So You Think You Can Dance: Top 14 Perform

Posted: July 6, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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14 dancers are left, and we are that much closer to the Top 10 where the all-stars come out. I think that’s what these dancers need to push them more. Travis Wall is a guest star, I’m excited about that.


So You Think You Can Dance
Top 14 Perform

Cat comes out looking adorable with her high pony tail. Article of clothing I want this week? Those earrings. They might be a bit hoopy for me, but she makes them look adorable. The “gulls” and the boys are introduced and I wonder if we can go one time without a girl lifting her leg in the introductions. The answer is probably no. Carmen Electra and Travis Wall are guest judges. I follow Travis on twitter and he tweeted that he was SO NERVOUS before the show. Adorable. I’m ready to hear what he’ll say.

Let’s get too it Cat, I’m ready for those dances to take my breath away, like you said…


Group Performance #1

Who: Top 7 Guys
Dancing Style: Choreography
Choreographer: Justin Giles (first time choreographer)
Song: “Prague” Damien Rice
Performance: The concept is – each boy represents ONE man who is going through the 7 stages of grief when he finds out his girl is cheating on him: shock, anger, denial, depression, guilt, bargaining, and acceptance. The song is slow, and dramatic, and each dancer is showcased brilliantly. And I have to say Jess really stuck out for me in this performance (in a good way!). The emotion on his face was pitch perfect, and he was hitting those accents hard. Marko was also great front and center sans shirt. I also loved the way some of the dancers fought with their costumes (shirts, suspenders, props). This routine was brilliantly choreographed and I’m excited to see more from this choreographer.
Rating: 8/10

Couple #1
Who: Melanie & Marko
Dancing Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Ray Leeper
Rehearsal: The concept is reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet. Ray wants the routine to be picturesque. Last routine they kissed, this routine they are running away to elope. Melanie, “I don’t want any kids anytime soon, and especially not with Marko.” Marko: “It was just a kiss!”
Song: “Americano” by Lady Gaga

Performance:  There was definitely Latin ballroom influences in this routine and some aspects reminded me a little bit of Sonya’s choreography (the walking while head tutting). It was hot and spicy. Marko had a few mistakes and slips in there, and when he was dragging her across the stage, something about it looked off, but Melanie was a spit fire. She was definitely working it. There were also cool moments where they entertained and manipulated their bodies like pretzels. Grade: B
Travis: Marko is strong, and commands attention and Melanie is amazing.
Carmen: She can tell Melanie is technically trained, they took control of that routine.
Mary: “Nothing great is ever produced without passion”, and they had passion!
Nigel: They “walked” with such style and they are fantastic.

Couple #2 :
Who: Sasha and Alexander
Dancing Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Sean Evaristo
Rehearsal: Finally a bit of Alexander’s personality comes out. In this routine, Alex is trying to get a kiss from Sasha, only problem is, Alexander has no swag! Sean is nervous he won’t be able to pull it off.
Song: “To The Moon” by Miguel

Performance:  Hey look, there’s a tree in the middle of the stage! The routine is adorable and sweet and the style more groovy and smooth. I’m so glad we get to see that goofy smile on Alexander’s face, even if at times it feels plastered on there permanently. Alexander was trying, but I definitely think Sasha had more swagger than him. However I also feel there could have been even more swag. It could have been “cooler”, but instead it was just sweet, kinda like high school sweet, instead of…West Side Story/Romeo and Juliet sweet. Grade: C+/B-
Carmen: Carmen was more focused on Sasha than Alexander.
Mary: Didn’t feel the swag.
Nigel: Felt like hip hop 101.
Travis: Needed to work on their musicality. Sasha was stronger, but it was missing something.

