Glee Season 2 Finale Recap: New York

Posted: May 25, 2011 in glee, TV
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Well folks, they did it. New Directions made it to New York. Events in this episode are building, building to the moment the Glee Club has been working towards all season. And finally, when they get to that National’s stage, and that curtain raises…Glee drops the ball. Maybe I just wasn’t feeling the original songs, maybe I didn’t like everyone else’s reaction to the Rachel and Finn’s kiss when I thought it was sweet, or maybe I didn’t like how everything ended up so neat and tidy. I don’t know what it was. I just wasn’t feeling it.


“New York”

I’m not saying this episode was bad. There have been worse ones (I’m looking at you Post SuperBowl Episode). I think I was just expecting so much more.

If we had started this episode in the choir room at McKinley High, I think the word Mr. Schue would have written on his white board, the word that would have been our cue to take a shot every time it is used in this episode in order to get a good buzz going on, would have been: LOVE. It was all about the love.

We start this episode in the Big Apple. Big, beautiful, bustling New York. Rachel looks upon the city with amazement (and an outfit that look straight out of an Old Navy ad). She made it. She joins the Glee Clubers, who are eating their boxed lunches on some steps in the middle of Times Square. Was anyone else taken back to all those elementary school/high school field trips, where you would break out your bagged lunch on the steps of some museum you were visiting that day? No? Just me?

Unfortunately the gang doesn’t have much time to enjoy the city as Mr. Schue locks them in their hotel room so they can write their songs for Nationals. Are you saying, with Nationals just a couple days away, New Directions came to New York unprepared? What songs have they been rehearsing, performing for the past 9 months?

Schue leaves the kids to their own devices to go check out the Broadway stage he will be performing on soon. Unfortunately, with the exception of Brittany singing “What’s Up to My Cup”, the Glee Club has no inspiration, sitting in a crummy hotel room. So they take to the streets and run around the city, singing Madonna’s “I Love New York.” I don’t like this song at all and in Glee’s hands, it seems cheesy. Especially with the lyrics, “Other cities always make me mad/ Other places always make me sad/ No other city can make me glad, but New York, New York, New York.” It’s cheesy, and rhyming mad, with sad, and glad, not exactly gold material there. Glee missed a golden opportunity to go balls to the wall. They had the perfect example: one of the best NY Central Park Performances, but they dropped the ball.

Finn takes Rachel on a date. But somehow, being in this city has caused Rachel to have a change of heart. With her dream within reaching distance, she’s afraid being in a relationship will put the brakes on her being able to reach that dream. Though her dinner with Finn is going well, meeting Patti Lupone reminds Rachel of everything she could achieve without such distractions as a relationship. After dinner, the pair walk arm in arm down the streets of New York and Finn confesses his love for Rachel, but she’s not so sure anymore. Finn says, “Take a Chance on Me” and leans into kiss her. Puck, Artie, Mike, and Sam set the soundtrack in the background singing “Bella Note,” which I will always associate to Lady and the Tramp. But I can’t help thinking the better song to sing would have been, “Take a Chance On Me,” by ABBA, because the minute Finn uttered those words that song latched on to my brain and will probably be in there forever.

The next morning, Kurt steals Rachel away so they can have breakfast at Tiffany’s. No really, they have a bagel outside the big Tiffany’s store. Rachel, still confused, vents to Kurt how she’s afraid being with Finn will hold her back. To help sort out her feelings, Kurt takes her to the Gershwin Theater where Wicked is playing. They break-in and perform, “For Good” the finale song from Wicked. And no wonder reports say this was the most expensive episode ever, that background clock set is amazing!

Meanwhile, Quinn is not dealing with her break-up with Finn so well. In fact, she’s a lot psychotic. The Brittany’s face during Quinn’s breakdown is fantastic. I hate that Quinn has become one of those girls who falls apart when she doesn’t have a boyfriend. For the past few episodes it didn’t even seem like she cared about Finn. All she cared about was being Prom Queen and regaining her popularity. Brittany and Santana comfort her, but it seems random as these girls haven’t even hung out since Season 1. They don’t seem like the best friends this brief interaction wants to believe. Anyway, Santana has an idea to comfort her. Quinn: “I’m flattered Santana, but I’m really not into that.” Oh Quinn, she means a haircut, silly.

Getting back to Mr. Schue…After talking with Sergeant Handsome, coach to Vocal Adrenaline, and hearing how much he HATES his kids, Will comes to the realization that he loves those kids. He loves them and he will not desert them to go to Broadway. They mean everything to him. Sorry, Mr. Schue, but you’re a little late to the game here. I think you’re the only one who believed you weren’t going to come back to Glee. I didn’t believe it for a second. And as further confirmation that he made the right decision, when he tells the Glee Club his decision, Puck gives him a hug. Oh Puck! This leads to the inevitable group hug. Cheesy yes, but oh, so adorable.

