So You Think You Can Dance: 20 Perform …Again

Posted: June 23, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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The Top 20 perform again and I’m happy to see most of the couples performing out of their comfort zones. Many of the dancers struggled, but I believe if they struggle they’re growing. It’s hard to pick the 4 dancers that will go home tomorrow, but it has to be done.


So You Think You Can Dance

Top 20 Perform…Again

Since no one went home last week, the top 20 are performing again. Anyone notice no Top 20 Performance again? Instead they are introduced in couples. Either with the guy lifting girls leg and dipping her, or the picking up the girl herself….anyone notice Iveta spun Nick into a dip instead? Adorable!

From Cat we learn, “Genuine icon from the world of dance” Debbie Reynolds (Singing in the Rain) is this week’s guest. And the Cat tells us this week the couple’s partners will be revealing their embarrassing secret.

And here we go….


Couple #1 :
WhoRickey and Ryan – Ryan reveals that Rickey’s real name is Roderick, sorry girl, but not as embarrassing as your quick growing leg hair.
Dancing Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: Mandy has choreographed a sexual tension filled routine. She’s worried about the dancing maturity level of R&R.
Song: “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer

Performance:  It’s definitely sexy choreography, but again, Ryan has issues with the emotions. She’s dancing well, really well, but she’s not putting the right emotions into it. If this dance is supposed to be sexually charged, she should be making eye contact with Rickey, not the audience. Rickey is looking at her like he could devour her. He is amazing. His jumps and tricks have such power and control. My Grading: B-

Couple #2
WhoCaitlynn & Mitchell – Mitchell wins Most Embarassing for his Zebra Snuggie over Caitlynn’s disgusting feet.
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Choreographer:  Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: The concept is about a woman trying to leave a relationship, but she can’t. Mitchell worries about portraying a huge jerk because that’s not his personality.
Song: “Turning Tables” by Adele

Performance:  There were just so many great moments in this performance. Caitlynn and Mitchell were conveying the right types of emotions on their face. I really felt for them. Did you see his face at the end of the routine when he was putting her back in her chair? It was devastation. Genius moments: When Mitchell grabs Caitlynn by the wrist and jerks her along, when Caitlynn uses the chair to launch into his arms, the slow scorpion-like pirouette (that reminds me of the ballet dancer in music boxes), and Mitchell’s light turning off in the end. Fantastic! My Grading: A

Couple #3:
WhoMissy & Wadi – The fact that Wadi likes to use lady hair removal product on his chest is way more embarrassing than Missy’s weird laugh.
Dancing Style: Cha-Cha
Choreographer:  Jean Marc Genereux (Aww I’ve missed the little French man!)
Rehearsal: Wadi’s never done cha-cha, which is unfortunate because JM is giving them most difficult routine he’s ever choreographed. Missy is asking a lot of questions and getting flustered. JMG: “The show is so you think you can dance, so we’ll see if they can.”
Song: “Cannibal” by Ke$ha

Performance:  Well, first of all it’s unfortunate they have to perform the cha-cha to this AWFUL song from Key-dollar sign-ha! Missy was good, but Wadi definitely struggled. I feel like they were moving at a much slower pace than the song asked for. Missy was feeling the music and she was sexy. But Wadi was thinking about it. Hang in there, Wadi. My Grading: C

Couple #4:
WhoIveta & Nick – He always wears shorts (not embarrassing), but Iveta talks to herself whenever she looks in the mirror (embarrassing…)
Dancing Style: Bollywood
Choreographer:  Nakul Dev Mahajan
Rehearsal: The routine is supposed to start slow then get faster – lightning fast. The routine needs to burst with energy. Are the cheesy graphics necessary, people?
Song: “Baawre” by Luck by Chance (Soundtrack)

Performance:  Soooo…Okay, I really wanted to like this performance, but there was just something off about it. Maybe it was because two white people were doing Bollywood, but I feel like their energy wasn’t even. Iveta was definitely struggling. She didn’t complete her movements, and she looked stiff and tired. Nick, I thought did a good job. I loved the one handed spin trick even if it started out awkwardly. My Grading: B-

Couple #5:
WhoMiranda & Robert – The fact that Miranda’s crush (Tadd) is revealed on National TV, is way more embarrassing than Robert thinking he’s a pro-wrestler.
Dancing Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer:  Nappy Tabs
Rehearsal: Concept : They are woodpeckers. Miranda is a baby pecker. Robert is her teacher. The routine is intricate and Robert is concerned with catching Nappy Tabs musicality.
Song: “Break Ya Neck” by Busta Rhymes

Performance:  Mianda has swag! Robert’s personality was definitely toned down, and it’s nice to see him out of those Urkel glasses. They both really got into the routine and kind of just let themselves go. And I totally got the student/teacher vibe/concept of the routine. Love their somersault off the stage, though the cue of the feathers was a little off. My Grading: B

Couple #6:
WhoClarice & Jess – Clarice sleeps with her eyes open, Jess draws stick figures of entire orchestras, yeah that’s embarrassing.
Dancing Style:  Contemporary
Choreographer:  Stacey Tookey
Rehearsal: There are a lot of difficult lifts. Cute: Jess looking at his muscles saying, “What are these things?” in the lift montage.
Song: “Cathedrals” by Jump Little Children

Performance:  Jess’ height is distracting (is that mean?) I don’t know—it felt a bit awkward. I feel like he didn’t extend his legs or arms enough in the beginning. He excels at turns and pirouettes, but he struggles in the softer, lighter moments. He danced with a certain heaviness. Clarice, on the other hand, has beautiful lines and extensions. She was very carefree with her movements. And I thought she did a great job. My Grading: B-

