So You Think You Can Dance: Auditions #3 & #4

Posted: June 1, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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So You Think You Can Dance

Auditions #3 & #4

So the SYTYCD audition process continues in Salt Lake City and New York. In this episode there weren’t many dances that stood out. A few left an impression, but no one made me say WOW. Kind of a lackluster episode actually…Lets get on with the recap, shall we?


Dancers That Left An Impression
(not necessarily for good reasons)

Chyna Smith, 19, Contemporary – The ultimate superfan…apparently. I feel like she’s name dropping saying she’s worked with the other contestants. She’s definitely trying too hard. She obviously has some good technique, but I feel like the last half of the song she just kinda stood there and moved in one place by trying to be sexy, not really dancing. However, she’s cute, and blond, so of course, she’s got a ticket to Vegas.

Annie Gratton, 19, Contemporary – She did this cool jump thing into a split, but she ended in a weird position. She has good energy and athletics, but she was bit too…jumpy for me.  I like it when pieces have little moments in them. However she’s saved when her Dad comes up and does his own performance. He does a pretty awesome pirouette. That was bad ass! I give him props for that.  Off to Vegas she goes.

Samantha Hiller, 18, Contemporary – She “knocked herself into a stage of amnesia.” My question is: if she can barely remember her name, how can she remember how to dance? But she does. She obviously needs more training because she doesn’t flow. In part, that must be due to her injury/situation. Nigel tricks her and all I can think is, wow, that’s cruel to trick a girl with amnesia. Despite the touching story, she doesn’t make it to Vegas. Guess Entertainment Weekly was wrong the tricks to getting to Vegas

Chase Thomas, 22, Contemporary –  He has good athletics and good height in his tricks. I know the judges have a soft spot for male soloists who dance to classical music in their underwear. (For proof, see here, or here) First impression, I almost think he’s too skinny. But wow, he has these really great moments.  And his limbs are so long.  Vegas is a no brainer.

Samara “Princess Lockeroo”  Samara Cohen, 24, Wacker (that just sounds wrong)– So Samara created this new dance called “wacking”, where she moves her arms pretty fast like a helicopter. She seems coo-coo, frankly. But once her performance starts…Okay, the arm thing is pretty cool, especially when she spins as she does it. But she is a strange one. It disturbs me when Mary calls her the “wacking diva”. I’m surprised she got to Vegas though, and didn’t go to choreography first.

Mary Kate Sheehan, 18, Irish Step Dancing – She’s actually really good. Bouncy. It’s got some ballet in there; it’s definitely different. I think it’s cool that they showcase different dance styles, tap, krump, etc. And after the choreography round, she makes it to Vegas.

Robert Taylor Jr, 30, B-Boy – He has a good personality that shines through in his pop-and-lock moves. He does a jump spin move that’s not so impressive (not that I could do anything remotely like that), but then he dances on his toes with jazz hands and that’s cool. Vegas he goes. I know this show can sometimes be age-ist (meaning they don’t like the older ones), but I hope he goes far.

Other Dancers Showcased

  • Devon McCullough, 20, Stepper.
  • Tadd Gadduang, 25, B-Boy.
  • Brian Henry, 22, Krump
  • Brandon Jones, 26, Contemporary
  • Virgil “Lil’ O” Gadson, 23, B-Boy
  • Jess Lepratto, 18, Jazz/Broadway
  • Kristen Dobson, 23, Salsa


Random Thoughts
      • When Chyna compliments Cat on how she always looks so beautiful and put together, Cat says, “I have been in hair and make up for a good two hours before that.” HILARIOUS. Give this woman an Emmy already.
      • Love that the show acknowledges Nigel’s pervy-ness.
      • I think it’s hilarious whenever a crew member gets caught on camera. They do this weird flustered thing and try to dodge the camera.
      • Someone tell me why a good 10 minutes of the show was wasted on Ringo Starr Chick?
      • During a ballroom montage this girl in a red dress spun over this guy’s shoulder. Why didn’t they show that whole audition? I wanna see that!



“Tell me your name and your age.”
“I’m 21, what was the other question?”  WOW.

Mary, re: Chase Thomas, “He forgot his outfit, thank god.”

“It’s waving at ya, Nigel.” – Mary. For those of you who didn’t see the episode, you can guess what “it” refers to…and you would be right.

“Screw that crap, come and get your ticket.” – Nigel


One more audition episode till we start Vegas Rounds. Or so Cat Deely says. I’m ready for Vegas Week, how about you? Which dancer was your favorite? Were you as unimpressed with this episode as I was, or am I being too harsh?


  1. ro says:

    Does anyone know if the UK tv will have this american version?!

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