don’t know why I don’t like her. Can someone explain it to me? I feel like she’s a good enough dancer that I could like her, there’s just something about her personality I’m not clicking with. Oh well, you can’t like everyone! Next…

Routine #4
Melanie and Neil
Dancing Style: 
Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: Concept – crossroads in a relationship. The routine is athletic and the lifts and transitions need to look effortless.
Song: Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

Performance:  Distracting song choice aside (Mandy does like her 80’s music doesn’t she?), this dance was pretty darn cool. Melanie and Neil are pretty amazing together. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, mainly because I was distracted by the song, but then they started to entertwin with each other and it became memorizing. Then Melanie LAUNCHED herself to Neil making the most beautiful shape with her body and he caught her on the downfall. Like she was already falling and he catches her, that’s pretty damn AMAZING. Other cool part:. When she rolls herself over his body, when he lifts her up and around, then he brings her down and she lands on one leg, the other leg straight. Also Neil’s little head shake at her at the end of the routine powerful…and everyone’s standing. Grade: A-
Gaga: Melanie is her favorite in the competition (Did you see her grandma’s face? Mouth wide open.) She would hire her on her tour.
Rob: Watching her is like magic. It’s exquisite to watch her. He liked the end where she threw away the dance and played the scene.
Mary: She is every brilliant adjective/synonym under the sun you could think of. That jump was amazing.
Nigel: She nailed it, and his heart.

Routine #5
Ricky and Anya
Dancing Style: 
Jason Gilkison
Rehearsal: Challenge – trying to make difficult steps look easy. No story, just celebrating dance.
Song: “River Deep, Mountain High” by Celine Dion

Performance:  I love this song! I really do. It’s so high energy and amazing. And those words also describe the dance. Okay, so the dance wasn’t amazing. But it was pretty fantastic (That’s almost as good as amazing). It was high energy, fast paced, and had a lot of tricks and lifts and techniques. I think Ricky did a great job. He kept up with Anya who’s just beautiful. He let her FLIP HIM over her shoulders. He spun her around and just looked like he was having a lot of fun. I enjoyed the performance. He had problems with one of the lifts, and there were a few moments where his movements didn’t match the beat, but the last move was pretty cool. Grade: B
Rob: His smile is amazing. He needs to dig in a little deeper, but he’s a star.
Mary: He missing some things in the beginning, but then he pulled it out once the routine got going. He got out of time (I don’t know if I noticed that)
Nigel: Felt he was too tall (He can’t help his height Nigel!) Needed to get down (as in lower to the ground, not the other thing…).
Gaga: Has a sweet spot for him. Loves that he’s tall (well she said high). He felt modern, more modern than Anya.

Routine #6
Jess and Lauren G
Dancing Style: 

Choreographer: Tabitha and Napoleon
Rehearsal: Concept – about a guy who’s cheating on his girl and asking for forgiveness
Song: “Take A Bow” by Rihanna

Performance:  It wasn’t one of Nappy Tabb’s better routines, but I think it had to do with the chemistry being off. That’s not to say they didn’t dance it beautifully. Lauren was able to hit every beat and punch, and Jess definitely kept up with her. They were in sync and emoting right. I don’t know what else to say. He didn’t have the hip-hop style swag, but that’s not to say it wasn’t GOOD hip-hop. He just put is own spin it, rather than adopt another personality he didn’t have. Jess definitely grows on me day by day and he adapts really well to other styles. I like him more when he actually plays characters on the more serious side. PS: Did you see the way Lauren stormed off stage at the end of the routine? Ice Ice Baby. Loved it! Grade: B+
Mary: As good as Lauren is, he was really good too. He’s made so much more progress. He’s opening up more every week (agree). His articulations and isolations were good (agree). He had swag (semi-agree).
Nigel: He didn’t over play it. He takes comments in.
Gaga: Has respect for Broadway dancers. She loved his performance and it outshined all the things that she didn’t like about the routine (like the props).
Rob: He’s known Jess since he’s a kid and he’s grown in this competition. It was simple, pure, and beautiful.

