So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10 Perform (With All Stars!)

Posted: July 21, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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It’s Top 10 Time folks. You know what that means. We’re voting for individuals, and the pressure is ON and voting people off is only going to get harder. This week the dancers step it up. Let’s check out how they did!

 So You Think You Can Dance

Top 10 + All Stars Perform

To start the show, Cat comes out in a black shirt dress that unfortunately doesn’t move well or accentuate her curves. HOWEVER, I want her bracelets. Neil Patrick Harris (love him!) is today’s guest judge looking dashing in suit. And we learn each dancer will dance with an All-Star and perform a solo. I guess they won’t be partnering up with the other contestants. Hmmm?

Routine #1
Who:  Marko with All Star Chelsie Hightower
Dancing Style:  Samba
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Rehearsal: Concept – a photographer and his muse (Chelsie). I forgot how cute Chelsie is. She’s definitely grown since the season and has this maturity about her. At the end of the clip, Marko drops Chelsie, giving the term “drop it like it’s hot” a whole new meaning. Ouch.
Song: “Cinema Italino” by Kate Hudson (from NINE)

Performance:  Chelsie has what most of these girls seem to be lacking, in this dance. She just inks and slinks with such ease. Marko was great. He is definitely getting stronger as his tricks were so effortless. He just tossed Chelsie around so smoothly and fluidly. Maybe she just made it look easy. He definitely adapted to this style well because she made him look good. This routine was very fast paced, but also very entertaining. I enjoyed it. Grade: B+
Neil: Amazing. Dirty. Marko is the guy to beat.
Mary: Marko did a great job. She also threw in a lot of dance terms/steps in which he did all of them well.
Nigel: He persevered making the routine look easy from what happened in rehearsal.

Solo #1
Who: Sasha
Song: “Syrup And Honey”, by Duffy
Performance: Sasha is a great soloist. She worked that floor! I love it when dancing gets weird (which is why I love Sonya and Wade) and this solo was definitely weird.
Rating: 8/10

Routine #2
Who:  Jordan and All-Star Brandon
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Choreographer: Dwight Rhoden and Desomond Richardson
Rehearsal: The concept is about the ups and downs of love. The routine is like a “run on sentence” without a breath. The routine has a difficulty level of an 8 or 9
Song: “Who You Are” by Jessie J

Performance:  Okay, guys, are you ready for this? Jordan MAY have won me over with this routine guys.  I didn’t think it was possible! Dwight and Desmond have always choreographed such amazing routines and this one was truly amazing. I love it when the music is simple, so you can just focus on the dancing and the acoustic version of this song was perfect for the dance. Jordan worked her legs taking seemingly traditional dance moves and adding extra things like a leg bend or an extra kick here and there. Those things really stand out. Also amazing. That vertical split she did into a spin. She did that with SUCH ease and poise, perfectly straight. I can barely walk straight, so who am I to judge? Grade: A
Mary: Jordan is fearless. If anyone doesn’t understand how fantastic and talented she is, Dwight and Desomond just gave them all a lesson (I just said that). They played to her strengths.
Nigel: She doesn’t have many weaknesses so her choreographers were able to choreographed whatever they want. Nigel said Brandon did a double aerial into splits. How did I miss that? Rewind! Plus that says something.
Neil: He watched her feel that number, her facial expressions said it all. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Inspiring.

Solo #2
Who: Jess
Song: “Come By Me” by Harry Connick, Jr.
Performance: Cute. Showed off his skills. Definitely not as hokey as he could have played it. Just right.
Rating: 7/10

Routine #3
Who:  Tadd and All Star Comfort
Dancing Style:  Hip Hop
Choreographer: Chuck Maldonado
Rehearsal: No real story, Comfort just has to be “ghetto fabulous.” Comfort says Tadd has no swag, until she sees his abs.
Song: “Look at me now” by Chris Brown

Performance:  I never really understood Comfort. I just never warmed up to her, and then she was gone. But I thought she was pretty good in this routine, however, my eyes were on Tadd. He really let his personality show. He kept up with Comfort. They were in sync and this routine was fast, so it could have been a disaster. And he was given some really great moments in the routine. My favorite: When they got down to the floor and picked themselves up their shirts. Grade: B
Nigel: He out-danced his all-star (I agree).
Neil: He’s a sucker for hip hop. He really likes Tadd.
Mary: Unbelievable musicality, and he has swagger for days. 

