So You Think You Can Dance: 2 of 14 Eliminated

Posted: July 7, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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Well, the time has come for another two dancers to be eliminated. We can guarantee a rough time no matter what. I hope the judges (and America) make the right decision…


So You Think You Can Dance

2 of 14 Eliminated

SYTYCD, So You Think You Can Dance

Group Performance
Song: “Kata Kata” by Raavan
Style: Bollywood
Performance: This is the high energy Bollywood dancing I look for when these routines occur. Nakur choregraphed a great piece and I think the dancers performed it really well. It was energetic, fast paced, and other adjectives similar to these first two. Marko, Caitlynn (she was in the yellow right?), and Mitchell really stuck out for me.
Rating: 7/10

Cat is looking extra sparkly in her pretty dress. No one can pull off sequins like she can. She’s going for a wind-blown look with her hair I see. Like she was stuck in a wind tunnel after getting her hair done. Also, that belt is a bit too big and crazy for me. Article of clothing I want? Can you guess it? I think you can…those HEELS! Too bad I don’t have the legs, or arch support to wear them. But enough about me and onto the bottom three…

Bottom Three

  • Ashley and Chris (not surprising)
  • Tadd and Jordan (a bit surprising, I don’t want Tadd to GO!)
  • Ryan and Ricky (ok, very surprised! Sure Ryan isn’t my favorite, but they’re performance was much better compared to Sasha and Chris)


Who: Ashley
Song: “Lovely” by John West
Performance:   This solo was a lot better than the one she gave last week and I love her mellow song choices. I don’t think its strong enough going against these two other girls. I still feel like I know nothing about the girl.
Grade: 6/10

Who: Chris
Song: “Scars” by Basement Jaxx
Performance:  I love Chris’ solos, they’re so crazy cool. The way he contorts his body is amazing. It reminds me the way a spider moves down a wall. And I love his little flip off the stage when he’s leaving the stage after his solo. However, I did see a move he did in the last week’s solo. That’s a no-no Chris!
Grade: 7/10

Who: Jordan
Song: “Commander”, Kelly Rowland
Performance:   Some of her moves feel like stripper moves/cheerleading moves. But I do love her spin on one leg, with the other leg straight up in the air. I can say one thing, the girl’s super flexible. Still not a fan, but that routine will make Nigel love her.
Grade: 6/10

Who: Tadd
Song: “1-2-3 Remix”, by Gloria Estefan
Performance:   He reminds me so much of Dominic/D-Trix it’s crazy. And he makes Cat giggle, how can you not keep him? I also love that he’s doing b-boy moves and tricks to a Gloria Estefan song. His routine had a lot of personality. Grade: 8/10

Who: Ryan
Song: “Adagio for Strings” by BRNO Philharmonic Orchestra
Performance:  Ryan has really grown I think. Her solo felt much more controlled and less sloppy like she usually is. She might be seizing around too much on the stage though, yes I said seizing. But she was fighting, really, really hard.
Grade: 7/10

Who: Ricky
Song: “When You Say My Name”, by Mario Spinetti
Performance:   Ricky’s dancing is beautiful, that’s all I can say. His limbs look so lean and long and they’re just beautiful. He’s very fluid with his movements. If he goes home, it’ll be a “travis”-ty. Yes, pun intended.
Grade: 8/10

Let’s pause for a moment and just relish in the amazingness that is Florence and The Machine. All music should include massive drums that you have to beat and a harp. I’m just sayin’…


Elimination Time

It’s time, my friends, it’s time. Here we go, ladies first. All the girls are beautiful, but he says “you need to up your game” if they stay. He needs to see different sides of the dancers. Nigel says Jordan has fantastic legs, but she needs to offer more, however she’s been sensational in her routines. They also love Ryan and loved her solo. As for Ashley, he’s never really seen her peak and Ashley is sent home. That look on Sasha’s face is heartbreaking.

Now for the guys…Travis believes next to Marko, Ricky is the best contemporary dancer this season, but he’s somehow not connecting. Chris always brings out his best routines with his solos. Travis can’t wait to work with Tadd. Back to Chris, he’s not fulfilling what he’s been asked of all the time and it’s his time to go.

I think the judges made the right decision. I’m okay with this. I think this is the first elimination I’ve felt this way.

I always love it when the dancers come up at the end of the show to hug the “fallen dancers.” That’s awful right? I just think it shows how close they’ve all gotten. But man-o-man, that look on Chris’ face is UTTERLY HEARTBREAKING. He is kind of crying/laughing. Then, when all the dancers practically jump the stage to get to Ashley and Chris, Chris falls to the ground on his knees the other dancers comforting him. Read more about that moment here. I feel SO BAD for the kid. Is it horrible to say I wish the camera’s lingered just a bit longer…?


  • Cat – “Oh my gosh Gorilla hugs down there. Call of the wild.”
  • Mary on why Tadd and Jordan were in the bottom 3. “They (America) must have gone to the kitchen while they were dancing.”
  • Cat just before elimination, “Everybody’s on their feet. There are tears on the stage already…”

Random Thoughts

  • Love that shot of Melanie with her legs wrapped around Mitchell. Hilarious and cute at the same time.
  • I love how Cat encourages the dancers. “Kick Butt!”
  • I’m finding Chris more and more adorable as his personality comes out. Anyone else agree with me?
  • Ryan looks so much older than she really is today. I think it’s the amount of make-up.
  • Love Cat’s giggle.
  • Love the look on Travis’ face when Cat says, “This is the hard part, Travis.”
  • I’m pretty sure those shots of the judges “judging” backstage are staged. That is the weirdest sentence I’ve written in this article.
  • Poor Ashley, she’s actually sobbing and crying so hard and Cat sends her to the other side of the stage to be alone. I know she won’t be alone for long, but give her a friend to hug at least.
  • Chris is laughing/crying. It’s HORRIBLE. 😦 I want to hug him!
What do you think? Do you think the right couple was sent home? Were you surprised by anything tonight. Am I weird for liking to see reactions from the other dancers toward the dancers eliminated?

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