So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16 Perform

Posted: June 29, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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There are only 16 dancers left after last weeks bloodbath. Now that my favorite of the bunch, Nick, is gone, I don’t know who I’m going to root for. I’ve taken a liking to Tadd, Mitchell, and Caitlynn, but I’m not extremely excited over anyone (like I was for Katee or Josh or Twitch, God that season was good wasn’t it?)…yet. Hopefully someone will win me over this episode!

So You Think You Can Dance

Top 16 Perform


We start off the show with Cat Deely dressed like a flapper girl. Almost every show I want a piece of clothing she has. Today, it’s her earrings. She lets us know there will be 4 judges today. Besides Nigel and Mary, we also have Lil’ C (Yay! Love him) and the freakin’ adorable Kristin Chenoweth.

1st Group Performance
Who: Ryan, Sasha, Clarice, Miranda, Marko, Mitchell, Christopher, Tadd
Dancing Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Tyce
Song: “Hit the Road Jack”, by Ray Charles
Performance: Well since Tyce is choreographing, of course there will be chairs involved. The concept is battle of the sexes. I like the lights underneath the chairs, and I like the fact that they’re tossing the chairs around instead of just using them the typical ways. Marko is definitely a standout for me.
Grade: B

Couple #1:
Who:  Sasha and Alexander
Dancing Style: Contemporary (Again? They got it easy!)
Choreographer: Dee Caspary
Rehearsal: Sasha is the memory of a lost love, centered around a piano. Alexander finds it difficult to let go.
Song: “Belong” by Cary Brothers

Performance:  Hey is that Josh in the crowd? Anyway, to the routine…It was actually really beautiful! I like the way Dee’s mind works. There were a bunch of cool moves, when Alexander pulls Sasha off the piano, when he throws her away from him in the air. Anyone notice Alex slamming her into the piano? Ouch. I think Alexander showed a lot of personality in this piece. More than usual. But I’d still like more facial expressions. Loved that ending when Sasha disappears into the piano and her hands come out to touch his. Grade: B+
Nigel: Love’s Dee’s concept. He feel’s Sasha’s movement, Alexander needs to control the audience’s emotions, because everything else is terrific.
Mary:  Alexander needs to dig deeper. Sasha’s presence is like no other.
Kristin: Sasha is amazing. She loved Alexander and saw his character and emotions. (I love that she’s giving real critiques with comedy!)
Lil’ C: Their performance was effortless. Sasha is 8 notches above perfection. (And then there were some other big words.)

Couple #2:
Who:  Caitlynn & Mitchell
Dancing Style: Jean-Marc Genereux
Choreographer:  Samba
Rehearsal: JMG wants to see the butt and hips move in this piece. He says, “The voice of Samba as to come from the hips like speakers.” Wow, he’s a crazy crazy little man.
Song: “Put It In a Love Song” by Alicia Keys feat. Beyonce

Performance:  Mitchell is really shining in this. He is definitely moving his hips! But I think they need to put a little more accents on things. I feel like it ended as if they missed the beat. However, that lift where she was hanging onto him, feet out, was really effortless. Grade: B
Mary: She forgot Caitlynn’s name. Whoops. Mitchell wasn’t cheesy, he nailed it.
Kristin: To Caitlynn: “You shut your legs, you opened your legs.” ‘Nuff said.
Lil’ C: “There was so much bass generating from those hips up there, I need you guys to turn the volume down on the ballroom buckness.”
Nigel: Mitchell is the Chris Rock of SYTYCD. He brings a great energy.

Couple #3:
Who:  Miranda & Robert
Dancing Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Tyce
Rehearsal: Concept – Miranda is a working girl. He adds the word “upper-class” to make it seem classy. It’s “supposedly” a fast and intricate routine. Robert has to be groovy, but Tyce is a bit nervous about them.
Song: “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” by Sophisticated Ladies

Performance:  Miranda slides down his leg – sexy! I feel like something is off in the beginning, but when the percussion in the song kicks in, the routine really picks up. Miranda is great, and she looks sleek and sophisticated. She did this cool move where she’s holding onto Robert with one arm, parallel to the floor, while snapping her fingers with the other arm. That takes a lot of strength, girl! Robert is chill in this piece (mostly in a good way), he’s definitely toned down his personality. In the end he seems to lose his energy or his place. I liked a lot of parts of this routine, but it felt a bit off. Maybe it was the song choice? Grade: B-
Kristin: Miranda was a standout.
Lil’ C: To Miranda: “With legs like that who needs arms?” Robert’s personality is a treasure.
Nigel: Robert is improving and thinks he’s really taking a lot from this opportunity.
Mary: Robert is a star and he gets shinier every week.

