Movie Review: Fast Five

Posted: May 3, 2011 in movie reviews, movies
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You don’t watch a movie like Fast Five expecting depth of character or a story line that makes sense. You see Fast Five for 3 things: beautiful women in scantily clad outfits, good-looking, slightly aging, sweaty guys running around playing with guns and cool cars, and a lot, a lot, of action. Justin Lin’s fifth addition to the franchise delivered just that.

Fast Five 

Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson

I liked this movie. There I said it.

This movie was action packed, glitzy, and glamorous. Its characters had fantastic chemistry and worked well together. It was also, completely unrealistic, with full of plot holes. But if you went into Fast Five expecting anything more then you’re watching the wrong movie. Fast and Five was in no way perfect. It was basically Ocean’s 11, but with less brains and more brawn. And that was just fine with me.

The Premise:   After Fast and Furious 4, Dom, Brian, and Mia are now wanted fugitives hiding out in Rio De Janeiro. Because they are hard up for cash, they unwittingly decide to take a “job” stealing cars off a train. Of course, the job goes wrong and as a result the best of the best Federal agent Hobbs is sent to track them down and take them into custody. Growing weary of always being on the run and hard on cash, Dom, Brian, and Mia come up with one final $100 Million plan which will not only set them up for life, but also take down the Big Bad in Rio De Janeiro.

The action was pretty spectacular. Though the climax to the train bust was seen in every Fast Five trailer out there, it was still pretty exciting to watch. Besides, who hasn’t dreamt of driving a fancy convertible off a cliff and jumping from it into the water? Just me? Okay, moving on. However the fugitive act got tired quickly. The movie picked up once the Ocean’s 11 players the team that Dom recruited joined in on the action. Tyrese and Ludacris have a fresh energy about them. They – and the rest of the new team – brought a lightness to the movie.  They didn’t take themselves as seriously as Paul Walker and Vin Diesel tend to do (notice I didn’t use their character names).  Plus Tyrese is just so damn good-looking.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson, was well Dwayne Johnson. I don’t know, after watching movies like Get Smart, Tooth Fairy, and Escape to Witch Mountain it’s hard to look at him the same. But I guess the same can be said about Vin Diesel and The Pacifier. It’s just hard to take them seriously. They have a bit of a campy feeling to them now. Then again, it’s probably my own fault for watching movies like The Tooth Fairy, or the Pacifier. Plus was it just me or did Dwayne Johnson look extra shiny to anyone else? Like the Make-Up Department went extra crazy with the baby oil.

At the climax of the movie, as the team was executing their final plan, the holes in the plot started to poke through and it was hard to control my “suspension of disbelief”. The final chase was exciting, but it felt five minutes too long that by the time we came to the end of it, I was just exhausted. I did find the ending clever, and smart, a la Ocean’s 11 with the big reveal. I didn’t see it coming, which I should have. But I don’t feel too bad as the groan/laughter from the crowd makes me believe they didn’t get right away either.

Overall, if you want some good, brainless, popcorn summer fun, if you want to be entertained, laugh, and see some fancy cars. Check out this movie. Make sure you stay after the beginning credits. There’s a doozy of a scene that’ll shock the hell out of you. Unless you haven’t been following the other movies (I’m not counting Tokyo Drift in that one).

Rating: 3 Stars.

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