With the exception of President Snow, the majority of The Hunger Games essential characters have been cast. The most anticipated in my opinion being Cinna. Check out my reactions on the recent castings, as well as my thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence’s transformation into Katniss.

You’ve read what I thought about the castings of Katniss, Peeta and Gale. And you have my feelings on Prim, Mrs. Everdeen, and District 1 and 11. Now here are my reactions to the recent castings. Some of them are surprisingly good (Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci) and some of them are not so good (Lenny Kravitz). But before I get into all that, let’s talk about Jennifer Lawrence’s brown hair.

I was one of those people that did not like the casting of Jennifer Lawrence.  Sure a lot of that had to do with her look but most of it had to do with her essence. She just wasn’t how I picture Katniss. But through recent interviews, especially through the interview with Entertainment Weekly, I think my mind has been changed. I’m still skeptical, but not as opposed to it as I previously was. The excerpt from the interview that changed my mind…?

“For over a month, Lawrence has been enduring a grueling training pro- gram consisting of archery track work, stunt drills, and yoga. She says that her archery coach, a four-time Olympian from Eastern Europe, spent weeks bemoaning her lack of skills. Apparently, it was only after the woman declared her “helpless!” that Lawrence gritted her teeth and hit the bull’s-eye. “What happened?” her coach cried in surprise. Lawrence turned to her and growled, her Southern accent making a rare appearance, “You pissed me off!”” (Entertainment Weekly)

This whole scenario felt very Katniss-like, plus she seems, and looks like a real girl, not yet tainted by scandal, or Hollywood standards. For that it’s only a matter of time. So for now, I accept this decision (not like there’s much I can do about it anyway). I’m not completely won over (I don’t like the recent pictures of her in her reaping costume), but I’m less skeptical. Anyway, she looks good and her body of work is strong, so I think she’ll do Katniss justice.

Let move on to the other players:

Genius Castings

     Woody Harrelson as Haymitch: Though I never even considered Woody as a possibility, I think this is a fantastic casting choice. He is miles and miles and miles better than the first rumored Haymitch, John C. Reilly, and while he’s done a bunch of comedies, his dramatic work is also impressive (Seven Pounds, The Messengers). I think he’ll do great things for Haymitch.

     Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman – I’m a big fan of Tucci. You could make Tucci read the back of a TV dinner, film it, and I’d buy tickets to see it. And seriously, he could find chemistry with a paper bag, so I believe he will fit into this cast really well.


Not As I Pictured, But That’ll Do

     Alexander Ludwig as Cato – I pictured Cato with broader shoulders, built like a line-backer. And I imagined him to be your typical, arrogant jock. Hopefully this kid is building up some muscle. One of the things I am glad about, is that he still looks like a kid.

     Isabelle Fuhrman as Clove – Clove, in my mind, is tall and skinny, but with a lot of muscle with long dark brown hair that she wears back in a ponytail. IMDB lists Furhman as being 14 or 15, which seems a little strange to me, but AS LONG AS she comes off taller, bigger and more aggressive than Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), I am fine with this decision.


What Are They Thinking? Casting

     Lenny Kravitz as Cinna –  So in my mind, picturing Cinna, I saw him as a tall skinny white guy, with short brown hair, subtle features (Ewan McGregor or Cillian Murphy). He had a kind face, he wasn’t intimidating at all, but he still had a strong presence. And that is not at all how I see Lenny. Pardon the vulgarity, but he actually looks like kind of a d-bag. I don’t know him personally. For all I know he’s a really great guy, but he is NOT Cinna. In fact, he’s more not Cinna than Josh Hutcherson is not Peeta. And I don’t think any amount of appearance altering could change my feelings on that. Now, hopefully, hopefully Lenny will change my mind with some phenomenal acting. But really, he’s going to have to pull out all the stops, and probably NOT DRESS LIKE THIS.


Doesn’t Matter to Me Castings

The other cast members casted below could have been probably played by anyone and I wouldn’t have cared, unless they looked completely strange. I like that they cast unknowns for the prep team. And I’ll be excited to see what Brooke Bundy, Nelson Ascencio, an Kimiko Gelman can do with their characters in Catching Fire and Mockingjay. One thing I really, really like is the diverse casting.

     Wes Bentley as Seneca Crane

     Latarsha Rose as Portia

     Brooke Bundy as Octavia

     Nelson Ascencio as Flavius

     Kimiko Gelman as Venia

     Toby Jones as Claudius Templesmith


I know I can’t change the casting, but it’s incredibly fun to just talk about it and chat about it and dissect it. That’s what makes movies and the entertainment business exciting. I will give this movie the benefit of the doubt, and I will see it, but I know that no matter how the movie turns out, it won’t live up to the book. It’s a given fact. I’m still going to go along for The Hunger Games ride. How about you?

What are your thoughts on the casting? Do you agree? Disagree with me? I’m I completely insane in my feelings about Lenny Kravitz? Or are you picking up what I’m putting down?



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