So You Think You Can Dance: Auditions #1 & #2

Posted: May 26, 2011 in So You Think You Can Dance, TV
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So You Think You Can Dance is back y’all! And I’m so excited. So excited it causes a girl from the ghetto to use words like “y’all” in a sentence. See, the thing I like about this show is that there aren’t any gimmicks (*cough* Dancing with the Stars *cough*) and the talent can’t be faked like in other reality competitions (I’m looking at you American Idol).

So You Think You Can Dance

Auditions #1 & #2

I’m not usually a big fan of the audition shows. Mostly because I think they spend too much time on other things as opposed to the dancing…such as the awful performers, or the judges doing stupid things. My reviews of these episodes will be brief.

Dancers that made an impression on me:

Melanie Moore, 19: With her short cropped hair and facial features, she reminds me a lot of Ginnifer Goodwin. She’s a contemporary dancer from ATL and she does this really cool movie where she folds her body in half and keeps turning into a somersault but keeping her arms and legs straight. It created a great visual.

Kimalee Piedad, 27: Okay seriously. AMAZING performance. Her and her partners and super strength doing the movies they did. She did this thing where she latched onto him and he danced and twirled and turned and she hung on like a hula hoop. It was pretty spectacular.

Ashley Nicole, 22: Though I really liked her performance, the way she was dressed really brought her performance down. And Tyce talking throughout her performance was distracting. But the girl had a light and hopeful presence that seemed to perk the judges up, but unfortunately lead to us having to hear the song “You Light Up My Life.” Please…

Jeffery McCann – B-Boy. I like him, he’s good, and he does a cool head slidey thing.  (Yes, that’s my technical term). He’s better than the other guys who was all tricks and power and had no musicality. Jeffery actually took beats. His ticket to Vegas was a no brainer.

Lilly Nuygen – They barely showed her audition, but I really wish they did. We rarely get to see women who do b-boy moves and this girl spun around on her back. I mean seriously!

Random Thoughts :

  • There was this kid in purple who got a ticket to Vegas. We didn’t get to see his audition, but he was pretty cute.
  • I LOVE Lil’ C. And I’m stoked they did a little montage of the crazy way he strings words together but still somehow manages to make sense. Some of my favorites:  “Your body is a cup, energy, you gotta act like you don’t want it spill it,” and “You are very submissive to your own dominance.”
  • I’m glad Mary Murphy is back, please more Mary less Tyce.
  • No matter what, I love it when they fake out the contestants. It’s fun.
  • I’m from the Bay Area and I’ve never heard of “turfing”…maybe it’s beyond my generation….
  • I don’t remember that Ryan chick from last year, but I do remember Adrian Lee and I hope he auditions and makes it this year. I REALLY wanted him to make it Season 7.
  • It was nice to see Jakob and Katee. I really hope they’re both all-stars. Here’s a little reminder of what Jakob can do, in case you forgot….

Who made an impression on you? Kyre Walker with his cute little grandma? Amber Williams who started out cool and funny and then just turned out to be plain nuts? Did that Asian Kid who got shot remind you of Alex Wong? Do you hope Alex Wong comes back? What other contestants that ALMOST made it last year do you hope to see?


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