NOTE: Jess was very serious during his critiques, but then a bit of himself came out when Cat was giving out the number to call. Dare I saw I miss that Jess a little?

ANOTHER NOTE: Anyone notice a lot of these songs the choreographers are choosing were covered on Glee?

Routine #6

WhoTadd and Lauren F.
Dancing Style: 
Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: Concept – Masterminds pulling off a heist. It needs to be calm, cool, and collected.
Song: “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen

Performance:  Lauren danced circles around Tadd man. That she did. Not to say that Tadd didn’t work it. It’s just I couldn’t help but notice Lauren. She had these slight subtleties/attention to detail that I really appreciated. As for Tadd, I don’t know what it is about a guy in a suit, but dude had some cool swag going on. He was a bit more mellow this performance and I think he could have showed off a bit of himself more in the dancing. The routine was light and fun and Tadd’s tricks as always are fantastic, but it looked like he was trying to keep up with her. (Nigel says his hat fell off and he got bumped in the face. Didn’t even notice. And I forgot it was about a heist.) Grade: B+
Nigel: The style suits him. Is Michael Jackson-esque.  He absorbed the style like a sponge.
Gaga: Said a bunch of stuff that wasn’t really a critique. But she loved it and the clothes (I loved the clothes too!)
Rob: Tadd is very very special.
Mary: Tadd was cool and looks like a young Elvis Pressley. That’s big to be compared to Elvis and Michael Jackson. She calls him into the finale.

NOTE: I’ve been waiting for Allison and Marko to get paired up together. Can’t wait to see their routine after the BREAK!

Routine #7
Marko and Allison
Dancing Style: 
Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: Concept – people need to be nicer and less judgmental. The piece is about causing that damage, the guilt, and the change
Song: “I Know It’s Over” by Jeff Buckley

Performance:  This was the least weird piece Sonya has done in a while…and I loved it. Sonya, Allison Holker, Marko, what more can you ask for in a routine? Choreographers love for Allison to dance to Jeff Buckley routines. Remember the other Jeff Buckley routine with that other Asian guy? But to the dancing…Allison is amazing. You know I love that girl, and could watch her dance forever. Marko made her look good! He dragged her around the stage and supported her and that’s appreciated, but Allison was the stand out. I loved when Marko dragged her across the stage into a split. I loved when she jumped into his arms with her feet and legs straight out (it was such a great visual), I loved when they both threw each other across the stage. So beautiful. Anyone notice after the dance as they approach Cat, Allison’s eyes meet with Gaga’s (or maybe Sonya) and she lets out a little sob? So sweet. Though I was much more moved during judging when Marko declared his love for his mother. Who didn’t get weepy eyed? Grade: A
Gaga: (She’s crying!) She can’t even speak. She’s proud of Marko.
Rob: Allison is amazing and watching the together is incredible. When he watches him he’s moved.
Mary: That was amazing. She loves his sincerity and honesty. He takes his dancing to another level than anyone else.
Nigel: We’ve witnessed a moment that’s more than the competition. Remarkable momet for a son to tell his mother that he loves them. (Um…we’re all crying now, yes?)


Contestant with Contestant

Routine #1
Caitlynn and Tadd
Dancing Style: 
Fox Trot
Jonathan Roberts
Rehearsal: Classic, Fred and Ginger, Boy Meets Girl. Elegant.
Song: “Tip Hot, White Tie and Tails” by Ella Fitzgerald

Performance:  After that dance from Marko and Allison, it’s hard to watch this dance. Not that they aren’t beautiful and charming. But it’s not memorable. Then again, a lot of ballroom routines aren’t. Some are. Some aren’t. They were floaty, and poised, had great posture, and danced it well enough, but it’s unfortunate this dance came after such a stand out, still thought about routine. Caitlynn does look gorgeous though. I love her styling. Grade: B-
Rob: Sparking, elegant, stylish, I like it when Rob uses dance turns.
Mary: It was beautiful, not the most memorable routine. Needs more power. Then she goes into a bunch of dance terms and she lost me at power.
Nigel: In Heaven, watching it.
Gaga: Caitlynn needs to relax the hands (something about trophies) but she loved it and wanted to dance up there with them.

