Glee Recap: Rumours

Posted: May 3, 2011 in glee, TV
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I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know how I feel about this episode. Part of me wants to tell you I liked it and the other part wants to tell you it left me completely frustrated. But hey, I guess that’s what TV is all about.



What I liked about the episode

  • Artie’s solo. I’ve missed his sweet sweet voice and the dueling guitars behind him was, to quote SNL’s Miley Cyrus, “pretty cool”.
  • Fondue for Two, with Brittany’s co-host Lord Tubbington.
  • Love the theme song for “Fondue for Two” reminds me of the beginning of SNL skits.
  • Loved the storyline with Sam. Glad to see he got some meat to his story then just being “Trouty Mouth”
  • Santana’s shirt during her solo. I could never pull off a shirt like that myself, but it was a good looking shirt.
  • Jane Lynch looked AMAZING in her David Bowie outfit. I loved her hair and make-up and outfit. She just looked fantastic. Seriously.
  • Love that Brittany has always been supportive of Santana.

What I Hated

  • How Brittany immediately ran to Santana when her and Artie broke-up.
  • How nothing about their break up was really dwelled upon, especially with how Artie was feeling.
  • Sue’s tireless plan to get rid of Will, especially by bringing the Glee Club down, haven’t they been through enough?
  • The April Rhodes storyline. Sorry. I love Kristin Chenoweth, but she doesn’t belong on Glee anymore.
  • The Fleetwood Mac Songs. I’m not a big fan of theirs. I like it when Glee mixes up the songs and surprises me with what songs they’re going to sing. I don’t like theme shows, even if they were completely relevant to the plot.
  • I’m tired of the Quinn/Finn/Rachel Love triangle that isn’t really a triangle because it doesn’t even seem like Finn and Quinn like each other at all. They’re more like prizes or objects to each other.

Let’s just get on with it. Brittany’s “Fondue for Two” is amazing. “Shouldn’t it be Fondue for Three?” and I love that she has what looks like a 50 pound cat who only eats human food. My one question is: who is filming her web show because they are apparently a big fan of the shaky-cam? Get a tripod dude! Anyway, on her show, Brittany accidently reveals to her viewers that Santana plays for the other team.

Sue dressed as David Bowie (FANTASTIC!) meets up with Terri the Honey Badger to come up with a plan to bring down Will and the Glee Club, yadda yadda yadda. Sue decides to resuscitate the school’s newspaper “The Muckraker” and basically turn it into a gossip column, giving it the motto: “If I heard it, it’s probably true…or something.” Terri has a plan of her own to tear Will away from the club instead of tear the club down. And that plan is: April Rhodes. April, with Will’s help, wants to write/compose a musical about her life.

As the first edition of The Muckraker is released, Rachel finds a rumor about two Glee blondes meeting up at a seedy hotel. Immediately Finn confronts Sam. Why isn’t he mad at Quinn? Santana yells at Brittany for releasing that she “plays for the other team” to the public. And everyone is yelling until Finn and Santana storm off.

Artie sensing something is going on between Brittany and Santana, confronts his girlfriend. Artie is so heartbreakingly honest with her. “It’s hard enough for me to believe that this (relationship) is real, if I know that you spend even a little time sharing yourself with someone else—that there’s one other person in your life that can provide you with things that I’m supposed to provide. It’s just too much to take.” But Brittany thinks it’s not cheating if she does it with a girl, because Santana told her so. And when Artie says Santana is just taking advantage of her, Brittany sticks up for her. In the heat of the moment, Artie calls her stupid and Brittany bursts into tears. And thus, my love for Heather Morris grows and grows. She played this scene just heart-wrenchingly right.

Artie sings, “Never Going Back Again” and it’s just perfect. Oh Artie, I’ve missed your sweet, sweet voice. And the guitars in the background were definitely the right choice. It was simple, it wasn’t over done. And it got the feelings just right. Artie, I love you. I want to pick you up, put you in my pocket and carry you and Brittany around with me everywhere I go.

