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This episode has me worn out, and all I had to do was fast forward through commercials. It’s easier than it sounds people. I love Vegas week because it’s TOUGH.  Nigel: “If you’re going to throw up, turn around and face that way.” Sure most of it is for TV, but I truly do believe some of that is also for the dancers own good. And as we know being tough, can sometimes produce genius such as this!

Let’s get on with it shall we?

So You Think You Can Dance

Vegas Round

Vegas Round is 3 days consisting of: 5 rounds of choreography, including a group round, bookended with solos. It also consists of yelling and crying, and breakdowns and ambulances – oh yeah and there’s some dancing too.

Solos  #1:

Only a few are featured in the first solo round. They only really showcase the “entertaining ones”, cop uniform, eccentric dresser, and the two Mallory sisters. Can it really be called a solo if they dance together? Frankly, I’d want to make sure all eyes were on me. Still Natalia Mallory is hands down my favorite. She brings such life to her dancing, but more on that later.

Round 1: Hip Hop with Nappy Tabs.

46 people are gone. But the “fun” is just beginning. During their choreography lesson Vegas round claims its first injury victim. At least that’s why I take from it with the other dancers yelling “First injury! First injury!” Way to help out, kids. Seems, breaker Wadi Jones (though the way Cat says his name it sounds like Wordy) is getting major cramps in his legs. But drinks a lot of water, sees the medic and just makes it as one of the final dancers of Round 2 – and he kills it. He hits it pretty hard so one can only imagine how he’d do with proper rehearsal time.


Round 2: Broadway

A total of 90 people are gone, but there’s no time to mourn. Tyce is teaching the kids Broadway. His teaching consists of delightful gems such as, “The girls character in this is 100% trash, in a good way” (Is there really any other way, Tyce?) and for the boys, “You are never holding in. You’re filling in, with life.” Say what? The male dancers mock him behind his back, I guess the men aren’t big Tyce fans. Don’t worry boys, I doubt the ladies are either.

Jessica Watanabi and Lil’ O (Virgil) are showcased because they’re the shortest contestants. It helps that they’re also adorable together. They make it through to the next round as well as Wadi, the boy with the crampy legs.


Round 3: Ballroom with Jason Gilkison

Jason creates a “physically demanding” routine for these tired tired kids, complete with lifts, and spins, and fast fast foot work in high high heels. When it’s Natalia Mallory’s turn to Jive everyone decides to focus on the big question.  But Tyce decides to say it out loud, just to be sure anyone not thinking it, would be, “How is he going to pick up her?” They’re called hands, Tyce. Thanks for being a jackass. Though Natalia dances with a smile and with energy, the tricks are floundering. Nigel decides to give her and her partner a second chance. And he’ll give Natalia a stronger partner. Natalia takes all this in stride and focus on the task at hand. And that’s why I’m rooting for her.

After all the other dancers perform, Natalia gets her second chance, this time with “The Professor” and I already like him. He’s supportive in more ways than one. They performance has so much spunk and personality and life, of course Natalia makes it through. They’d be cra-cray not too.

However it’s not all fun, Jeanine Mason’s little sister, Alexis is in trouble and must dance for her life, ends up making it through to the next round even though Nigel calls her dancing immature, but she’s on thin ice.

Round 4: Group Round.

You think Nigel is evil, just wait until this round. With 39 guys, 35 girls left, Nigel takes these emotionally tired and physically exhausted, young men and women and make them stay up all night to practice their own routine with strangers and then perform them bright and early 7AM.

Luckily a lot of the inevitable drama the night brings is brief and we get straight back to the dancing. But first there is trouble for Natalia Mallory. She’s feeling dizzy and nauseous, and getting chills. Will she be able to perform with her group? After spending most of the morning rehydrating with the medic (not as fun as it sounds) Natalia makes it back to perform with her group – they all make it to the next round.

In fact only 7 people don’t get to pass go and collect $200. This might be the most successful group round SYTYCD has ever had. Usually there are some awful train wrecks out there.


