Movie Review: Something Borrowed

Posted: May 18, 2011 in movie reviews, movies
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Something Borrowed proves that no matter how charming, charismatic, fantastic looking, seasoned actors you pack into a movie, if you don’t care about the story then the movie doesn’t work.

Something Borrowed

Starring: Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski

Premise: Rachel’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) best girlfriend Darcy (Kate Hudson) is getting married to Rachel’s once and still crush Dex (the handsome Colin Egglesfield). After some heavy drinking, Rachel lets it slip to Dex that she had a crush on him and he reveals he felt the same. Well, one thing leads to another they wind up sleeping together. Thus they begin a “whirlwind” affair.

My review: Call me what you want, old-fashioned, close-minded, a prude, but no matter how EVIL the girl (your supposed best friend) is, sleeping with her fiancée is not right, even if you saw him first. Okay, so Rachel and Dex belong together, I get it. They were just too afraid way back when to say anything. I get it. But how am I, the viewer, supposed to root for a couple to get together, when one of them is already taken?

Rachel’s best friend (John Krasinski), said it best, yes, the guy isn’t married yet, but he’s still with his fiancée, and if he really wanted to be with Rachel, he’d call the wedding off. How are we supposed to root for Rachel to be with this guy when he can’t step up and take what he really wants? And how are we supposed to believe that his father wouldn’t want him to be happy? That he had no choice but to continue with his relationship with Darcy because it was the right thing? I don’t believe it.

What I did like about this movie:

  • Hudson’s chemistry with Goodwin. You understood why these two were friends, even if Darcy was selfish.
  • Goodwin’s chemistry with Krasinski. Now that’s a rom-com I’d watch.
  • Ethan’s “Me Too” sign in response to Rachel’s “I’m sorry.”
  • The way Darcy tested Rachel at the end, saying hurtful things, but in a way where it wasn’t to be hurtful but as if it were testing Rachel’s response to everything. It was one of the few things this movie got right.
  • Colin Egglesfield is SO PRETTY! He’ll always be that boy from Gilmore Girls who turned down Rory Gilmore.

Overall, John Krasinski, you deserve better than this movie. Go find yourself your own romantic comedy. Now that, I’ll watch. To everyone else, go watch Bridesmaids. It’s funny and there’s a guy with an Irish Accent. Irish accents make any movie better! (I’m looking at you Leap Year).

Rating: 2 ½ stars.


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