So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20 Perform

Posted: June 15, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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If I could marry a TV Show, it would be SYTYCD. Words cannot express my love for this show and Travis Wall, is a GENIUS. I loved both his pieces tonight. Some dancers really stood out tonight, but other’s I still can’t remember. Read on!

 So You Think You Can Dance

Top 20 Perform

First, let me just say Cat’s shoes are FABULOUS! Guest Judge today is Megan Mullally from Will and Grace. Let’s just get right to the performances shall we? I’m ready.

Couple #1:
Who: Jordan (Jazz), Birthday Girl and Tadd (B-Boy), who was thought he was Caucasion when he was a kid.
Dancing Style: African Jazz
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Rehearsal: Jordan thought African Jazz was dancing Jazz in African-style wardrobe. Being a Jazz dancer you’d think she’d know what it was. Maybe that was supposed to come off cute, but it comes of kinda ditzy and arrogant. In the routine they are supposed to be volcano like – ready to explode.
Song: “Riding the Waves” by African Celt Sound System

Performance: It’s pretty jazzy in the beginning. And they do a lot of tricks, that I’m digging. There’s a cool move where Jordan is doing a handstand on Tadd’s leg and Tadd twirls her over to the other leg, so she’s doing a handstand on that leg (without touching the ground). But when they came together to do the same choreography, I didn’t find that they were in sync.  My Grading: B-
Nigel: They WERE a volcano. Jordan was in her element. Tadd adapted well and will go a long way.
Mary: Jordan was sensational. Tadd blew her away and has emerged as a star
Megan: Choreography brilliant. Jordan’s extensions were beautiful, Tadd had a lot of strength.

Couple #2
Who: Sasha (Jazz) forgets her age sometimes, Alexander (Contemporary), habla espanol.
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Travis Wall:
Rehearsal: The concept is Alex’s conscious comes back to haunt him after hurting Sasha. Sasha kicks him a lot in rehearsal. She’s really into character.
Song: “Stupid (Mark Bell Mix)” by Sarah McLachlan

Performance: All I really want to say is TRAVIS WALL is a GENIUS, but I know I should say more. Song choice – Excellent! Travis’ choreography is so gritty, when the subject is gritty. I love it when Sasha just LEAPS out of the air and grabs onto Alexander with her legs like a bird. And the look on Sasha’s face when she pushes Alexander’s head down is crazy intense. My Grading: B+ Would have been higher if Alex connected more.
Mary: “Talk about taking a beating at work.” Sasha is strong and dynamic. Didn’t quite feel the connection between her and Alex.
Megan: Sasha is a favorite and has great story telling. Alex strong, but she felt a disconnect between body and face.
Nigel: Sasha has a right hand like Mike Tyson, needs more emotion from Alex.

Couple #3
Who: Clarice (Jazz/Contemporary), shy, and Jess (Broadway) is a double threat nerd
Dancing Style: Broadway
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Rehearsal: Jess feels like chemistry between him and Clarice will be easy.  They’re both confident because Jess is in his element. Cat senses a crush emerging.
Song: “Me and My Baby” by Liza Minnelli

Performance: The energy feels low for some reason, I think its Clarice. But Jess is a fantastic dancer and performer. He really stands out with all the leaps and kicks and spins he’s given to do. I feel like Clarice could have shown a bit more personality. My Grading: B
Megan: Loved it. It was pure joy on a platter.
Nigel: Clarice will need to work hard to keep up with Jess (I agree) because Jess outshined her. There’s something special about him.
Mary: Jess was perfection.

Couple #4
Who: Ryan (Contemorary) obsessed with law and order SVU, Rickey(Contemporary) used to do cheer dancing
Dancing Style: Lyrical Hip Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Rehearsal: Routine is a love story. Rickey is remembering Ryan’s love but she’s not there anymore. Christopher is worry about them being invested in their characters.
Song: “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Lighthouse Family

Performance: I feel like Ryan is dancing Contemporary instead of hip hop. She’s not hitting it as hard or as clean as I expect for this style of dance. Also, she’s too smiley. Being in love doesn’t always mean being smiley and it doesn’t go with the song. Rickey is into it and his movements and emotions feel right. Nearing the end of the routine Ryan does get better. The routine and the song choice was fantastic, but I don’t think Ryan did it justice. My Grading: B-
Nigel: Felt like their emotions almost got in the way of the dancing. Didn’t understand why Ryan was so happy.
Mary: The dancing was brilliant, but didn’t get the story. Ryan explains it – I still don’t get it.
Megan: Piece was effective and affecting.

Couple #5
Who: Caitlynn (Contemporary), loves Disney movies, Mitchell (Contemporary) loves chocolate
Dancing Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh
Rehearsal: Concept – what can be accomplished without fear. Caitlynn is trying to connect. Sweaty but hard worker, Mitchell is glad he has a pretty partner.
Song: “In For The Kill”, by La Roux

Performance: Mitchell injured his elbow during rehearsal (and will automatically be in the bottom) so Robert from Season 7 is taking his place. Sonya does such amazing things with angles. She creates these fantastic pictures with her dancer’s bodies. I want to just focus on Caitlynn since she’s the one being judged, but Robert is pretty amazing. Caitlynn’s legs are beautiful and I think she does a fabulous job. My Grading: B
Mary: Caitlynn’s legs are spectacular (Hey! I just said that). She was brilliant.
Megan: She showed great power and strength. Get well soon Mitchell.
Nigel: 10 for performance, 10 for technique.