Couple #4:
Who:  Melanie & Marko
Dancing Style: Lyrical Hip-Hop
Choreographer: Nappy Tabs
Rehearsal: Concept: Two best friends, Marko is left at the alter and is sad, but it turns out Melanie is meant for him. Every time he falls, she’s there to pick him up – I love that idea.
Song: “I Got You” Leona Lewis

Performance: My first thought, what the hell is Melanie wearing? Then I just forgot about it. Nappy Tabs, you did it again you little rascals! This routine was brilliant and I think a lot of that has to do with Marko. He’s a great actor and so expressive. Cool parts: Melanie literally puts a smile on his face. Marko does an isolation, freezes, and falls to the ground in that exact pose as Melanie holds onto his arm. Marko slides to her and kisses her without dramatic hesitation. It was just a real moment. Marko picks her up and flips around and over in one flawless move. They hit it. They hit it good! I may like this performance better than the statue routine. Now excuse me while I watch it again…Grade: A +
Lil’ C: They are limited edition army knives. Power couple. So Fresh and So Clean.
Nigel: Brilliant Concept. They danced and breathed together. They are the couple to beat. (That’s a lot of pressure, Nigel…but I agree)
Mary: Marko’s raw emotions are believable, and his dance powerful and sharp, Melanie does little layered nuances.
Kristin: They are the epitome of the language that she understands. They dance when they can’t speak. Than Kristin kisses Lil’ C and so does Nigel does too. Yikes.

Couple #5:
Who:  Ashley & Chris
Dancing Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: Chris didn’t want Sonya (why not?), because of the way she pushes the dancers. (Isn’t that a good thing?) Sonya is inspired by Beetlejuice. This is gonna be good…and creepy.
Song: “Lets Go Down”, by Telepathe

Performance:  Again, what are they wearing? Sonya always does something a little unexpected in her routines. You think it’s going to go somewhere and it just keeps going. I love that. Unfortunately, I feel like this routine was disappointing. It was a bit of a let down. The costumes were distracting and I got no personality from Ashley at all. Who is she? I don’t know. But her lines are beautiful and she’s a great dancer. I just want more than movement, I want feeling! Grade: C+
Nigel: He didn’t connect with the music. Didn’t get enough character.
Mary: Chris has come far, Ashley is a beautiful dancer.
Kristin: She didn’t really connect to the number (only because it’s not her thing), but she’s blown away by the dancing.
Lil’ C: Ashley is the sleeper cell of SYTYCD – a silent assassin. “Chris, I see you.” (Whatever that means).

Couple #6:
Who:  Clarice and Jess
Dancing Style: Fox Trot
Choreographer: Jean-Marc Genereux
Rehearsal: Concept: They’re in a night club, and a crooner seduces a girl by his dancing?? Jess is having hand placement issues…a lot of issues it seems. JMG is not happy!
Song: “Fly Me Too The Moon” by Frank Sinatra

Performance: Fantastic song choice. However, I’m too distracted by Jess’s facial expressions to pay attention to the dancing. And that’s not a good thing. I find it funny that Clarice has to go up the steps in order to help him do a life. Clarice was beautiful and smooth, but I wasn’t really feeling Jess. I don’t know why?? Is it just me? Am I the only one not feeling him? I predict bottom three for these cats. Grade: C+
Mary: Clarice is beautiful and pulled it off, Jess was fantastic. Wow!
Kristin: Her favorite performance of the night (did I miss something?)
Lil’ C: Jess is artistically sophisticated.
Nigel: He asks her to turn around in the dress (should I be creeped out?) Her dress is as beautiful as she danced. Jess is a master.

Couple #7:
Who:  Ryan & Ricky
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: Concept – they are in love, but the relationship is ending. It’s a story of a fight to let go. Even though Ryan has never been in love before, she has a lot of pain and frustration about it that she thinks will serve her well.
Song: “With Every Heartbeat” by Robyn

Performance:  I think this was a brilliant idea. I love those instances of Ryan pulling against the fabric they were tied to. Sometimes I didn’t even notice the fabric because their dancing was strong. There was a pose Ryan hit that was so breathtaking. But again, again, Ryan didn’t have the right expression on her face. Her movements were AMAZING, but her face, not. Stop smiling, this piece is about angst! Ricky is beautiful, even though this routine was mostly wide shots I could tell what he was feeling by the way he danced.  Grade: B
Kristin: Amazing.
Lil’ C: Praise again for Sonya. He believes they are a power couple and murder it every week (No! I don’t believe you.)
Nigel: Ryan delivered, he’s glad they kept her. He couldn’t take his eyes off Ricky.
Mary: Worked well with a difficult prop.

Couple #8:
Who:  Jordan and Tadd
Dancing Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Nappy Tabs
Rehearsal: Ruh Roh, I see a BED. Concept: College students who find themselves in bed together. Family show people! Even though Jordan may dance sexy, she sleeps with pillow pets and this is a new concept for her. Tadd is awesome!
Song: “Memories” by David Guetta

Performance:  Okay, cheesy cheesy routine. Really. But I thought it was pretty adorable. As much as I want to hate Jordan, I thought she did a fantastic job and kept up well with Tadd. She also showed another part of her personality (a part I like much better). Tadd had these fun little moments throughout the routine. I like them putting on and pulling off the clothes, even if one of the tricks kinda faltered. Fun, cute routine, nothing incredible. Grade: B
Lil’ C: Makes a somewhat inappropriate comment about Jordan. (I thought it was inappropriate.) Also, no pun intended, they need to get down more in their movements.
Nigel: Brought back memories (Again, Nigel, creepy and also TMI.) Fun dance, though the story overwhelmed it.
Mary: Great stage presence.
Kristin: “Shut the front door!” That means she loved it. It was dessert.