Solo #3
Who: Melanie
Song: “You’re the One That I Want”, by Angus and Julia Stone
Performance: We haven’t seen Melanie do a solo for a while. It was pretty darn good. She uses the music really well even though the song is slow. She takes every beat to show her control and skill.
Rating: 7/10

Routine #4
Who:  Mitchell and All Star Melody
Dancing Style:  Broadway
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Rehearsal: Aww Melody, how I’ve missed you from 8 seasons ago. The concept is about the idea of flight. Mitchell calls him “unique”. That’s the nice word for it. Mitchell uses the word bougie. Love it.
Song: “Take Off With Us”, All That Jazz Soundtrack

Performance:  Tyce’s routines are often hit and miss. This one was a miss. Not to say that they didn’t dance it well, it’s just the song felt more energetic than their dance moves were. I also didn’t see the “taking flight” theme. Melody, like Chelsie dances in a way that shows off every curve of the body. And she’s always been such a powerhouse it’s hard not to keep your eyes on her. Mitchell did all he could to distract me from her: from the hand snaps, to the pirouettes, to just his lovely happy-go lucky personality coming out. His past routines have been more dramatic. Grade: C+
Neil: They were working hard. But he didn’t get it or  really like it.
Mary: Facial expressions over done (disagree!)
Nigel: He’s gotta think more about style rather than the style.

Solo #4
Who: Ricky
Song: “Daylight Breaks” by Cassidy Haley
Performance: His solo was good but I wish he used the stage more. He reminds me so much of Danny Tidwell. Couldn’t he have done something like this?
Rating: 7/10

Solo #5
Who: Clarice
Song: “Royal T” by Crookers featuring Roison Murphy
Performance: It was funky and contemporary at the same time. Glad she picked a Roison Murphy to dance to it gave her a beat to work with.
Rating: 8/10

Routine #5
Who:  Caitlynn and All Star Pasha
Dancing Style:  Argentine Tango
Choreographer: Miriam and Leonardo
Rehearsal: Concept is about a disconnected couple. They should be making the audience feel like they are spying on a coule during an intimate moment
Song: “Maljunta” by Orquesta Orange Tango

Performance:  It was slow to start, but once they got into the tango part of the routine it got pretty great. They had a great connection and were LOCKED onto each other. There was a really cool part where Pasha lifts Caitlynn, she kicks her legs back, and he lifts his leg behind her knees. I like the lifts in Tango because it’s purely done with arms so it looks like their floating. Grade: B
Mary: Deserves a standing ovation. It was a treat on the eyes. Caitlynn is breathtaking. The passion was more real tonight and she looked like a woman.
Nigel: Got the intensity, got into the passion of the routine.
Neil: Started slow then just zoned into it. He got hooked. They were super connected the whole time.

Solo #6
Who: Mitchell
Song: “This Time” by John Legend
Performance: First, Mitchell, those shorts are not flattering. Second, he did this cool move where he sped his pirouettes up by bringing his arms to his chest. I wish he used the stage more, as well.
Rating: 8/10

Routine #6
Who:  Sasha with All Star Twitch
Dancing Style:  Hip-Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Rehearsal: Concept is about a couple who has lost their spark and wants to rekindle the flame.
Song: “Misty Blue” by Dorothy Moore
Performance:  This routine is hot from the very first moment. When Sasha jumps onto the table 5 seconds into the routine, it has me in its grip. It was slow, and sexy, then intense, and sexy. They were ripping off each other’s clothes, it was just great. Oh and the dancing was fabulous. Sasha has swag. She was just slow grooving to the beat. And Twitch is always amazing. He has such presence, such good facial expressions. I loved the move where Sasha was coming at him and Twitch walks backward on his knees, up and down and up and down. Who noticed a little somethin’ somethin’ going on there when the routine was over? HOT! Grade: A
Nigel: First time seeing Chemistry with a partner. Nailed it. Nigel is flustered too.
Neil: Best routine of the evening.
Mary: Sexy ass number. She had the swagger and musicality.