Couple #6
Who: Miranda (Contemporary) sleeps with a night light, and Robert (B-Boy) loves to cook fried chicken
Dancing Style: Latin (Ruh Roh)
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Rehearsal: They’re doing the Jive. Robert is trying to get a girl who’s out of his league. Miranda is not good at being sexy. Um, love the image of Jason showing her how to do it. Robert… “Woooo.”
Song: “Runway Baby” by Bruno Mars

Performance: There goes Robert with the nerdy glasses again. Their personalities and chemistry just OOZE over the performance. They’re very bouncy and have incredible energy. There’s a hip-hop move Robert does when Miranda slaps him and he falls to the ground, rolls over on his back, than picks himself right back up from his toes. It’s pretty incredible. Most importantly, they look like they’re having fun, which makes me have fun. They get a Standing O from the audience. My Grade: A- Check it out for yourself here if you don’t believe me!
Megan: Sheer delight. Miranda has a goofy quality. Megan’s crushin’ and feels she and Robert could be very happy together.
Nigel: Robert has the biggest personality which could annoy some people (Boo Nigel!) Miranda needs more confidence.
Mary: Fun! Fun! Fun! Miranda was clean and sharp. Robert stole the show. And we get the return of the Mary scream.

Couple #7
Who: Missy (Jazz) likes yoga and lipstick, and Wadi (B-Boy) loves Japanese Culture
Dancing Style: Jazz
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Rehearsal: Concept – Pandora’s box has been opened and “sexy” demon are inside. Missy says it’s fun to play bad. Wadi touched Missy’s boob.
Song: “Judas” by Lady Gaga

Performance: They’re both great athletes, but I don’t think they are dancing together. I can feel them thinking about things. The tricks were fantastic and I loved the way Wadi kinda tossed her around. I also loved when Wadi was let loose from the choreography and just jumped all over the box. I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to, or as much as the judges did. My Grading: B+
Nigel: Missy is a beast.
Mary: Something about a box, and whoop ass.
Megan: Wadi’s never partnered before and is insane. Missy is a powerhouse.

Couple #8
Who: Melanie (Contemporary), collects nail polish, and Marko (Jazz) he’s not sick it’s just how his voice sounds.
Dancing Style: Contemporary
Choreographer: Travis Wall
Rehearsal: Two statues who come to life at night, and want to become one. They’re amazing dancers, but can they be amazing partners?
Song: Turn to Stone, by Ingrid Michaelson

Performance: First of all I have to say, no fair Travis because I LOVE this song. I love it. And there are such beautiful quiet moments in this piece that had me holding my breath. Then when it explodes, it reminds me of Travis’ other piece, “Fix You” with Allison and Robert last season. Okay, so Marko may have slipped once or twice, but it doesn’t matter because it was BEAUTIFUL. I think Marko really stood out. He had beautiful lines and leaps. Melanie has a great profile, yes, that’s a compliment. Travis, I love you, you’re a superstar! My Grading: A- Almost perfect.
Mary: Breath taking.
Megan: Chills, crying.
Nigel: is already tossing out that E word. Emmy. He saw some mistakes, but is excited because it means Marko can grow. Melanie is the queen of the beasts.

Couple  #9
Who: Ashley (Contemporary), loves waffles and has swag, Chris (Hip-Hop) is 1 of 7 kids…yikes.
Dancing Style: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Rehearsal: Concept – a couple who find out they are cheating on each other.  This hits home for Chris because it’s happened to him before.
Song:Forget You”, by Cee Lo Green

Performance: I don’t know how I feel about this performance. I feel like Ashley’s acting got in the way of her dancing. Chris definitely stole the show. I wish it had a few more tricks in it even though I did love that fact that Ashley held Chris in her arms. My Grading: C
Nigel: It was fun!
Mary: Pure entertainment! Ashley has swag.
Megan: Both great technically.

Couple #10
Who: Iveta (Ballroom) wanted a monkey but it’s illegal in NY, and My Boyfriend Nick (Tap) has a fun personality.
Dancing Style: Ballroom – Quick Step (isn’t this the kiss of death?)
Choreographer: Jason Gilkison
Rehearsal: Iveta is not going to let Nick rest. He’s intimidated by her. Love her saying, “He’s gonna die”. Love him lifting Iveta like you would weights.
Song: “Ballroom Blitz”, by Sweet

Performance: I knew Iveta was going to be fantastic, which she was. But Nick really showed his personality I think. I loved his little slide to the table. It was quick and intricate and Nick had good posture. He wasn’t slouchy. It’s obvious Iveta helped him a lot. My Grading B+If they did a flippy trick in there it would have been higher. (I guess it’s called a lift!)

Megan: Nick is incredible! Iveta is elegant and beautiful.
Nigel: Nick has fabulous feet. How many times are we gonna hear Nick is a tap dancer?
Mary: They had a good-looking top line. Mary is so excited! Unbelievable. My boyfriend Nick rocks.



Random Thoughts:

  • Shot of Mitchell crying. Poor kid. He worked so hard to get here and now he may be voted off.
  • Love the judges doing their impression of “the pony” a dance move apparently during Robert and Miranda’s jive.
  • When Cat knows she’s running out of time. She forgets to breathe and says entire paragraphs in one sentence. You can literally hear her running out of air.
  • I love Megan’s shout out to the Hair/MU/Wardrobe team.
  • Oh God, they’re giving Nick, my favorite, the kiss of death!
  • Love Nick squishing himself between two pretty ladies and that devilish smile. Then Cat says “You’re so happy aren’t you?”
My favorite performances were of course both of Travis’ pieces. What were yours? I voted for Nick, Iveta, Marko and Melanie. How about you? Who shined? Who do you want to see go? Who would you pick for the bottom? I would pick Ryan and Rickey and Ashley and Chris. They definitely have some work to do.
  1. carla says:

    Sorry but Marko is a jazz dancer, not a b-boy.

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