Movie Review: Monte Carlo

Posted: July 12, 2011 in movie reviews, movies
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Well folks, it looks like I have another thing to add to my list of Things I’m Embarrassed I Like (even though I’m 28). 1) I like/watch TV shows like iCarly and Victorious. 2) I do own a Hanson CD and get very nostalgic every time I hear MMMbop. And now 4) I liked Selena Gomez’s new movie…

Monte Carlo

Starring: Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, Kate Cassidy.

Premise: Grace (Selena Gomez) has been planning a graduation trip to Paris for the longest time, struggling to find out who she is. Grace, who is is quiet and sheltered, brings along her rebellious, carefree best friend, Emma (Kate Cassidy). However, things don’t go as planned when her new stepfather forces her overbearing, controlling step sister, Meg (Leighton Meester) to join them in their travels. The trip starts off awful due to poor planning, and everyone is miserable until a case of mistaken identity with an heiress sends the girls to Monte Carlo, a life of luxury, and an adventure of a lifetime.

My Review: Monte Carlo is one of those movies, I’d normally watch behind closed doors, when I’m bored on a Saturday afternoon. It’s like those lifetime movies, you’d never knowingly admit it, but you watch them. I know you do. My friend and I decided on Monte Carlo for our appreciation of actresses Kate Cassidy, Leighton Meester, and (I feel like I should hate her, but don’t) Selena Gomez. We entered the theater and soon realized we were the only two “adults” who were NOT accompanied with a kid. Luckily for my friend, I look like I’m 14.

Let’s just get right down to it, okay? I enjoyed this movie. Sure it had its corny moments, stereotypical secondary characters, Selena Gomez’ awful accent, and the three girls seemed to have an unbelievable ability to get out of any situation by just being cute, but the movie also had cute boys, exotic scenery, and there was even some substance/touching moments within it. Plus, it gets bonus points for making me want to go to Monte Carlo and meet a cute Australian boy like, Riley (Luke Bracey). I also appreciated that this movie was void of: 1) the acting that teach over there on Disney or Nickelodeon, at least according to SNL (but it is true!) 2) The three girls singing together or dancing around in their underwear, and 3) the montage of the girls trying on all the fancy clothes.

As for the acting, I thought that Selena Gomez had some really great moments. Moments that make me think I’d like to see her take on a movie with even more substance. Like an indie movie or something. She has the potential to be a really good actress. As for Leighton Meester and Kate Cassidy, they were hilarious. Leighton was really delightful, especially when she was *spoiler alert* stripped of her rigidness and uptightness (is that even a word). All three ladies had some really funny moments together. It was subtle, and not too over the top.  Overall, this movie was just light, fun, entertaining, brainless,…eye candy. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Rating: 3 Stars




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