Routine #2
Marko and Ricky
Dancing Style: 
Hip Hop
Rehearsal: Concept – Waste Management Technicians coming there to CLEAN UP.
Song: “Bad Boy For Life” by Diddy

Performance:  I always like it when guys dance with each other. It brings a different energy to the routines. At first these two contemporary dancers look like hip hoppers — complete with that powerful duo jump with the broom. But slowly the flaws come out. Marko definitely has more swag than Ricky. He gets lower to the ground and he seems to be feeling the beat a bit more. Ricky doesn’t get low enough, but he’s working and trying hard. Near the end when the beat speeds up, it gets a little strange and the boys are getting tired. There are a couple typical hip hop moves that they don’t pull off as well as a hip hop dancer would. For example, Marko had problems getting out of that almost split. It was a fun routine, a good idea, EXCELLENT song choice. (Camera cut to Tabitha after that routine. She didn’t look happy…) Grade: B+
Mary: Love it. They cleaned the whole place. They had a good vibe.
Nigel: It was a lot of fun. Marko looks nasty (I think that’s a good thing). Ricky is still too high for him. But the aerial swipes were fantastic (I agree). Calls Ricky in the bottom – Gaga is so upset!
Gaga: It was amazing, they’re incredible dancers.
Rob: Choreography was exquisite. He was astonished by both their ranges.

Routine #3
Jordan and Jess
Dancing Style: 
Jason Gilkinson
Rehearsal: Concept – Woman stuck in a controlling relationship, trying to get out. (Why does everyone try to get out of a relationship with Jess? Poor kid)
Song: “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele

Performance:  I saw where the choreographer was going with this. I saw what could have been a hot, and intense routine. But something still felt a bit off, maybe the chemistry? I felt like it started and stopped too much and the two didn’t really connect. Jess did a cool back-reverse-spin lift with Jordan, but other than that the performance was lackluster. I wish this routine was done with Chelsie and Josh. Grade: B-
Nigel: Wasn’t his favorite. There were a lot of issues and no chemistry.
Gaga: She would have interpreted the song differently, but that’s not their fault.
Rob: They brought out the best in each other. They worked from an acting stand point.
Mary: Back split lift was best of season. Chemistry and elasticity through arms was lacking.

Routine #4
Sasha and Melanie
Dancing Style: 
Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: She’s excited by the dancers, Sasha is sick and Melanie has technique. Together they will be sensational.
Song: “Game On” District 78

Performance:  This routine had Sonya written all over it. You’d know it was hers from just the styling! I feel like the girls could have hit it a bit harder. But it was pretty good. I love Melanie’s little kick out with her foot. It was intense, but it could have been more intense. I don’t think they fully got into character and there was an awkward moment in the middle there. The ending was pretty cool. The judges and audience really liked it a lot, but not as much as I did. Grade: B+
Gaga: She throws her shoe at the stage and doesn’t kill anyone. Impressive. “Everyone can pack up and go home because that was the performance of the night.”
Rob: Unbelievable.
Mary: Best number Sonya has ever done. The girls brought strength and power but with elegance and beauty.
Nigel: Sonya unleashed the beasts.

That was quite a show today. I actually really liked what Lady Gaga had to say. Read more for my prediction for the Bottom 4, and like Jerry Springer my Final Thoughts.

Random Thoughts

  • Love it when Gaga holds up her crazy shoes and calls them a “bathroom catheter”.
  • I like Tyce’s haircut.
  • Ellen and Portia are in the house!
  • Why are the judges hating on Ricky? After Gaga’s critique of him, I love her even more.
  • CUTE: Jess grabbing the flower and giving it to Lauren G after the performance. She chucked that thing across the stage!
  • Marko’s mother is so adorable! She flew in from Guam and this was the first time she could watch him dance. His story, god, made me cry.”I dedicated that piece to her. Growing up I wasn’t the best kid, I was a brat I said some things…and I just wanted to make sure…I just wanted to say I’m sorry and I love you.” Cue SWOON!
  • LOVE: Cat Calling Marko “delicious”. And when she’s pressed for time she talks so fast we can barely understand her.
  • Did Cat let a “What the hell slip?” just before one of the breaks?
  • Cat is so humble about her Emmy nomination.
  • Love Melanie and Sasha bowing to Sonya.
  • Love Nigel trying to give his critique but everyone’s going crazy as Gaga gives Sonya her other shoe.