Nationals aren’t as EPIC as I wanted them to be. First, we got some white girls doing hip hop, which is disturbing and awesome at the same time. Next, Vocal Adrenaline’s performance “As Long As You’re There”, though nice, was nothing compared to last year’s performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. Even the original songs from New Directions lacked its usual dramatic punch. Rachel and Finn’s duet “Pretending,” with its relevant and dramatic lyrics, was no, “Faithfully” and the group performance, “Light Of The World,” wasn’t as fun as Regional’s “Loser Like Me” even if Brittany did the Charleston and the Robot.

I also don’t understand the drama surrounding the kiss between Rachel and Finn at during their duet. It definitely didn’t feel like “the Superman of kisses” as Finn referred to it. It was adorable that it made him so excited. I didn’t find it unprofessional at all, and if that happened in real life, I don’t think it would have ruined their chances of winning Nationals. I believe they didn’t make it to the Top 10 because they weren’t good enough. That kiss shouldn’t have hurt anything. Haven’t you people seen Cutting Edge? The audience responds to emotions. If you feel it, they feel it. That’s my belief anyway.

In the end, New Directions returns to Ohio with the 12th place baby trophy. Blaine loves Kurt, Kurt loves Blaine, Finn loves Rachel, Rachel loves Finn, Brittany loves Santana, Santana loves Brittany, Sam and Mercedes are a couple, Brittany wants to see Tina and Mike’s Asian babies, and all is seemingly right in the Glee Club world. What a let down…Give me a cliffhanger! Something to come back for. I think Quinn should have lured Rachel somewhere, and gotten her lost in the bad sleezy part of NY. We could have had awesome/funny Rachel scenes and the suspense of if Rachel would make it back to Nationals. Now there’s a finale!


Random Thoughts:

  • Like: Rachel’s little giggle after meeting her idol Patti Lupone.
  • Rachel’s dress she wore to Breakfast at Tiffany’s was ADORABLE!
  • I’m so glad Quinn cut her hair. She looks edgier, less perfect, more relatable.
  • Love Sunshine Corazon’s voice. Don’t understand why she wanted to deport herself to the Philippines.
  • Why didn’t people clap at the end of the song? Even if Rachel and Finn were kissing? Doesn’t make sense.
  • Love, Love, Love Santana screaming at Rachel in Spanish.
  • New Directions placed 12th out of 50. I’d be proud about that. Come on.
  • My big question of the night: There have been all those promos of Quinn saying her and Finn should quit Glee. I never saw that episode. Where did it go? They should have ended the season on that kind of a cliffhanger.
  • I like that Mercedes finally got a man, I just don’t see her and Sam together. They don’t seem to have chemistry.

Rachel: “Hey do you know why it smells like it’s wet here [in New York] all the time?”

Kurt: “Do you know that I can get an ahi tar-tar and a steak sandwich at three in the morning from their all-night dining room? I feel like Eloise.”
Brittany: “They have pills for that.”

Rachel, when her and Kurt are caught breaking in to Wicked – “We’re being fitted for our Munchkin costumes.”

Puck to Finn about Rachel: “You need to ask her out. Tonight. Take her on one of those big awful dates you see on those unwatchable romantic comedies that you grow a vagina if you watch all the way through.

Sergeant Handsome regarding New Directions: “Your kids look like they haven’t been baked properly.”

Brittany: “I know Im gonna be a bridesmaid at Mike and Tina’s wedding, and I’m going to be anxiously waiting,  just like everyone else to, see if their babies are Asian too.”



“My Cup” – Brittany is adorable, but the cuteness of the song and her dancing didn’t seem to go with her voice. C

 “I Love New York” – Hate the song, and the Glee Club singing it made it seem extra cheesy. C

“Still Got Tonight” – It’s been a long time since Matthew Morrison sang anything. Nice to hear his lovely voice, too bad I was distracted by all those boy band moves. B

“Bella Note” – So damn cute. The harmonies were so perfect and they captured the essence of this song beautifully. B+

“For Good” – Love the way Lea Michele and Chris Colfer’s voice meld together. You can really tell they love this song. A-

“Yeah” – Weird. B

“As Long As You’re There” – Sunshine has a powerful voice. I don’t believe she has stage fright. Seemed out of character. I loved the dancing behind her as she sang. One thing Vocal Adrenaline has always been good at is coupling up and dancing. B

“Pretending” – Nice to see Finn and Rachel singing a duet again. Finn was really feeling all the emotions of the song. Some nice acting there by Cory M. B

“Light Of The World” – Trying a bit too hard with the dancing in this song. I like that they showcased Brittany, Santana, and Artie’s voices, but it was missing something. B-

Well, that’s it for Season 2 of Glee. Was it everything you hoped it would be? Did the songs let you down like they did me? Did you wish this season ended with a cliffhanger? Are you excited to re-watch this episode again as a drinking game?


Stay Tuned! With Glee gone, I’ll be reviewing So You Think You Can Dance. Come back for my recaps! Season 8 starts this Thursday! May 28th!


  1. Margaret says:

    This is an excellent review–you hit the nail on the head in every aspect, I think! The biggest let-down for me was the completely un-overwhelming performance of Vocal Adrenaline. With Sunshine, I was hoping for something really epic like last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody, but…I guess we can’t expect everything to be perfect!

  2. jess says:

    I agree with Margaret. Your review was excellent. I think that the season finale didn’t have that “bang”.

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