This week’s episode was a nice change of pace from the previous episode. There was something different about it.  Maybe it’s just because last week’s Prom episode held too much adolescent drama, but aside from more great lines, this episode was subtle, and emotional, and sweet. Oh, and the songs were pretty great, too.



With National’s a week away, it’s time to focus. At least, that’s the impression I get when Mr. Schue writes “National’s” on that white board of his. In order to help them prepare, Mr. Schue has hired Jesse St. James as the choir consultant. Question: Don’t people hate him? How did he get that job?

Jesse wins over the Glee Club, minus Finn, by suggesting instead of performing as a group, they need to find their best singer and showcase him or her. Though Will doesn’t think this is a good idea, he goes along with it.

Meanwhile, Sue is “lactating with rage” (There’s an image for you). She still is hell bent on bringing the Glee Club down. Or in her words “taking them hostage and killing them,” so she, Terri the Honeybadger, and Howard aka Panda Express decide to find a way to reroute the Glee Club’s plane.

While getting ready for the auditions, Will is approached by Becky who wants to join Glee. Turns out Sue kicked her off the team. Yet oddly, she does so rather delicately. When Will approaches Sue about it he finds out her sister, Jean, has passed away. Thus giving us the big Glee death that has been teased about for the past few weeks (I totally called it). Sue is rather heartbroken and kicked Becky off the team because she reminded Sue of her sister.

Kurt and Finn offer Sue their condolences, but she’s obviously distraught. She can’t even think about gathering up Jean’s things or preparing for the funeral. In an honest, and heartbreaking moment, Sue wonders why Jean, the sweetest woman alive is gone, and she, the mean one, still lives. Kurt and Finn decide they’ll take care of everything. Jesse, however, thinks this is a bad idea and that the Glee Club should focus at the task on hand: Nationals. But Finn mans up and takes control. “We’re doing this,” he says. And I think FINALLY. It’s totally hot when Finn takes control.

At the auditions Santana, Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel step up to bat. In my opinion if this really were a baseball game Santana hit a single, Kurt did a triple play, Mercedes got a home run, but Rachel knocked it out of the park. That last note gave me chills, and brought tears to Kurt’s eyes. He said it all when he said, “She may be difficult but boy can she sing!” Jesse, of course is rooting for her to win. But Mr. Schue needs to think about it first.

As promised, Kurt and Finn help Sue with Jean’s things. But it seems Sue is being extra difficult and just wants to throw out all the memories. Kurt, “If you hate us so much then why are you letting the Glee Club plan the service?” Sue: “I was afraid no one would come. Jean didn’t know a lot of people. I figured with the Glee Club there at least she’d have a full house.” Absolutely heartbreaking, Sue Sylvester.

I knew Jean’s funeral was going to be emotional one. But I wasn’t prepared for just how emotional.  Kurt and Finn knew that Jean’s favorite movie was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, so they decorated the church like so. They wanted to “capture and express the joy of her life rather than the sadness of her death” complete with vibrantly colored mushrooms. Sue then stepped up to give her eulogy, but was so overcome with emotion Will had to finish it. Sue’s speech was so real, and raw. It said everything that people who suffer losses usually think, but never have the heart to say out loud to anyone. Jane Lynch played this scene just right. So by now, I’m crying. Tears down the cheeks crying. And moving from face to face of the sad Glee Club members is not helping. But then those first notes of “Pure Imagination” ring out, and then Kurt’s haunting voice sings “Come with me…” and it’s just lovely. Really, truly, sweetly lovely. I love this song, and have always loved this song and Glee’s version of it, does Gene Wilder’s version justice…almost.

After the funeral, Finn finally comes to the realization that he doesn’t belong with Quinn. He breaks up with her and is frustrated when she just doesn’t get it. When she does, she doesn’t take it well, obviously. We’ve known they’re not right for each other for a long time, but Finn has always been the slow one. As Finn realizes he belongs with Rachel, he goes to her. But like many great TV shows before it, and many great TV shows after it, it seems he’s realized too late. He walks in on Rachel and Jesse kissing. Don’t worry Finn, by the look on Rachel’s face, it won’t last long. Probably not even till the next episode.

Sue uses Jean’s death to become a better person. (We’ll see how long that lasts). First off,  by letting Becky back in Cheerios complete with a hug. But we all know Sue is really hugging her sister, possibly holding her for “just 10 more seconds”, and Becky holds on tight. Next, Sue calls a truce with will telling him he has a “pure heart” AND that she rerouted the Glee Clubs plane to Libya. Terri, however, saves the day with 1st class tickets for the club. She also tells Will she’s moving to Miami. Looks like this might be the last time we see Honey Badger.