Couple #3:
Who: Jordan and Tadd
Dancing Style: Smooth Jazz
Choreographer: Tony Redpath
Rehearsal: Jordan is a mystical creature who seduces guys to succumbing to her. And she slips him the kiss of death. Also interesting, that’s usually what some ballroom routines are called for the dancers.
Song: “Nocturne” by Secret Garden

Performance:  First thought, too much smoke on the stage. Second Thought: This song reminds me of Shrek for some reason. As for the dancing, it’s definitely beautiful, and I think that giving Jordan long hair makes her feel more mature. I like it a lot (her hairstyle). But at times, it seems like Tadd is seducing HER, instead of the other way around. The lifts are very beautiful, but the song makes the routine feel a bit more boring than it really is. Tadd definitely stood out, Jordan still yet to win me over, and this routine didn’t WOW me. Grade: C+
Mary: Absolutely beautiful and dreamy. Tadd has a tenderness that makes people love him.
Nigel: Basically he said Tadd is awesome.
Travis: He felt like they were putting periods on their sentences and it could have been a bit smoother. Tadd makes the waltz look easy!
Carmen: Doesn’t know the much about the waltz, but it was beautiful. She liked it.

Couple #4 :
Who: Jess and Clarice
Dancing Style: Contemoprary
Choreographer: Justin Giles
Rehearsal: Concept is about a couple who’s been through an intense love that is ending its course. Justin’s style is intricate and hard hitting with specific accents to portray intensity. I love how instead of giving them hugs after teaching them, he just pushes them out of the room.
Song: “Light Through the Branches” by Celeste Lear

Performance:  Clarice definitely stood out to me. So much. She was hitting it. She was hitting it so hard it was impossible to look away. She’s definitely moved up in my book with this routine. As for Jess, for the Love. Of. God. will someone please get him out of that suit? I wish for once the costume department would put him in something else. I think he did well, but Clarice overshadowed him. Cool parts: when Clarice puts one leg and hand toward the audience on the beat, when she reaches for Jess and he grabs her hand, she lifts it up against his body and he pushes it away, the look Jess gives Clarice when she hands him the jacket back. Justin (the choreographer) interprets the music SO WELL, I really do love the accents. And I’ll say this for Jess, he got the emotion just right. He didn’t overdo it, and I appreciate that. Grade: A-
Travis: His favorite routine of theirs for the season. Justin Giles musicality is ridiculous (I AGREE!). First time he felt the chemistry was honest.
Nigel:  Nigel felt the anger they felt. Tremendously danced and choreographed.
Carmen: She believed the story.
Mary: Jess has improved, Clarice is gorgeous.

Couple #5:
Who: Ashley and Chris
Dancing Style: Salsa
Choreographer: Liz Lira
Rehearsal: It will be a complicated routine. They need to do tricks, lifts,  but also have sexiness. They are worried about all three things.
Song: “Mambo Beat” Tito Puente

Performance:  So Chris was definitely struggling, and I didn’t feel like their energy was high enough. They had trouble flowing from trick to trick. Like every time they tried to get out of a trick and go right into another one, I could see them thinking about it. Like “okay, my foot goes here, you stand there, then I’m going to flip”. They did not connect in this routine. There was definitely something missing. Aside from the Broadway routine with the bars, I don’t get this couple at all. Grade: C-
Travis: Started out hopeful, loved the lifts, but the chemistry wasn’t there. Travis gets booed and doesn’t like it.
Carmen: Salsa is on fire and sharp and passionate, but their routine wasn’t. There was potential, but she wasn’t feeling it.
Mary: It was weak. There were some simmering moments and Ashley had some fire at certain parts but not throughout. Chris was there for Ashley but he wasn’t feeling it. She felt his awkwardness.
Nigel: He commends them, and saw the effort.

Couple #6
Who: Ricky and Ryan
Dancing Style: Jazz
Choreographer:  Chucky Klapou
Rehearsal: Their concept is about, what else than a Zombie Fashion Show. Sure, why not? Chucky seems like an excited little kid. He brings good energy and they like it. He pushes their stamina.
Song: “Fashion” by David Bowie

Performance:  This routine is like a combination of a Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”and Wade Robson. It’s weird and funky and from the brief time we’ve gotten to know Chucky it totally seems like him. Ryan stumbled with her end turn. I think she got tired. Ricky, as always, was on point and strong.  I also feel like the music didn’t fit with the choreography. The beat needed to be a bit more hardcore. I didn’t love it, even though I usually do love quirk. I’m not loving a lot of the routines tonight, maybe there’s something wrong with me. Grade: B
Carmen: Loved the energy and music choice. She thought it was hot.
Mary: She likes a little quirky in her life and on the dance floor. Ricky was strong and Ryan got into character.
Nigel: He loved the quirk and how they moved together.
Travis: He thought they killed it.

