So You Think You Can Dance: 2 of 20 Voted Off

Posted: June 16, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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I love it when ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE on live reality TV shows. Today crew members, Cat Deely, everyone FREAKS the heck out. And I gotta say, its pretty awesome. That chaos—That feeling of “What the hell is going on?!” makes for great TV, and if I knew another adjective for GENUIS, I’d use that word to describe Nigel. No wonder you’re a producer Nigel, good game sir. Good game.


So You Think You Can Dance

2 of 20 Voted Off…(or do they?)

During group performances I love to play the guessing game. And I was going back and forth between Sonya and Tyce for having choreographed the routine, until I saw those unmistakeable head jerks that screamed Sonya Tayeh. And I was right. This routine, done to the song “XR2” by M.I.A. was so clean and tight. I really dug it. One of the better group dances of the series.

In the BOTTOM THREE are Jordan & Tadd, Jess & Clarice, and Miranda & Robert. I’m a bit surprised to see Miranda and Robert there. I think Ashley and Chris should have been in the bottom three. Also, Mitchell is automatically in the bottom for not performing yesterday (Wednesday). He will have to do a solo as well.


Who: Mitchell
Song: “Say” by John Mayer
My Thoughts: Mitchell has amazing balance and the first few leg lifts were great. But then it just got to be too much. Grade: B

Who: Jordan
Song: “Hot Like Wow” by Nadia Oh
My Thoughts: She seriously did the same move over and over again. In fact her routine seemed similar to Mitchell’s only with more boob shimmying. Grade: C+ (Sorry not a fan of stripper moves).

Who: Tadd
Song: “Jump Jive An’ Wail” by Brian Setzer Orcherstra
My Thoughts: His solo showed personality that I haven’t seen from him yet. It was adorable and I like how he entered on his hands. Great solo. Grade: A

Who: Clarice
Song: “Glam” by Christina Aguilera
My Thoughts: My cable cut off her solo after her leap. Can anyone tell me what happened? I was excited to see her solo, but at least it saved me from having to listen to that Christina Aguilera song. Grade: Incomplete

Who: Jess
Song: “Mr. Bojangles” by Robbie Williams
My Thoughts: I love it when pirouettes start off fast then slow down. It always shows a dancers control. Grade: B

Who: Miranda
Song: “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” by Leona Lewis
My Thoughts: Loved her leap into a forward handless cartwheel. And she did a pirouette to the left instead of to the right rest like usual people do. Anyone notice that?  Grade: B

Who: Robert
Song: “Electric” by Omarion
My Thoughts: I think he’s given better solos. His clothes are too baggy and distracting to really show off what he’s doing. Love the “pant-pulling-up-jump-too-toes” move. Grade: C

Then something weird happens. Nigel decides he wants Mitchell and Robert to dance again. Interesting. They’re having a dance off I suppose. Nothing has ever happened like this before in 8 Seasons, Cat says. I like that the stage hand jumps on stage and runs away with the chair. Seems like everyone’s in a panic and no one knows what to do. LOVE IT!

Mitchell’s and Robert’s solos are better the second time around and I’m glad they did a few different things. However, it doesn’t even look like the judges are paying attention. What’s going on? Well, NO ONE’S GOING HOME! That’s what’s going on. Nigel wants to give America another chance to get to know the guys. While I love that shocker and the crazy way it was done. I really felt that Jordan should have gone home – guys though I don’t know. Just send Jordan home, I’m okay with that…


Random Thoughts:

  • Cat’s wearing those same shoes from Wednesday. Love them.
  • I’d love to see Iveta in normal clothes aka a pair of jeans and a t-shirt – I guess you can’t really dance in that.
  • Love Sasha’s face after she watched that recap. She was worried for Alexander’s head because she slammed him so hard.
  • Love the idea of Nigel offering Cat to do a routine while the judges decide again.
  • Clarice looks scared out of her mind. She can’t even smile when Nigel compliments her.
  • Tadd looks on the verge of tears even though I’m sure he knows he’s safe.
  • Nigel says don’t get too excited, but the other dancers are jumping up on stage and everyone is crying and laughing and smiling. They’re not even paying attention to Nigel.
  • Madness indeed Cat, madness indeed.

Until Next Week, when two couples go home…Welcome to SYTYCD Season 8, Ladies and Gentlemen. Did you love the craziness of this episode? Who would you have picked to go home if they sent someone home? Do you think Nigel should have eliminated someone, I mean this is an elimination competition? Or are you glad to have all the dancers live another day?


  1. Josh says:

    Don’t comment on others’ articles with the link to your own article. Clearly it hasn’t worked since the only comment (mine) is from someone who didn’t bother to read what you wrote.

  2. Bethal says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing EVERYONE dance again next week! But…it’s all fun and pirouettes until 2 gals and 2 guys go home in one week… The previous night I thought it was funny when all the girls were sitting in a chair and their partner was revealed…they all screamed “happy screams”…what if someone walked up and they said….oh…it’s you….last thought…Sonya and Wade are AMAZING!!

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