So You Think You Can Dance: Los Angeles Auditions

Posted: June 2, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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After yesterday’s lackluster 2 hour audition round, today’s Los Angeles auditions were SIGNIFICANTLY better. This round definitely made me excited for what’s to come, which is VEGAS!!

So You Think You Can Dance 

Auditons #5

Dancers That Left A Distinct Impression

Derion “DC” Chapman, 23, B-Boy – During his interview Bruno Mars, “Count On Me” was playing. That’s a great song. Back to DC, I like him. He’s funny and charming and a good mover. He does a cool back flip but with great height. Plus he gets bonus points for dancing b-boy moves to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life.”

Arielle Coker, 21, ContemporaryShe has auditioned many, many times before. She has a few stumbles, but her audition is original, and funky, and kinda freaky. She has a really intense expression on her face. And when she walks towards camera with that look, it’s not cheesy like it is for some other dancers. She ends her routine doing this cool crab walk to the beat, with her toes while moving her fingers.  I like it.

Hero McRae, B-Girl – She’s from Japan, and she’s so adorable. First of all, I love her gold jacket. Second, she’s really awesome. Love that she’s pop and locking. And she looks like she’s having so much fun. She accentuates every single note, beat, breath of that song with movement. It’s fantastic. Nigel, “I don’t really what’s happening today.” I agree, Nigel. Yeah, if she didn’t go straight to Vegas, I’d reach into my TV and slap Nigel.


Other Dancers Showcased

Jordan Casanova, 18, Contemporary – She obviously has skills, but I think I’d like her better if she weren’t dancing to stripper music. She does a spin on one leg with the other leg high in the air. It’s pretty cool, but she doesn’t really impress so much, as annoy me. Plus, Nigel’s eyes may have fallen out of his head, and that’s just annoying.

Alexis Mason, 18 (Jeanine Mason’s sister), Contemporary – Alexis totally looks like her sister. I love the interview clips that show Jeanine punching her sister in the boobs when putting Alexis’ number on. It’s totally a sister thing. Alexis is good, but maybe a bit TOO expressive in her face, which makes it seem fake. Nigel calls it “goldfishing”. I like how her leg came up at an angle, foot pointed, to the keys of a piano in the music. She’s going to Vegas. I think it’d be a bit embarrassing, and definitely heart breaking if she didn’t.

Patty Anne Miller, 28, B-Girl – I like her style, good thing she’s a style consultant. I like when she dances on her toes.

Sasha and Natalia Mallory, 18 &23, Modern/African –  I was afraid they were going to be bad. I was sure the show was setting them up to be terrible. But they could dance, and I loved the song they danced too. I thought they wouldn’t like Natalia because she’s a bigger girl, but I thought she was a really great dancer. She added something special to the moves. And Natalia danced in the choreography round really well. I’m glad she made it, oh, and her sister did too. But Natalia was definitely the more memorable of the two.


Random Thoughts

  • Tyce calls Jordan a “naughty girl” and I feel like I need to take a shower.
  • I spy with my little eye, previous SYTYCD Dancers. Hi Brandon! And others.
  • Mary shouldn’t use the word “buck”. Let’s just have Lil’ C have that one, ok?
  • I really wish we could have seen the girl in all pink, with the pony tail on her head, audition. She was crawling around on the floor and her dance moves looked really original.
  • Loved that just before the two sisters Sasha and Natalia danced they gave each other a hug. So sweet!

Next up is Vegas week! I’m SO EXCITED. Can’t. Wait. Vegas rounds are always so hardcore. What I love about those rounds too is that it always breaks down the uber-cocky dancers so that only the talent shines. Only the humble ones who are seriously there to dance, make it.

Who was your favorite this audition round? Do you think Jeanine’s sister will make it to the top 20? Has anyone stepped up to the forefront?


  1. linda says:

    How about the nut-job who announced that she was Ringo Starr’s daughter-” but not the Ringo Starr that we all know as Ringo Starr, the honest-to-god REAL Ringo Starr… blah, blah, blah”? What a waste of time she was!
    I enjoyed many of the same dancers that you did.

    • I briefly mentioned that girl in my other post here, but seriously, that’s why I don’t really like the audition shows because they spend time on pointless things. I agree it was a waste of time! Can’t wait for Vegas week.

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