Couple #7 :
WhoJordan & Tadd – Jordan isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. Tadd has OCD issues, color coordinates packed clothes, as well as divides things into baggies. (It’s a toss up here)
Dancing Style: Viennese Waltz
Choreographer:  Jean-Marc Genereux
Rehearsal: Key word of the day is “space” and it drives Jordan crazy.
Song: “Fade into Me” by David Cook

Performance:  I actually really liked it. More than I thought it would. It was very sweet and pretty. I also loved the way Tadd added a little bit of his swag/personality to it, that made me smile. My Grading: B

Couple #8 :
WhoMelanie & Marko –Melanie has issue with people touching her ears, Marko loves to read romance novels (okay that’s  REALLY embarrassing)
Dancing Style:  Jazz
Choreographer:  Mandy Moore
Rehearsal: The routine is fast and upbeat. Mandy hopes Marko and Melanie can hit the strong accents and lifts.
Song: “Sing With a Swing” by DKS

Performance:  First, Melanie’s costume, not at all flattering – I mean seriously costume department? As for the routine, it was cute but Marko definitely had troubles. And when his hat fell off right before she leapt into his arms, I couldn’t help thinking oh no, just let the hat be and go catch your girl! Though they did hit all those accents, had jazz hands and leg kicks, It could have been better. My Grading: B+

Couple #9:
WhoSasha & Alexander – Sasha sweats like a dude, Alex loves to look at himself in the mirror
Dancing Style: Lyrical Hip Hop
Choreographer:  Nappy Tabs
Rehearsal: The concept is a soldier coming back from the war to reconnect with his wife. It’s a sensitive subject so it’s not just about the movement. They have to connect and get story right.
Song: “Coming Home” by Diddy-Dirty Money and Skylar Grey

Performance: The first little section — with Alex moving slowly behind Sasha who’s hitting beats we don’t even hear in the song, but we feel coming from her – is amazing. Then when they finally get together it just explodes into something completely different. You can feel the joy (though I don’t buy the “romantic” connection) and there is really great. Alex’s headstand off Sasha’s back is pretty cool. And the little forehead kiss he gives her once the routine is over is very sweet. My Grading: A- 

Couple #10:
WhoAshley & Chris  – Ashley thinks she has swag, but doesn’t. Chris has a creepy smile. (Neither of those are really embarrassing)
Dancing Style: Broadway
Choreographer:  Spencer Liff
Rehearsal: Concept: Chris is incarcerated and wants Ashley. They are dancing through bars, this should be interesting. This routine needs to be sexy.
Song: “Please, Mr. Jailer” by Rachel Sweet

Performance:  This routine was so creative and inventive and original. The “bars concept” was pretty amazing. There were so many fantastic parts to this, it’s hard to even say, but I love the way Chris just jumped, climbed, and hung all over those bars. This routine did such a fantastic job of showing off their personalities too – and making them memorable. Cool parts: Chris climbing up and sticking his feet through the bars, then dropping to the floor, feet out. Chris pulling Ashley’s glove off with his mouth. My Grading: A


Cat to Caitlynn who has blood on her face:  “What have you done? What did you do?”
Caitlynn “Mitchell accidentally punched me.”

Iveta to Nick: “How can you wear shorts with chicken legs like yours?”

Cat: “Do you have guyliner on?”
Nick: “Yeah, I was crying when they put it on. I have sensitive eyes.”
Cat: “You big wuss.”
Nick: “I can’t help it, it just happened.”
Cat: “It looks good though.”

Mary, about Chris and Ashley’s Jail Routine: “I kept saying, let him out, let him out, because he’s gotta go over to Debbie’s house!”

Random Thoughts:

  • Oh, Cat, Cat, Cat, what are you wearing? I  want to reach into my TV and pull that LACE off that dress.
  • I’m glad we got to see Mitchell dance. I’m glad he stuck around.
  • Debbie hitting on Wadi = HILARIOUS
  • I couldn’t point out Miranda in a crowd if my life depended on it.
  • Loved Debbie Reynolds doing the Woody The Wood Pecker theme song, and Robert freaking out about it.
  • Love when Jordan is having her blonde moment in her reel, her mother actually tells her to stop talking. At least, I think that’s her mother.
  • I miss Travis Wall
  • Whenever Mary uses real dance terms and critiques I feel smarter. Can we get more judges like that as opposed to judges who just say things like, “You fell out of your top, and you fell out of your bottom…you gave it your all!”

Ranking the Routines:

  1. Caitlynn & Mitchell: Contemporary
  2. Ashley & Alexander: Broadway
  3. Sasha & Chris: Lyrical Hip Hop
  4. Melanie & Marko: Jazz
  5. Jordan & Tadd: Viennese Waltz
  6. Miranda & Robert: Hip Hop
  7. Rickey & Ryan: Jazz
  8. Iveta & Nick: Bollywood
  9. Clarice & Jess: Contemporary
  10. Missy & Wadi: Cha-Cha
Well, two couples go home tomorrow (Thursday). That’s scary. Here’s the issue I’m having. Individually, I’d vote off:  Jordan, Wadi (even though I love him), Iveta and Jess. But since it won’t happen like that, my votes for the bottom three are Clarice & Jess, Missy & Wadi, and Miranda and Robert. Do you agree? Did you vote? What did you think of this week’s routines?
  1. Eriond says:

    Thanks for posting this site on the TV guide site. It’s nice to read someone that actually seems to know a little about dancing. Adam know very little about anything he writes.
    I found your comments very helpful and agree with an awful lot of it but not all. I’ll bookmark and return for sure
    Thanks again

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