I was prepared to hate Bridesmaids. Most comedies I think look promising (I’m looking at you The Other Guys) turn out to be HORRIBLE. However, I was pleasantly survived with Bridesmaids. It made me laugh. A lot!


Starring: Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Bryne, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Hamm

Premise: Down in the dumps Annie (played by an utterly likeable, Kristin Wiig) is asked by her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), to be her Maid of Honor. But when Annie is introduced to Lillian’s other successful friends, her own troubles reflect brighter than ever. All this, plus the pressure to be the best MOH, and the feeling of losing her best friend, Annie slowly begins to unravel in comical ways.

My Review: Sometimes on SNL, Kristin Wiig is forced to play the same roles over and over again they can become redundant and a little bit annoying. However “Annie” was all of Kristin Wiig’s SNL characters morphed into a sympathetic, likeable woman you’d want to be friends with. And while most romantic comedies center around the main character finding love in order to be complete, I think a lot of what makes this movie successful is Annie’s relationship with her best friend Lillian, their struggle to remain when one friend’s life is drastically changing. Wiig’s chemistry with longtime friend, Rudolph, was what held the movie together. Their interactions (like the random girl talk at the café), or the final confrontation nearing the end of the movie, were real and relatable.

In fact, Annie is so relatable that when she finally lets loose all her pent up anger and frustration over the situation in a hilarious, over the top, disastrous way, you can’t help but say – Finally! When most movies attempt this, it just seems like a spoiled child causing a temper tantrum, but with this movie, you’re rooting for Annie and when she finally let’s go, you want to say, “Girl, it’s about damn time.”

Now, this wouldn’t be a Judd Apatow movie (I know he just produced it, but still counts), without the comedic pratfalls, gross-out humor, and crazy situations you can’t believe people could get themselves into. The supporting characters, particularly Rose Bryne and Melissa McCarthy, shined brightly. Chris O’Dowd was also a breath of fresh air as the lovable, bumbling, cop – Annie’s love interest. He was made much cuter with his Irish accent. (Irish Accents make everything better). This movie was able to balance humor, realistic characters, over-the-top situations and story, to make and entertaining and hilarious movie.

Little Details I liked:

  • Wilson Phillips – brought back some 80’s nostalgia.
  • The entire sequence Annie was trying to get her cops attention. Adorable and hilarious.
  • Watching Annie make those cupcakes – Fondant and all.
  • The fact that the airplane Marshall was Melissa McCarthy’s real husband.
  • When the women were naturally funny, as opposed to scripted funny. You’ll know what I mean when you watch it.
Overall, when you get right down to it, this movie made me laugh out loud, groan (the good kind), and really crave cupcakes. Plus you get a little romance, and pick up good tips for getting a cop’s attention.

Rating: It’s between 3 ½ stars and 4 stars. So let’s say 3 ¾ stars (out of 5)

  1. kj25 says:

    Just because Apatow produced it doesn’t mean you should ignore the actual writers who thought up those “comedic pratfalls, gross-out humor, and crazy situations you can’t believe people could get themselves into.” Give Wiig and her friend/co-writer Annie Mumolo some cred! They wrote an amazing script which enabled the hilarious actresses in this film to shine through as truly funny.

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