So You Think You Can Dance: 2 of 10 Eliminated

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2 dancers will be sent home tonight, one boy, one girl. I thought the choice was all up to America, but apparently the judges still have a say…let see what America and the Judges decide…

So You Think You Can Dance

Two of 10 Eliminated

Group Performance

Song: “Act One: On Broadway”/”Smokey Joes Café: The Songs of Lieber and Stoller”
Style: Broadway
Performance: It’s seems like it’s a boys versus girls situation here at first, and if so, the boys definitely beat the girls. It was definitely very Broadway and Jess got a lot of screen time. I still haven’t been blown away by a group performance yet. I’m waiting for the next Ramalama Bang Bang!
Rating: 6/10

Unfortunately for Cat, her hairstyle looks weird. Or maybe it’s her make up. Something about her face seems strange, but that skirt is adorable. Cat tells Neil she had a crush on him, or rather Doogie Howser. Aww, Cat is so cute. But it’s time to get down to business as Cat gets ready to reveal the bottom two girls and the bottom two boys.


Bottom Four

  • Mitchell
  • Clarice
  • Ricky
  • Jordan

Based on these choices, my prediction is that Mitchell and Clarice will be going home. I will be sad to see Mitchell go. I think he’s been doing great, he just had a bad day. I really like Clarice, but I never felt connected to her. She was a great and solid performer, but she’s not memorable for some reason. Oh, not to mention the judges seem to LOVE Jordan and Ricky.


Cat also reveals the new All Star Line Up for next week…

New All Star Line Up

  • Ivan – Season 2
  • Jaimie – Season 3
  • Anya – Season 3
  • Pasha – Season 3
  • Lauren – Season 3
  • Neil – Season 3
  • Ade – Season 5
  • Lauren – Season 7

Thoughts: I gotta say I’m really excited/curious to see how Ivan turned out (in life). Can’t we get Allison on too and have a little “Why” reunion? I’m also excited to see how Lauren (Season 7 winner) has evolved and changed since winning.


Who: Clarice
Song: “Let Me Think About It” by Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand
Performance:   I wished she danced like this yesterday, before it was too late because it was high energy, her legs just stretched for days!, and she seemed to be having a lot of fun. I enjoyed this performance and those pirouettes were crazy fast.
Grade: 8.5/10

Who: Mitchell
Song: “Time And Space” by The Cinematic Orchestra
Performance:  His routine had a nice rise and fall, which felt like waves. But I didn’t get why he was waving that white thing around…
Grade: 6/10

Who: Jordan
Song: “Tonight” by Lykee Li
Performance:   Didn’t she solo to this song yesterday, or was that someone else? Why did she waste those last few seconds just emoting on the floor? Who was that guy they cut too looking very stern in the audience with his arms crossed after she danced? So many questions!
Grade: 4/10

Who: Ricky
Song: “Battle for the Beat” by District 78
Performance:   Okay dude, thank you for listening to me! You used that stage to rumble and tumble and twist and turn. I liked it and so did everyone else. That even got a “Wow!” from Cat.
Grade: 8/10


Elimination Time

After reiterating to the bottom 4 their prizes, he talks about how sometime stars have to end up in the bottom, he can’t say a bad thing about them because they’re all fantastic. Mitchell and Clarice are indeed the ones sent home, and I think they knew it.

After Clarice’s clip, she tells the dancers she loves them and misses them all. The camera cuts to the dancers who have already abandoned their pit and are just waiting to comfort the two. Jess is up front and center devastated.

Mitchell, I will miss you. I just thought he had a happy-go-lucky personality that really brought a light to the show. But it was his time, unfortunately…

Well kids, we have our final 8! Can you live with these two going home? Are you wondering why the decision is still in the judges hands, and why they’re still eliminating by sex, especially if the dancers are now dancing will All-Stars? Speaking of which, which All-Star are you most looking forward to?


Random Thoughts

  • I loved Cat’s voice when she said “Look At Me” before revealing that Tadd and Melanie were safe. She got two much pleasure out of doing that….
  • Who noticed that they cut to Twitch after Sasha’s clip reel of her dance? He looked half embarrassed and half amused.
  • I’m liking that they’re showing more of the dancers reactions/interactions. I always like to see how they interact with each other.
  • Jess looks utterly shocked and stressed that he’s not in the bottom.
  • If anyone actually watched the Snoop Dog and Blush performance, let me know what you thought, coz that had fast forward written all over it.
  • Those clips of the judges deliberating, do we think Neil was just ordering dinner? “No! No! I don’t want ketchup on my burger!”
  1. Ana says:

    What about the Contemporary Routine choreographed by Dee Caspary. That was an awesome group number. It was danced to the tune of Civil Wars – Poison and Wine.

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