“What’s a little skimming between friends.” Cat in regards to Mary’s use of the word, “skimmy,” during Sasha’s quickstep critique.

Nigel: You just need to open your legs a little more and get your firmer base.
Cat: (scolding) Gaga don’t
Gaga: I’m sure he’d like you to open up your legs a little bit. (Love her mic was off for that comment)

Cat after Jess’ first routine: “I don’t know what you’ve been doing but I’m guessing you’ve been out for a night on the town with Nigel Lythgoe.”

Top 3 Performances

  • Allison and Marko – Contemporary
  • Melanie and Neil – Contemporary
  • Caitlynn and Ivan – Hip Hop

Bottom Four Prediction

  • Ricky
  • Jess
  • Caitlynn
  • Jordan

With Ricky and Caitlynn going home. Even though I hope it’s Ricky and Jordan (but the judges LOVE Jordan). What did you think of these performances? What was your favorite? Are you as infatuated with Allison Holker as I am? Who do you think is going home tomorrow?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful recap and thoughtful commentary, as always… (guess I was wrong about the Finance assumption…) – I look forward to your blogposts though!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh – forgot to mention: Your screencaps are awesome super HD quality and well-chosen stills; and yes, I agree with your predictions. 🙂

  3. Bethal says:

    Another Awesome show!! My take on Jordan…I wanted her to make the top 20 but now, week after week she has not seemed to “grow” at all. She performs technically “perfect” but doesn’t seem to “connect” during the dances and she seems one dimensional. Fantastic dancer but I am not moved by her as I am with the amazing Melanie!! Maybe it is as if she never “surprises” me with her dancing. I expect her to be great and she is but I can find my heart jumps when I watch other dancers such as Allison and Melanie…Anytime Allison dances I am absolutely entranced…I love, love, love the all-stars! So glad to see Lauren F. I hope to see Janine and I could watch Twitch anytime (and wouldn’t you love to watch Allison and Ade dance EVERY week)!!

    I agree with your bottom 4: I fear Ricky will be in the bottom this week but he growing on me….Jess, on the other hand…fantastic dancer but I can’t “connect” with him either. My husband and I argue about this…he thinks Jess is the most talented and doesn’t care about a dancers personality (or how they portray it). Caitlyn is stunning and I’ve already rambled my thoughts about Jordan.
    Sasha was great, Tadd is a fave, I am rooting for Melanie and Marko all the way!!

    • Not to say that every dancer should have an emotional breakdown to pull out a great performance…but I really think every dancer should have an emotional breakdown and I think that’s what Jordan needs…Tadd too (even though he’s great). I just want to see another layer.

  4. David says:

    I think your predictions this week are where the smart money would bet, too. Tabitha was pulling faces, maybe because L. Gaga in so many words called the Napoleon/Tabitha choreography old and tired. Which it is! I still can’t like Sasha, or her dancing, even though I love her sister who didn’t quite make the cut. Weird, right? I always feel conflicted that the show is picking America’s favorite dancer, not necessarily the best one — although in the end I think likable and talented Melanie will prevail.

    • I don’t mind that it’s the favorite dancer. But I think at some point the judges have to stop having input. Like once the top 10 happens. Other wise it’s really the judges favorite dancers. Not America. Some of my favorites went home long ago (Nick, Miranda) and some of those I don’t like (Jordan) are still here.

  5. Ana says:

    Yes, why are the judges still deciding on who goes home? Isn’t it supposed to be America’s choice once they got to top ten? I can’t pick for any of these girls to go home, they’re that good. But with they guys, I won’t be sad to see Jess and Ricky go, no not at all. By the way, I love your recaps since they’re really thoughtful and great! I’m glad your site is up and running again.

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