So You Think You Can Dance: 4 of 20 Eliminated

Posted: June 23, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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All right, I’m beginning to think that Nigel isn’t a genius anymore. I take back my own words and eat them. Someone should have gone home the first week so we didn’t have to lose Nick. I mean seriously, Ryan and Ricky in the bottom 3 over Clarice and Jess? I’m not a big fan of Ryan, but Ricky’s talent should have saved them from the bottom 3.  I wish the judges could have just gotten rid of all the girls and saved Nick and Ricky. There’s no denying either of these two’s dancing abilities and adaptability and the audience seems to favor male duets! Right? Right? Anyone with me?

Okay, let me calm down, and start this recap eh…?


So You Think You Can Dance

4 of 20 Eliminated

The Top 20 perform to “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone. Whenever I hear this song I think of the movie Cellular (because it was playing at the end credits). The dancers are businessmen who wear white plaid shorts and carry around suitcases. The suitcases make me think this routine is choreographed by Nappy Tabs. However, it’s also bit too understated for them and when it’s over I find it’s Dave Scott who’s actually the choreography.

Then Cat, in a beautiful short red dress comes out, in slo-mo, mimicking the dancers and the routine. Adorable! Ryan Seacrest, eat your heart out! Unfortunately the fun stops there and we find out that Wadi & Missy, Nick & Iveta (What?), and Ryan and Ricky (Double What?) are in the bottom 3. Wadi and Missy are a no-brainer, they didn’t have a good night last night. But the latter two are a surprise. I definitely thought Jess and Clarice had a worse night than either of these two couples. And Nigel definitely doesn’t look happy that Nick and Iveta are going up against Rickey and Ryan.

Special Guest Rage Crew dances to “Party Like This” but I can’t even pay attention because I’m too depressed over the bottom 3. Then I get distracted by the fact that there are 8 year old girls on the dance floor dressed like Spice Girls/Pussy Cat Dolls and frankly, it makes me uncomfortable…no matter how many back flips they do.


Wadi, does his solo to “Pon De Floor” by Major Lazer. And it’s kind of what you expect from a free style b-boy. I wish he had done something to really wow us and show his personality. The ending was creative and cool.  Grade: C

Missy dances to “Move” by CSS: She flips her hair, jerks her legs, and ends up rolling around on the floor for 10 seconds. I keep forgetting she’s a jazz dancer not a contemporary dancer and apparently that’s what they do…but even though the routine was strange and quirky,  I just wasn’t feeling it. Grade: C

Nick performs his tap routine to “Follow Me Down” by 30H!3. His smile lights up a room and he just looks so happy when he taps. It’s always awkward when tappers have solos because it gets all quiet so you can hear the actual tapping. But Nick does a great job and uses the whole stage as well as the audience. I find it a shame that he’s here. Grade: B

Iveta, our one and only ballroom dancer, does her solo to “Samba Rock” by Gennaro and I don’t know how she does it, but her body always looks fantastic. I don’t know if it’s the make-up department, or what, but she looks great out there. And she does a cute point at the end as if she was tapping a little boy on the nose after he handed her a cookie. Grade: B-

Ricky performs to “Riot Rhythm” by Sleigh Bells. Frankly after seeing his solo, I know there’s NO WAY he’s going home. They’d be crazy to send him home no matter how much I love Nick. His solo was fantastic. It had tricks, kicks, dancing, isolations, and it was funky and cool and showed off his skills as well as athleticism. Grade: A-

The last solo is Ryan to “Moving Mountains” by Usher. Ryan’s solo tried a variety of things and it really showed off her skills, but it was also a bit sloppy, which I think is just the way she is. Also, I’d love to see her do a performance where she doesn’t have that goofy smile on her face. Mia Michael’s needs to come in and break this chick down (in a good way). Grade: B-

After the solo’s, LMAFO performs (not to be confused with LFO, who I always think of first when I hear that name). Frankly they look like Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas wannabees, but thankfully I’m too distracted by the wonderful Quest Crew to really give a damn. It’s not as good as their stuff on ABDC, but probably only because it’s intercut by the singers. Also, where was Dominic/D-Trix? Does anyone know?

Elimination Time:

Judges say, even though Missy performed really well last night, and Iveta deserves to be on the show, Ryan’s solo was  really bad so Ryan stays. (Yup you read/heard that right) The other two are eliminated. And I really want to give Marko a hug because he looks devastated.  I wish Jordan was the girl going home. I know she wasn’t even in the bottom 3, but that’s only because of Tadd.

As for the boys, Wadi didn’t have a good night last night, Nick is definitely a star and dances with a twinkle in his eye, but because he laid it all out there and danced better than the judges had ever seen before Ricky stays, and rightfully so.

The only person, of these four,  I’m really broken up over is Nick. I thought he’s been fantastic so far and he’s been working really hard to show his versatility. Sure the fact that I have a  big teeny tiny crush on him might be making me a bit biased. However, you can’t deny in both the Quickstep and Bollywood, he did pretty well, while some of the other dancers staying have yet to perform outside their comfort zone. And how can you not love him when he says things like, “I can’t do anything but enjoy myself when I have a pair of tap shoes on.”? Update: Turns out Nigel, Mary, and Debbie originally were going to SAVE Nick until they saw Ricky’s solo…


Okay, So You Think You Can Dance, you have some making up to do. I’m gonna be sad about Nick all week! What do you think? Did the right people get sent home? Did the right people stay? Do you wish, like me, Nick and Ricky could have stayed and sent everyone else home?

Quote of the night: Cat to Ricky “You’re amazing, now get off!”



  1. luigi says:

    d trix was on the audience that time. i was there hehe.

  2. Bethal says:

    Sad to see Nick go but as soon as I saw Ricky’s routine I knew they would save him…I agree with you about Ryan…Mia Michaels does need to show her some tough love.

    Still love Melanie and Marco but my top three dances of the week are: Miranda and Robert (thanks for not “woo”ing), Caitlyn and Mitchell – beautiful, Ashley and Chris – watched it three times!

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