So You Think You Can Dance: 2 of 16 Eliminated

Posted: June 30, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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So You Think You Can dance

2 of 16 Eliminated

The show opens up with a group number. Everyone is dressed in dark clothing making them look slim, and jazzified. Then I hear that Incredibles song, “The Incredits” and I already like this number. The dancers were sleek and sexy, like the song, though that ending trick where they flipped Ashley and Jess around was a little sloppy, or slow. Overall it was a pretty cool routine. Grade: B

Article of clothing I want from Cat?  That dress . It’s so adorable. I love the pockets.

Anyway Cat and Co decides to milk last night’s kissing for all it’s worth. And it’s getting a little old. Everyone kissed everyone last night, we get it. Let it go people!


Bottom Three

Ashley and Chris
Miranda and Robert (Aww!)
Caitlynn and Mitchell (WHAT?)

My Reaction: Okay, I get the first two, sure, but Caitlynn and Mitchell? Really? Over Jess and Clarice? I disagree, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, I have to say, unless they blow my mind with their solos, I hope it’s Ashley and Chris going home. J’adore the other two.


Who: Ashley
Song: “For You” by David Ryan Harris
My Thoughts: I love her outfit, and she’s completely different from all the other dancers out there. She doesn’t oversell it or try and over-sexify it (Ahem Jordan and Clarice). It’s simple. I like it.

Who: Chris
Song: “You’re Gonna Make It” by KJ-52 feat. Blanca Keyes
My Thoughts: I really dig his solo. He does this crazy flexible thing with his leg behind his head. Okay, seriously, this is dancing for your life. How come you don’t show this kind of emotion in your partnering dances. Chris really shines here. He does a lot of tricks, shows his musicality, and it’s sexy, without being so.

Who: Miranda
Song: “Unthinkable” by Maria Zouroudis
My Thoughts: It’s your typical contemporary solo. It’s a saddish song, but she ends it all girly and giddy. Girl, I know you could have done better!

Who: Robert
Song: “I Don’t Need It” by Jamie Foxx
My Thoughts: I love that he’s moving even before Cat is off the stage. That’s using your time buddy, he doesn’t even wait for the music to start. LOVE IT. This solo is much better than last weeks, and a bit of his old personality (which I’ve missed) is coming back. I love it.

Who: Caitlynn
Song: “It Doesn’t Hurt” Katie Thompson
My Thoughts: She does a lot of turns, but I kinda like the last one where she puts her arms in the air and bends her body and spins. She’s a little cutie pie.

Who: Mitchell
Song: “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele
My Thoughts: Mitchell’s solo was pretty cool. I loved how he started out slowly lifting his leg and freezing, breaking his body to the music. All the judges are being pouty after Mitchell performs. They don’t want to send anyone home.

Then a couple of ballroom dancers come out, blah blah blah and I’m thinking okay, I’ll just fast forward this like I do some of the other performances. Whatever. But then he lifts her with one freakin’ arm in such a beautiful pose I can’t help thinking HOT DAMN. They are world champions, choreographers Eric Luna and Georgia Ann (something) and they are BREATH TAKING. Seriously I was holding my breath. Everything they did was dazzling, from him flipping her around like a rag doll over and around and under him, from her spinning on top of his head with NO SUPPORT, from her sitting on his shoulders and he sits down without holding her. And that one move, when he’s lying on the ground and he holds onto her feet as she leans toward the ground. AMAZING. Really, ‘effin amazing!


Elimination Time

Nigel says they are not unanimous on the vote for the girls. They are sending Miranda home and Caitlynn looks shocked. I’m shocked! I can’t believe it – seriously?! Does this mean Robert’s going home? It’s gotta be. Miranda showed such versatility and strength yesterday, and who could forget her swag in the woodpecker routine? This was obviously a hard decision as Nigel didn’t stretch it out. He just kinda ripped the Band-Aid off.

Onto the guys, Nigel has really mixed up his guys. He says Mitchell is always in the bottom three. The first time he was in because he didn’t perform and was injured. He wasn’t in the bottom three last week, that was Ricky, Nigel! And Chris, he didn’t do the woodpecker routine, even if you did like it. That was Robert. And unfortunately, Robert is being sent home. I guess I agree with that, Chris’ solo saved him. I hope he can start connecting with us! Glad we got to hear the Robert “Wooooo” one last time.

Random Thoughts

  • Cat “What the hell is going on with this show?” Yeah Cat let a “hell” slip.
  • Alexander is SO nervous as he waits his fate. It’s actually kinda adorable. He can’t even smile.
  • At the end, it’s kinda funny all the guys go to hug Robert and all the girls plus Mitchell go to hug Miranda.
  • Turns out the final vote was between Ashley and Miranda. It should have been Ashley.

What do you think? Did the judges make the right decision? I personally think it should have been Ashley and Robert. Miranda is delightful. Why do elimination nights seem to be more difficult this year?



  1. Bethal says:

    My random thoughts:

    I agree with you that Ashley and Robert should have gone (although I actually thought Jess should have been in the bottom three and sent home…)

    Eric Luna and Georgia Amberian were absolutely brilliant – beautiful!! I watched their performance twice (so far)….

    I think that elimination nights are harder this year because everyone (even dancers I don’t particulary love as much as Melanie and Marko – adorable and amazing!) are ALL strong and the choreography this season has been incredible!)

    Looking forward to next week!

  2. Angel D says:

    That first group number was boring. I lost interest once I saw their robotic moves. Now that Miranda is gone I’ll just be a spectator, not a voting participant. I thought she had potential while many of the others used their baby-doll looks as crutches. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the underdogs. Though I voted and new early on that Froderman and Janine were winners. So maybe I’m not a slave to “types”. Thanks, Robert, for ruining my dreams of watching Miranda go airborne and tumble like some superhero.

    Anyways, I think Georgia

    • I don’t think it was Robert’s fault, I mean Miranda could have done better with a stronger partner definitely. But also the judges should have fought harder to keep her and get rid of Ashley. Ashley has been blah in the personality department. It’s time to mix up some of the partners!

  3. Gemma says:

    Well, I agree with Angel that Robert was an albatross around Miranda’s neck. At the very least, if it was a case of indecision by the judges, they should have given Miranda the chance to dance with a better partner. Personally, even though she is adorable, I would have been happy to see Caitlyn go home so Miranda could have danced with Mitchell. I also think Ashley has partly the same problem as Miranda, though in the jailhouse routine her partner could not hold her back. I think that was the idea in the head of the choreographer, and Ashely really did a great job. Anyway, Thursdays are going to be excruciating this year, as all the dancers are amazing in their own ways, even though I have my favorites (M&M, Sasha).

  4. linda says:

    I also think that Ashley should have gone home. I can’t understand why Jess is still there??! He must have a huge family calling in for him- lol
    I had a different reaction to the guest dancers- yes, they were amazing, but I didn’t see them do alot of actual “dancing”- there were too many lifts and intricate holds and spins for me- reminded me of a figure-skating routine or “cirque de soleil” gymnastics routine:(

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