So You Think You Can Dance: 2 Eliminated, Top 10 Revealed

Posted: July 14, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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So You Think You Can Dance
Top 10 Revealed
(2 of 12 Eliminated)


Before I recap the show I just want to congratulate Cat Deeley (@catdeeley) on her Emmy Nomination and say, it’s about DAMN TIME!. This nomination is 6 years and 7 seasons overdue. Her hosting duties on SYTYCD have been extraordinary. What other host out there would get on their knees in a mini dress to help a contestant who’s fallen out of her shoe? I’d like to see Ryan Seacrest or Jeff Probst attempt that. Also congratulations to Travis Wall, Mia Michaels, Stacey Tookey, Nappy Tabs, and Mandy Moore on their nominations. Check out which performances they were nominated for here.

Now, onto the show!

Group Performance
Song: “El Fuego by Sean Peter
Style: TAngo
Performance: I don’t know if we’ve ever seen a group ballroom dance before on this show. Everyone had their moment to shine, which I like. No one in particular stood out as a front runner.
Rating: 7/10

Newly nominated Cat Deeley enters looking pretty, and possibly sunburned (unless that’s just my computer), but wearing a beautifully simple dress accented with a funky belt. Cat tries to talk about how Jesse’s nominated and the show is nominated, but Nigel is having none of that and rightfully gives Cat her dues, with a standing O. Her blush (and shyness) about it is completely charming and humble. J’adore.

I also appreciated that they showcased some of the dances that were nominated. I really wished they showed Mia Michael’s “This Bitter Earth — On the Nature of Daylight,” which in my opinion was the BEST of her 3 other routines nominated.

Bottom Three Couples

  1. Caitlynn and Mitchell (a lot of people guessed these too would fall victim, but my love for them overshadowed that possibility.)
  2. Ryan and Ricky (Yah, we saw this coming after judging yesterday, and by the look on their faces, so did they.)
  3. Sasha and Alexander (There’s no way Sasha will be sent home. No. Way.)

My Prediction for Elimination

  • Ryan and Alexander

Nigel reveals that the show will be different with the Top 10. The dancers are going to have a new partner within the show, and also dance a 2nd routine with an all-star. Unfortunately, Alex Wong won’t be one of those all stars like we all hoped. He injured himself AGAIN, only on the other leg. That’s just awful! Alex! What are you doing kiddo? Stop hurting yourself!

All Star Line Up

  • Melody Season 1
  • Allison Season 2 (Yay!)
  • Pasha Season 3 (Double yay!)
  • Twitch Season 4 (Triple yay!)
  • Comfort Season 4
  • Chelsie Season 4
  • Brandon Season 5
  • Kathryn Season 6 (Yay again!)
  • Robert Season 7

Who: Caitlynn
Song: “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga
Performance: She pulls out all the tricks and turns and jumps and leaps, but I almost feel like she’s completely ignoring the music. It’s as if she’s thinking, “I gotta show them everything I can do” music be damned.
Grade: B

Who: Mitchell
Song: “Ra” by Nathan Lanier
Performance: At first it looks like Mitchell is doing the same as Caitlynn, pulling out all the tricks. But he’s not. He’s also using the power of the music and feeling the beat. Like Cat said, that was dancing for his life. I enjoyed it.
Grade: A

Who: Ryan
Song: “Not in Love” by Chrystal Castles with Robert Smith
Performance: She does a cool mid-air back bend. But again I think it’s sloppy. I think she knows she’s going home. I can see it on her face. I love those shiny pants though and I love her just bumping to the beat.
Grade: B-

Who: Ricky
Song: “Body Language” by Queen
Performance: Ricky uses his legs so well. They are just so damn long! I think he was just having fun with this routine. I don’t really think he was thinking, “I have to dance for my life.” It just looks like fun, with a TON of skill. Those pirouettes just went on forever and ever. Great work. (PS: The other dancers are screaming so HARD for him. Love it)
Grade: A-

Who: Sasha
Song: “Thinking About Your Body” by Bobby McFerrin
Performance: There’s no way in hell this girl is going home. To steal from Travis, this girl has “great musicality.” She just uses every beat of that song, and in my opinion she’s the first person to actually DANCE and not just give us a set of tricks. I do wish she had a different expression on her face, but the dance was cool, and funky, and she had swag.
Grade: B+

 Who: Alexander
Song: “Palladio” by Secala
Performance: Okay, I had to rewind that again, just to be sure I saw what I saw. Alexander just did a no-hand cart wheel and landed on one foot, the other straight out not once touching the floor like an ice skating move. That’s pretty bad ass. He’s doing some intense ballet moves in there and his technique really shows. He’s grown a lot I think. His solo was also fully realized, it had a story. A beginning, middle, and end. Alexander…please don’t go – even if it is your time…
Grade: A


Elimination Time

After fast forwarding through Nicole Scherzinger’s performance, it is elimination time and as always, ladies first. Caitlynn steps forward, according to Nigel she danced really well in her solo today, Ryan, last night was lackluster, as well as her solo. He says she seems down and depressed. (I agree.) They weren’t knocked out by Sasha’s solo, but they think she’s even better than fabulous. Ryan is going home tonight, and she knew it. She’s barely holding it together at this point.

The guys vote was no unanimous. Mitchell’s solo was strong, according to Nigel, and his work has been between average and good, but he hasn’t been consistent. As for Ricky, who got the loudest cheer, Nigel said the audience speaks for him. It was the best dancing they’ve seen from him. Last night, Alexander found himself, but Nigel says he tonight’s solo let him down. What? I disagree! Alexander is going home. I thought his solo was a good note to go out on.


Well folks, that’s it. We have our Top 10 and next week brings on the All-Stars? Did the judges make the right decision? I think so it was Ryan and Alexander’s time to go. Do you wish someone else was sent home instead? Who would you like to see paired up? Which All-Star are you most looking forward to?



  1. Ana says:

    I hoped that Ricky was eliminated instead of Alexander.

  2. Couple of little notes:

    1. Cat was not the host in Season 1, so the nomination is just 7 seasons overdue 🙂

    2. You have the seasons wrong on a couple of the All-Stars: Allison was from Season 2, Kathryn from Season 6, and Robert from Season 7, so all previous seasons are represented in the All-Stars.

    Otherwise, I totally agree with your post. I thought Alexander’s DFYL was really good. But I guess I don’t know much about the technical side of ballet.

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