Round 5: Contemporary with Travis Wall (Yay)

The contemporary round has the reputation of being a blood bath, more than any other round, and Travis Wall is as rough as Mia Michaels. He gives the dancers a routine worth of the top 20.

Ryan Ramirez, a repeat audition to SYTYCDer,  thinks she might have broken her tailbone, but is hesitant to go to the hospital. It’s always heartbreaking to see those kids have to physically force themselves to get help. But then again dancers do perform with broken toes and fingers and ribs – we’ve seen it before.

And that Las Vegas hospital is sure getting a lot of customers today as Natalia is forced to go to the hospital with low blood sugar. All signs point to her being cut. Her sister, Sasha uses her emotions about her sister into her performance with, none other than “The Professor” and it’s beautifully actually.

One of my favorites, Arielle Coker is cut after her round. She looks stunned.  But she takes it and leaves. I wish she fought. DC sure fought when he was told he didn’t make it. He practically brought everyone to tears begging to stay. He just kept saying over and over, “I can’t go home, I can’t go home.” It was really heartbreaking. Debbie Allen finds it in her big big heart to take that boy under her wing. “I’m giving you a life line, you better take it). I hope he practices and learns a lot from her, and auditions again. And I love that all the other dancers give him hugs as he leaves.


Solo Round 2: Last Round

Natalia Mallory is up, having missed the entire contemporary round. But she has a good excuse, she was just diagnosed with diabetes. The judges give her a free pass and she is able to give her solo. And that she does. I think it’s great, especially when she smiles, she just lights up the room. Then she brings even red-eyed Nigel to tears with her heartfelt speech about this competition making her feel so good about herself. She makes it though!

Also making it through, at least from what I could tell: her sister Sasha, Jess (The Broadway Kid), Clarice (who’s solo we saw and it was funky!), Lil’ O, Ivetta, the Ginnifer Goodwin girl, Melanie Moore….and 24 other dances.

Notably those that didn’t make it – Hero, the Japanese pop and locker Patti Ann Miller, Mary Kate Shean, the riverdancer,  and the “Wacking girl” Princess Lockeroo. They were all cut after the hip hop round. Ryan Ramierez, Chyna almost made it but were cut before the solos, and Kimalee Piadad, Chase Thomas, another one of my favorites and not just because he’s always shirtless, and Jeanine Mason, they’ll all have to try again.


Contestant: Can I try one more time.
Debbie Allen: I don’t want to see it again, personally”.

Cat looking at blisters on a girls feet – “Ooh that one’s gonna be a nasty one!”

Nigel: (To Natalia) You got the professor!
Professor: Indubitably.

DC was saying no one thought he could make it, and he didn’t know why and he gave the best quote. “Stop it, there’s enough around for everyone to eat.” Love it. I want to use that one day.

Mary Murphy – “Get off this stage because I never want to see that outfit again

Adam Shankman – “Did you just actually try and shake tears out of your face”


31 Dancers left. Top 20 will be announced today (Thursday). Who are you rooting for? My votes still for Natalia. Is Tyce getting creepier and creepier to anyone else but me? Do you wish we saw a little more of the solos? Did anyone get cut you wish made it through, like Arielle?


  1. Miriam says:

    GREAT recap! I am really rooting for Natalia and Sasha, Ryan, Lil O mostly. I really wish they had broken Vegas up into 2 episodes so that we could’ve seen more dancing though. I cannot wait until the Top 20 is announced. Again, kudos, great blog!

    • I agree! I really wish we could have seen more dancing although with my anticipation for the actual performance show I don’t know if I would have been able to focus enough for another Vegas round haha!. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Bethal says:

    Great Recap! I wish they would show a bit less of the drama and show more dancing! I was sorry to see Alexis Mason go and the riverdance girl. I also felt really bad Arielle Coker. I’m rooting for Ryan Ramirez and that cute gal with the short brown hair…and where is Alex “Freekin'”

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