Group Performance #2
Who: Melanie, Caitlynn, Jordan, Ashley, Tadd, Robert, Jess, Alexander
Dance Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Dee Caspary
Performance: The song is pretty mellow for the concept, I think. Melanie and Rickey stand out most for me. There’s a cool move where it looks like the girls are pushing the guys across the floor. And I guess the girls kill the boys in the end?
Grade: B-


  • Kristin – “I played a tulip and a frog peed on me.”
  • Cat on Nigel trying to kiss Mary, “Whoa, that’s like walking in on your Mum and Dad, that’s GROSS!” “Okay, I’m moving on…”
  • “I think it might be time for a commercial break.” Lil’ C after Nigel kisses him.
  • Always the professional Cat, “Once again it’s mayhem in the studio. Before we go to tongues, let me give you the number…”
  • Cat: “The doors are locked. Nobody’s getting out. Everybody just kiss each other. Tonight we’re serving up a feast of dance and smooches apparently, still to come we’ve got another group routine, oh that sounds wrong now…” Cat is so flustered she tells Mary to shut up when she laughs at her. What is going on? I love  it!
  • Cat regarding Chris, “You’ve got green nails!” It was the way she said it. With delight!
  • Cat after Tadd and Jordan’s routine: “Based on the rest of the show, I don’t quite know how this judging is going to go. This is an accident waiting to happen.”
  • Nigel judging Jordan and Tadd’s routine. Nigel: “Don’t worry you’re going nowhere with this routine.” Cat: “Oh no, HE went somewhere.”

Order of Routine Preference

  1. Melanie and Marko – Lyrical Hip Hop
  2. Sasha and Alexander – Contemporary
  3. Ryan and Ricky – Contemporary
  4. Miranda and Robert – Broadway
  5. Mitchell and Caitlynn – Samba
  6. Tadd and Jordan – Hip Hop
  7. Ashley and Chris – Jazz
  8. Clarice and Jess – Foxtrot

My Vote for the Bottom Three?

  • Clarice and Jess
  • Ashley and Chris
  • Miranda and Robert


Even though I don’t feel like Miranda and Robert did that bad of a job. I can’t vote Tadd off. I just love him too much! This was a pretty rambunctious episode! The judges were feisty tonight and Cat was hilarious. It was a fun show! Who do you want to go home? What routine was your favorite? And my biggest question…Why was Nigel kissing everyone?

PS: Melanie and Marko definitely won me over. They’re my favorite couple!



  1. linda says:

    I thought Kristin Chenoweth was amazing!- she was hilarious but she combined that with good feedback- perhaps her love of Broadway influenced her opinion that Jess & Clarice’s foxtrot was her favourite performance of the night? Who knows, but I just didn’t see what she did! I do love when Cat gets all flustered!! Go Marko & Melanie, although her annoying giggle is getting on my last nerve!

  2. Bethal says:

    My love is still strong for Melanie and Marko! Really strong dancers all around this season so it makes it very enjoyable to watch and the choreographers are so amazing!

    I wish I could see Clarice dance with another partner but I think it will be her and Jess going home this week…

    Bring back Kristin Chenowith!

  3. sytycd fanatic says:

    you all are obviously not trained dancers- in terms of technical ability, jess is the best male on the show. is he perfect in every dance? no. does he give his best performance every dance- yes. he is an amazing performer. go back and think about all of their routines- they never had a mushy gushy specifcally panned out routine like the other couples. melanie and marko have had a specific story for every dance and were told exactly how to feel. jess and clarice have yet to be given that instruction, also they are the youngest couple in the competition- maybe youre noticing a lack of maturity, not connection. at least they arent like ryan who was supposed to be holding on to a tortured relationship last night and was still smiling. just awful. and alexander? tell me one good performance he’s given- he’s been outdanced every time. same with chris. and miranda- besides her legs she has yet to give an amazing emotional performance.

    just my opinion, but i think the criticism of jess should ease up and you should look at it objectively.

    • You’re right, maybe it is a lack of maturity. But also think of Tadd and Jordan’s Viennese Waltz vs. Jess and Clarice’s Fox Trot. Yes, Jess hands down is technically superb, but I enjoyed the former performer better because I felt like they were connecting to the piece rather than saying, “look at me how how good I can dance.” I feel like I can forgive lousy technique if the performance is good, but it’s harder to forgive excellent technique if the performance is sub-par. I will am very interested to see how he’ll do dancing outside his genre, maybe hip hop or jazz. I think he just needs to grow on me.

  4. Bethal says:

    I may not be a dancer, per se, but I did take ballet, tap and jazz from the time I was 4 till I was 12 and dance on pointe from age 11 – 14) and my mother was a professional dancer (A Rockette and some Broadway in the late 1950’s)…and I have a true love of dance. Jess may be technically gifted but there is something personality wise that I don’t care for and he struggles with his lifts which, only in my humble opinion, makes him less enjoyable to watch.

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