In the end, Mr. Schue makes his decision.  The Glee Club will stick together and sing as a group. It’s what they’re good at. He’s sick of the fighting and friction the solo competition caused. Once he’s made the decision, everyone goes back to being friends. Well, almost, turns out Quinn has some big plans in New York, ending the episode with an ominous “You’ll see.”

Random Thoughts

Figgins e-mail is – Awesome! Someone e-mail it and tell me what happens!

Like: I liked Jesse’s face when Mercedes his that high note.

The Glee Drummer is adorable!

Like: The way Mercedes said “I hate him” as she walked off the stage WITH HER MICROPHONE STAND after her tryout solo. Genius!

Like: Artie hits that high note during “Pure Imagination.” I got chills, and they’re multiplying!

Sue drinks Go Girl!

Did I sense a little flirting between Jesse and Brittany when she asked him to come on fondue for two? Go back, he definitely gave her a little look. They’d make an interesting couple, I think.


Jesse to Finn: “You kinda sing and dance like a zombie who has to poop”

Jesse: “I didn’t realize were training for the “Good Try Ribbon” at nationals. I thought we were in it to win the whole damn thing. And there’s only one way we can do that.”
Brittany: “Poison darts.”

Sue: “Honey badger, I am lactating with rage!”

Howard: “Do I get a super villan nick name?”
Sue: “Your nick name is panda express”
Howard: “But I’m not Chinese.”
Sue: “Neither is food at Panda Express.”

Jesse: “I took a class at UCLA in judging for a reality TV shows, so I’m totally ready to give feedback that’s both blistering and unhelpful.”

Kurt: “Jesse St. James totally Jesse St. sucks.”

Kurt to Rachel about her feelings for Jesse. “Correction you had feelings for him, he made breakfast on your head.”

Mercedes, when Jesse calls her lazy: “Not too lazy to come up there and let you taste my fist.”

Will: “…It just feels like I’m telling one of my children one of them is my favorite.”
Jesse: “Well that’s what my parents told me in front of my siblings. Sure, some might say it led to my brother’s “Whip It” addiction and my sister’s bulimia, but my parents owed them the truth.”

Sue: “You know I spend all this time hating you and hating that glee club I do this thing where I sort of alternate which one of those kids I hate the most. Right now it’s the dancing Asian.”

Rachel: “Jesse?”
Jesse: “That’s sweet, you remember the masculine click of my designer boots.”

Rachel: “I wish I could sound like you do Santana, I mean how do you get that raspy-ness.”
Santana: “So nice, I smoke cigars.” (love Naya Rivera’s  line delivery)


Santana singing Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” – This was a great song choice for her. It fit her voice perfectly and she rocked it, even if her jacket was distracting. B+

Kurt singing “Some People” from Gypsy – First, let me just say Kurt’s outfit was totally distracting – that open back vest with those skull pants? Come on Kurt you have better fashion sense than that. Second, I love it when Kurt sings Broadway songs. But I think his rendition of “Rose’s Turn” also from Gypsy was more powerful and heavy hitting. He should have sang that! B-

Mercedes singing “Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding (Sure, she could be singing the OTHER VERSION, but I don’t like him and refuse to acknowledge him. Besides, Otis Redding’s version is FANTASTIC!) – Mercedes kills it ya’ll! She is doing what she does best here and I love it. Even Jesse loves it. Just look at his face. A-

Rachel singing Barbara Streisand’s “My Man” – As much as I hoped Mercedes would be the winner, Lea Michele, girl, you can SING! She delivered this song so well and that last note gave me goosebumps. She really does put her all into the songs. At that last note, she was using her full voice and her mouth was open so wide she could give “Trouty Mouth” a run for his money. You go girl! A

Glee Club singing, “Pure Imagination” – I love this song. Really, and it’s hard to do the original justice, but this song just came so damn close. It evoked the right emotion that goes with this song and it was used tastefully. Love it. Good work Glee. A-

Next week, it’s New York and Nationals people, can’t wait! What did you think of this episode? Did you cry? Did you love “Pure Imagination” as much as I did? Are you glad Finn and Quinn are finally over? And do you think Brittany and Jesse should try being a couple? I mean he at least should go on her show, I definitely want to see that. Don’t you?

  1. Rachel says:

    Loved your review! I will return for more!:)

  2. lene says:

    I have to say I love your reviews – embarrassingly enough I am totally hooked on Glee, despite being, oh probably at least 25 yrs older than the prime targets, but it’s just so sweet! and fun! And I spend far too much time reading reviews about it too – and a wonderful thing about yours, compared to a lot of the others (the avclub, I’m looking at you), is that you actually seem to like the show! Even if they may have a point (sometimes) about the inconsistensies and over-the-top ness, their analysis just seem to take away all the fun of the show.
    I really liked this episode too – and was very happy to see that Rachel seemed to feel as bad about Jessie’s quite awful comments to Finn as I did!

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