Solo #7

Who: Jordan
Song: “Tonight ” by Lykke Li
Performance: I’m glad she didn’t do another sexy routine. But she spent 10 seconds of the routine rolling on the floor. I don’t get it. Okay, maybe she didn’t win me over…not so much…
Rating: 6/10

Routine #7
Who:  Jess with All Star Kathryn
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: Concept – She’s dealing with lonliness, Jess is always there, but she doesn’t see him. Jess has noticed the judges keep knocking the lifts, and that’s all there is in this routine. God help us, I hope he’s good. Kat: “He’s actually a lot stronger than he looks.”
Song: “The Lonely” Christina Perri

Performance: I think Jess has the lifts down. He definitely lifted Kathryn with more ease then Clarice. This routine could have been a disaster, especially since the two don’t really connect. And that’s the point, that she doesn’t see him. Yet it still felt like they were dancing together. Jess had some really great moments in there, but it’s hard not for me to focus on Kathryn. She’s such a beautiful dancer. I loved it when Jess wrapped his arms around her and lifted her while she stretched out her arms and legs. That turn of her head when she sees him, and the twinkle of the piano, gorgeous! As well as the beats afterward as they look at each other breathing hard. Grade: A-
Neil: Wants Jess to work on his face and being more sincere, in general. He was great in this routine.
Mary:  Her favorite piece she’s done.
Nigel: He coped with the lifts brilliantly. His emotion in the routine was endearing.

Solo #8
Who: Tadd
Song: “Everything I Can’t Have,” by Robin Thicke
Performance: Not his best solo because it felt like it was just a lot of sliding around on the floor, I thought he was gonna do something cool when he dipped off the stage. He was charming.
Rating: 6/10

Routine #8
Who:  Melanie with All Star Pasha
Dancing Style:  Viennese Waltz
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Rehearsal: Melanie is Pasha’s strength in this piece. His character is going through a hard time and she’s supporting him. Melanie wants to move people.
Song: “Everybody Hurts” Tina Arena

Performance:  I don’t think it was as flowy as it could have been and I don’t think Melanie always had the right facial expression on her face. I wanted it to float a little more. It felt more like waves colliding, rather than a fluid movement. I didn’t hate it…but it didn’t do it for me. Maybe it was the REM cover song that distracted me. Melanie is a fantastic dancer though, you can’t deny that. Grade: B-
Mary: She floated in and out of those lifts. She’s at the top of this competition.
Nigel: Beautiful flow of movement. Melanie is a solid, brilliant dancer.
Neil: Effortless lifts. Amazing dancer.

Solo #9
Who: Caitlynn
Song: “Cosmic Love ” by Florence and the Machine
Performance: Now here’s a girl who used the whole stage. Loved the little warrior kick and warrior pose in there. It fit with the song. Didn’t like the fact she kept opening her mouth or as Nigel calls it “goldfishing.”
Rating: 8/10

Rontine #9
Who:  Ricky and All Star Allison Holker
Dancing Style:  Jazz
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Rehearsal: The routine is about a crazy dream. Ricky is star struck over Allison and worried about conveying crazy and intense. He can’t be creepy.
Song: “Precious Things” by Tori Amos

Performance:  I think Sonya has the rights to anything weird that it’s often hard for other choreographers to live up to that. But Tyce does try I’ll give him that. Ricky is crazy and intense, but boy does Allison sell it with those crazy, jerky moves. It definitely got better there at the end. Cool moments: When Ricky picks up Allison by the knee. Damn. When he grabs Allison who’s fighting him, then she goes limp and slides down through his arms. And that end kick ending in a pose. Amazing. Allison is my hero. I know this piece is about Ricky, who did sell it, but my eyes always go to Allison. Grade: B+
Nigel: Nigel loves it when Tyce is set free and allowed to do what he likes. Sensational piece. Didn’t out dance Allison. But he did a great job.
Neil: Sometimes he dances young because he’s lean, and he was prepared to not get it, but he responded to it and thought he performed it well.
Mary: She thought it was great. Love the move where Ricky picks up Allison by the leg. It showed his power.

