Glee Recap: Prom Queen

Posted: May 10, 2011 in glee, TV
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Aspects of this episode of Glee was reminiscent to Season 1 and I loved it. We got hilarious, clever lines from Sue, they took a popular song and broke it down so the vocals could really shine, and as a treat, Artie rapped! My only complaint about this episode was that it wasn’t a lot of fun. It was funny, and entertaining, but just – not a lot of fun. Does that make sense?


“Prom Queen”

In the high school experience, there is a rite of passage called Prom. According to Quinn, “you can get married as many times as you want, but there’s only one junior prom.” True dat. And well, it’s prom time at McKinley High and it’s on everyone’s minds. Principle Figgins wants the New Directions to sing at the dance. Will reluctantly accepts while Sue, go figure, cringes at the idea.

Mr. Schue then does his favorite thing (writing words on the white board) and writes the word, PROM. Sam: “Please tell me we’re not doing songs about prom.” Ha! However, not everyone is excited. Mercedes really wants a date to the prom. She wants to experience what it feels like to be Cinderella and have a guy to dance with. Oh honey, we all want Prince Charming. Rachel, continuing her streak of goodness, offers to be Mercedes date. Rachel: “You’re not going to Prom alone. You’ll go with me.” Merecdes: “That’s even more depressing”.

Kurt asks Blaine to Prom, but it doesn’t seem like he wants to go because he has bad memories of school dances. This soon turns out to be foreshadowing, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

Rachel and Mercedes decide to ask Sam to Prom. Prom on a Budget they call it. And it’s a really sweet, and cute offer. It’s not over done like Glee sometimes does things. It’s…perfect – the way they ask him. It’s sweet how they thought of everything, and did it in a way where it doesn’t make Sam feel bad.

Rachel decides to practice while the prom committee works on the decoration. She starts singing some Adele, “Rolling in the Deep” – I love this song – when she’s interrupted by the wonderful voice of Jonathan Groff. I love Jonathan’s voice  and how it melds with Lea Michele’s. And I love how the prom committee chimes in. It’s a perfect, acapella breakdown of this song that will definitely be downloaded. This performance reminds me what Glee does well – it takes songs apart and covers them originally, ala Lady Gaga’s, Poker Face.  Looks like Jesse’s back to apologize for the egging and to ask Rachel to Prom.

Rachel lets Jesse join Mercedes, her and Sam on their date on a budget. Finn, of course, has a really big problem with it, but she asks Finn to be supportive of whatever she decides, just as she’s been supportive of him dating Quinn.  Really? When has she been supportive? Someone remind me….

Artie, in an effort to apologize ad win Brittany back serenades her with “Isn’t She Lovely.” And in come in the guitars. Love it. But Brittany doesn’t seem to. She’s really pissed, even though Mike Chang is playing a cheese grater. She shoots him down giving him the good ol’, “I’m gonna work on me” excuse. Is she really going to work on herself, or is she just going to turn around and hook up with Santana? My guess is the latter.

Burt’s back! I love that he ALWAYS tells it like it is. Sometimes Kurt can be exhausting, and full of himself, and Burt always tends to bring him back to earth reasonably and kindly. “I think you’re just trying to stir the pot.” Kurt is trying to get attention with his Scottish prom outfit, which honestly isn’t like him. Burt thinks Kurt is just giving the other kids reasons to give him a hard time in order to make a statement. And Kurt is a brat about it. Honestly, I get Kurt’s point, but I don’t support it. I thought Kurt would want to wear a smashing, but stylish/original tuxedo, maybe a color that’s not black, and an awesome hat. The Scottish outfit is just so cliché. Sorry dude.

As a way for Kurt to feel safe in school, the Bullywhips (Karofsky and Santana) have been escorting him to class. As he is dropped off, Kurt gives some support to Karofsky, who’s obviously struggling. “I could just hate you when you were bullying me, but now all I see is your pain.” This leads Karofsky to give Kurt a real apology. He really means it – tears and all. I love the way Karofsky said, “You’ll wait for me here, right?” so he could escort Kurt to his next class. Sweet, simple.

It’s Prom! Puck/Artie/and Sam are singing Rebecca Black’s “Friday”. Since when is this song worthy of a cover? I hate this song, I can’t tell you how much I hate it. It was excruciatingly annoying sung by Rebecca Black. It was annoying, but hilarious sung by Stephen Colbert, and it’s even worse sung by the Glee Club members, and yet, my feet are tapping, and I’m actually smiling. What the hell is this? Plus side, we get some of Artie’s white boy rapping. I’ve missed it. The only thing that would have made this song any worse better would be letting Mr. Schue do the rapping. Puck, if you want your bad-boy street cred back, this song is NOT the way to do it. A little piece of me died during this song, a piece of my soul I can’t get back. Thank goodness for a commercial.

During a song sung by Blaine (Hey! He’s not in Glee, but I’m not complaining), Finn sees Jesse dancing happily with Rachel. Jesse is kind of an ass this episode, don’t you think? What happened? He’s never been this bad. It’s like we’re SUPPOSED to hate him. So Finn beating him up will make sense. Finn gets frustrated and jealous and starts a fight with Jesse, thus in Quinn’s eyes ruinging her chance to be Prom Queen. Sorry Quinn, but chances are you probably won’t win because you’re a brat. Are we supposed to feel sorry for bitchy Quinn? Because, I don’t. And I’m tired of her, so I’m moving on.