I really feel like Artie and Brittany should be together. I know it seems like the Glee writers want her and Santana to hook-up, but my heart will always belong with these two. They were so perfectly sweet together and they took care of each other.  But then this plot point is just dropped, they broke up, Santana can now be with Brittany and apparently Brittany wants to be with her. And that’s it. I know Artie sung that song, but how does he feel about the break up? And did they really break up? Brittany just walked away from him. I didn’t hear a break up. How can a girl go from one person to another like that? She just ran straight into the arms of Santana and now where’s supposed to believe they’re in love and Brittany is sad Santana didn’t call her, her soul mate. It just seems a little heartless toward Artie. Did she really care about him at all? Doesn’t seem like it.

Rachel and Finn decide to go on a stakeout to find out if Quinn is really cheating. (What exactly were they taking pictures of until Sam and Kurt came out?) First, they see Kurt and Sam together, and think that they are together. Quinn insists this is not true. Then on another stakeout they see Quinn coming out of Sam’s hotel room. Finn goes to confront her, but Q gets there first. She sees an article in the Muckraker about Rachel and Finn getting cozy in their stakeout van. The fighting is too much and Sam reveals that his Dad lost his job and that he and his family have been living in a hotel room. The Glee Club bands together to support him and his family. And for the first time, Sam allows himself to cry. Here’s a kid, who’s been trying to take care of his family and finally finally when someone cares for him, he allows himself a small breakdown. Bravo to Chord Overstreet for playing this scene so well.

Meanwhile, Mr. Schue has been helping April get to Broadway. Emma sees how much he loves helping her and asks him how come he’s not pursuing his dream. Do we really think he’d leave the Glee Club? I don’t. It’s obviously he loves them a lot and sometimes, dreams can change. Get your kids to Nationals, Mr. Schue. You can do both. Go to Nationals, then Broadway for summer break. I’ve seen it done. Okay, no I haven’t, but I believe it can be done.

We end with a lot of storylines unresolved. Santana loves Brittany but refuses to come out. Mr. Schue really wants to go to Broadway, but think he should (though his last look may have us believing otherwise). What happens to Terri if her plan fails? How is Artie feeling about her “break up?” Will Finn really stop singing with Rachel as Quinn wishes? When will Quinn stop being a brat? So many unanswered questions!

Random Thoughts:

I never thought for one second that Kurt was cheating on Blaine. Did you?

I know they bought Sam his guitar back, but why didn’t they just give him the money. I guess it’s the whole symbolism thing. Though in real life he’d probably just sell the guitar again if they’re that hard up on cash. But this isn’t real life.

Don’t Sam’s brother and sister go to school?

I hope we see more Fondue For Two. I really want to see someone eat raw meat and hot chocolate.


Brittany: “Lord Tubbington’s allowed to each cheese because he’s on Atkins.”

Sue: “I think I’ve totally lost my grip.”

Finn: “What prom queen candidate is spending a lot of time in her closet. No that’s garbage, Quinn’s a claustrophobe.”

Sue to Will: “Think about that next time you prop your butt-chin up on one of those little face toilets.”

Brittany to her cat: “Just because we’re doing this interview doesn’t mean I’m still not mad at you, because I know you started smoking again.”

Santana regarding the Piano Man: “He’s just furniture.”

Santana: “Ever since that muckraker thing, people have already started treating me differently. I got asked to join the golf team.”


(I know I left out April’s Original Song for her one woman show, but so be it, this is my blog and it wasn’t really revelant to anything, IMHO.)

Dreams  – Their voices meld well, but I dunno, there was just something missing. C

Never Going Back Again – I love the way Artie sung this song. His voice is lovely. A-

Song Bird – Naya Rivera. She sang the hell out of this song, and it was sweet and emotional. B

I Don’t Wanna Know – It’s nice to see Finn sing a duet with someone else besides Rachel and the way they were fighting through this was cute, and gave the song some good energy. Though I wish they emphasized the fact they were fighting a bit more in the way they sang the song rather then just their physical movements. B

Go Your Own Way – You sing it girl. B-

Don’t Stop – Not as heavy hitting as their usual ending ballads. Sorry, I think it’s just the choice of Fleetwood Mac. Their voices didn’t meld together as well as they usually do. B-/C+

What did you think? Do you like this episode? Who should Brittany be with Santana or Artie? Do you hope to see more “Fondue for Two?”

Next episode: Quinn slaps Rachel. Gotta tune in for that.


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