Couple #7
Who: Caitlynn and Mitchell
Dancing Style: Choreography
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: About a couple in love, with a lot of trust and a lot of lifts. Motivation from Mandy, “If you drop her I’ll kill you, so don’t.” Their biggest challenge is to connect and show they’re in love. Then there’s a cheesy romance novel cover, with a goofy Mitchell laugh.
Song: “To Love You More”, Celine Dion

Performance: Crazy is how I’d describe this routine. The camera work was crazy, the lifts were crazy, Caitlynn was crazy! At every possible second she was throwing herself at him and he was catching her and tossing her around like she was a stuffed animal. One thing Mandy does well is create beautiful lines with her choreography. There were some really great parts in this routine. I especially like the move where Caitlynn goes into the slips then jumps back and grasps onto Mitchell with her legs. I also like this move where Caitlynn lifts her leg in the air then it (the leg) dances when it comes down. I loved how everything flowed and just seemed so effortless and I definitely felt the connection. I’m glad we ended on a high note. Okay Cat, that was breathless…and they get a rightfully deserved standing O. Grade: A-
Mary: Favorite number of the night (I AGREE!). It was beautiful.
Nigel: They moved with the lifts instead of lift then move. The whole routine took his breath away.
Travis: He kept finding himself trying to catch his breath. It was unexpected partnering, he never saw any of it coming. Caitlynn is the surprise of the evening. Mitchell was unbelievable.
Carmen: Best performance of the night.

Group Dance #2
WhoTop 7 Girls
Dancing Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Ray Liber
Song: My Discarded Men” by Eartha Kitt with Bronski Beat
Performance:  Concept is about 7 girlfriends who are riding the world of evil men. When I first hear the beats of the song, I think its “Fever” but it’s not. The routine is Broadway-esque. It’s sharp, but sorry ladies, I think the guys win this one.
Rating: 7/10

Random Thoughts

  • Love Travis’ shout out to his Mom. “Hi Mom!”
  • I love the way Cat says Salsa.
  • I admire Chris’ humbleness. I love how he thanks the judges despite the rough critique.
  • I forgot Ryan worked with Mia Michaels. I think Ryan should be a better performer than she is showing on this show.
  • Mitchell is crying and I can’t help but cry. He’s so adorable. I want to take care of him.


Cat about Marko and Melanie, “He’s a fast worker clearly, with apologies to the boyfriend, it’s Melanie and Marko!”

Cat: “He just gave it a go once, he didn’t inhale Nigel.” Whoa there Cat!

Nigel: Did you ever think you’d be doing twinkles.
Cat: Who’s Twinkles?

Routine Preference Order:

  1. Caitlynn and Mitchell – Contemporary
  2. Jess and Clarice – Contemporary
  3. Melanie and Marko  – Jazz
  4. Ryan and Ricky – Jazz
  5. Jordan and Tadd – Smooth Waltz
  6. Sasha and Alexander – Hip Hop
  7. Ashley and Chris –  Salsa

By far the best performance of the night was the male group performance. I think Jason Giles is a great addition to this show and I hope we get to see more of his work. Completely Brilliant! I predict that Melanie, Marko, Caitlynn, and Mitchell will be in the final 4. They consistently do fantastic work.

My other prediction is that Ashley and Chris will be sent home. If Caitlynn and Mitchell are in the bottom three this week I will be highly disappointed! What did you think of tonight’s routines? Were they a bit of a let down? Who did you vote for? Who do you think will be in the bottom 3?



  1. Ana says:

    I’m not feeling it this week. Marko and Melanie’s performance was so-so but I still love them! Can’t wait to see them work with awesome choreographers. Caitlyn and Mitchell’s performance was aewsome! But I had to watch it without the music to really appreciate the dance. The music kind of turned me off at first and I couldn’t focus on their dancing. I see Marko wearing a University of the Philippines shirt. Go Fighting Maroons! Tadd is also awesome being proud of his heritage. I love being a Filipino. Go mga Pinoy 🙂

  2. Ana says:

    I know. It was so not the dance though and what’s up with Many Moore’s song selection? Hehe.

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