Votes are in, Prom King is Karofsky? Prom Queen is…Kurt! (Unlike some others, I was not spoiled ahead of time with this plot so it was a bit of a shocker to me.)

Everything is at a stand still. Everyone is silent. It’s as if the whole world is holding their breath and I find myself holding my breath. What. Just. Happened? Kurt looks shocked. The Glee Club Members are thinking “This is a joke, right?” For a second I think Kurt is going up to take his crown, but then Blaine says “Kurt stop!” Turns out Kurt ran away crying. Understandable, but I think Glee missed a fantastic opportunity to have a great Prom moment (like Buffy).

Kurt in the hallway: “All that hate, they were just afraid to say it out loud, so they did it by secret ballot”. But with Blaine’s help, he finds strength and does, indeed, go back in to claim his throne as Prom Queen, “Eat your heart out Kate Middelton,” and his classmates actually applaud. A little cheesy, but I think, in a way, they admired him for being able to be honest about who he is. However, Karofsky (and Santana for that matter) cannot say same thing. Baby steps, I guess.

In the end, Blaine swoops in to have the King and Queen dance with Kurt to, “Dancing Queen.” Not really a song for that particular moment, but I’ve been wanting Glee to do Abba, so I’ll take it!

Random Thoughts:

Love Sue calling Artie “Stumbles.”

Love Brittany’s green eye shadow at Prom.

Love Brittany telling Santana to stop crying and go back out there to give Kurt some support. Why couldn’t someone say the same thing to Quinn? I hate that all of Kurt’s “friends” ran away crying because they didn’t win.

Sam telling Mercedes she looked beautiful in her dress was so fantastic. I’m liking that dude more and more, weird tie and all.

Love it when Puck asked Artie if he wanted to be his “Ass to his Bad Ass.”

Why was Run Joey Run #1 on Sue’s do not sing again list? I liked that song! And Rachel’s music video was awesome.

Sue’s entire interrogation with Artie, including the dental instruments of torture, was amazingly hilarious and reminiscent of old sue and her shenanigans. Good work Glee.

Quinn slapping Rachel. Wow. Uncalled for but like Rachel says, love it for the drama.

Quotes: (There were a lot of good ones tonight)

“I think you look delicious.” Brittany and Zizes yellow dress.

Kurt to Santana in her red dress, “Go with God, Satan.”

Jesse: “I heard the best time to start a business was during a recession. I don’t know why, or even what a recession is, but I know we’re in one.”

Rachel: “He’s so smart, I don’t know why he flunked college.”

“I’m not scared I’ve been hit by a girl before” Jacob when Puck threatens to beat him up.

“That’s really confusing because this is a baby chicken’s house.” Brittany delaying cracking an egg during Home Ec.

Sue to Artie: “You are the worst POW, John McCain is rolling over in his grave.”

Sue to Artie – “You should be ashamed of yourself you’re seriously no fun to interrogate or torture.”

“Most girls would be upset about being slapped in the face. But I happen to  appreciate the drama of it.”-  Rachel

Sue: “I have in my spanx, at all times, a list of the worst songs ever performed by the glee club, and I would appreciate it if you would not reprise any of the following numbers: Number 1, “Run Joey Run,” you should literally apologize to America for that one. Number 2, the ingenious mash-up of “Crazy In Love” and “Hair,” now I know you must have been pretty tired when you put that baby together.”


“Rolling in the Deep” (Adele version) Seriously, this song was Amazing. I love the way it was broken down in acapella. And it was a great way to showcase the awesomeness of Lea Michele’s and Jonathan Groff’s voice. A

“Isn’t She Lovely?”  (Originally by: Stevie Wonder): I love Artie’s voice. I love that he gets another solo. I loved the other Glee Members playing with make shift instruments around the room. I wish Artie did more with the song, broke it down in an interesting way. B-

“Friday” (Origially by: Rebecca Black) : God this song is awful. I think even if the Beatles covered this, it’d still be awful. Yes, we know Sunday comes after Saturday. For the love of God, shut up! C (only for performance).

“Jar of Hearts” (Originally by: Christina Perri): Rachel did a good job, but isn’t this song a bit dark for Prom? B

“I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You” (Originally by: Black Kids): Not bad, but not amazing. But I love Darren Criss’ solo’s. He’s a good performer. B

“Dancing Queen” (Originally by: ABBA): They could have done more with this. The Whole Glee club could have sang along. I dunno, just didn’t do it for me. Love ABBA though. C+


What did you think of this week’s Glee? Are you hoping the Quinn/Finn/Rachel triangle is over? Did you love Lea Michele and Jonathan’s Groff version of “Rolling in the Deep” as much as I did? Do you hate that Friday song as much as I do?

  1. Amy says:

    I enjoyed your recap.
    And, yeah, I really hope the Quinn/Finn/Rachel triangle is over. Last season I really liked Finn, this season, he just seems meh. Of all the storylines, it’s the one I care about the least.

  2. MF says:

    I loved your recap.
    I’ll try to visit your blog more times!
    See ya =D

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