Solo #10
Who: Marko
Song: “More Than Anyone (Stripped Version)” by Gavin DeGraw
Performance: Is this the first time we’ve seen Marko solo? Love the little foot thing when Gavin DeGraw accentuates the word “Love.” I thought his solo was great.
Rating: 8/10

Routine #10
Who:  Clarice and All Star Robert
Dancing Style:  Bollywood
Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan
Rehearsal: About a guy and girl playing a game of cat and mouse. Robert thinks Clarice is pretty and wants to make out with her. (She’s got a boyfriend dude!) The routine is fast.
Song: “Aila Re Aila” by Khatta Meeta

Performance: Wow this routine was fast. And I totally believed it. Even though I loved Josh and Katee’s Bollywood routine. This is the couple I actually believed were Bollywood dancers. They just looked and danced the part well. Not to say they danced it better, they just performed this routine really really well. There were also these amazing moves that made the costumes do really cool things. Clarice worked it. I’m tired from just watching this routine. Grade: B+
Neil: It’s hard to come into the show without bias having watching the show. She became alive after the kiss. (agree!)
Mary: Hard routine to do. The routine was perfect for her.
Nigel: This routine and genre was a perfect routine for her.

Random Thoughts

  • Funny: Mary giving Neil a warning before she freaks out about Marko’s routine.
  • Cute: Jess doing his final pose on the floor toward Cat who ran over and played along.
  • Love Caitlynn crying during her great critique.
  • Cat clearing her throat while Twitch and Sasha are having a moment after their routine.


  • Neil regarding Marko and Chelsie’s performance. “What a dirty way to start the show…she does a scissor kick around your face? I would have kissed her too at the end of it.”
  • “Help me up because I have these silly shoes on,” Cat to Jess.
  • Nigel: “It was really fast. Like listening to Mary talking.” Cat: “Hit him Mary, hit him!”
  •  Mary: “He (Nigel) is just on my case today. What am I gonna do, Cat?” Cat: “He’s right on the end. Just push him off. No one will know the difference he’s on a wheelie chair!”
  •  Cat: “No one blue steels like Pasha.”
  •  Mary: “I don’t know about you, but my thighs are just stripped.” Neil: “That was from something else.”

Order of Routine Preference

    1. Sasha and Twitch – Hip Hop
    2. Jordan and Brandon – Contemporary
    3. Caitlynn and Pasha – Tango
    4. Jess and Kathryn – Contemporary
    5. Ricky and Allison – Jazz
    6. Marko and Chelsie – Samba
    7. Clarice and Robert – Bollywood
    8. Tadd and Comfort – Hip Hop
    9. Melanie and Pasha – Waltz
    10. Mitchell and Melody – Broadway

The dancers stepped it up this week and I know it has to do with the All Stars. My vote goes to Sasha, Caitlynn, and Marko. I think Mitchell and Ricky will be in trouble. Next week there are new All Stars coming in. That’s kind of a cool idea. I hope Allison stays though. I love her. I’m a little scared that Lady GaGa will be a judge next week, I hope she gives some good critique, but I was also a bit surprised with NPH, though I do love him, at times he felt a bit harsh, or that he was just going through the steps. I know he’s a fan of the show as well, but I liked Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s judging style better. He was funnier, while critiquing.

What did you guys think of this episode? Did you like the routines? What were your favorites? Who do you want to go home?




  1. Bethal says:

    I don’t want ANYONE to go home….the show was fantastic! I agree with you that Mitchell and Ricky may be in trouble and I’d have to add Jess in there as well…just a feeling. I never loved Sasha until last night and how cute a couple would she and Twitch make? I hope Twitch is back next week – I would love to see him and Melanie dance together. Melanie, Marko and Caitlyn are still at the top of my list but I think this Top 10 is incredible!

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