Glee Recap: Born This Way

Posted: April 27, 2011 in glee, TV
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Man, Santana was on a roll! Every single word that came out of her mouth during this episode was pure GOLD.  I have to say, this episode was pretty good. And it’s kind of cool that even though the Glee kids often come off as selfish, immature, or catty, they really do accept each other for who they are.


“Born This Way”

First of all, I have to say I’m glad this wasn’t a Gaga centric episode. And surprisingly for the 90 minute episode, it wasn’t jam packed with song after song after song. The song choices/performances seemed to fit perfectly with what was going on, and nothing seemed out of place. Let’s get on with it shall we?

In order to prepare for Nationals, Mr. Schue puts the kids through a choreography bootcamp, only 5 seconds into the choreography Finn smacks Rachel in the nose, sending her to the emergency room. Finn: “[Quinn] would understand how bad I feel even if it’s not broken.” Doctor: “It’s broken.” Finn: “Man I knew I was a bad dancer, but I never thought my dancing was dangerous.” With the broken nose, the doctor uses this opportunity to suggest to Rachel she fix her “deviated septum” or in other words *cough* get a nose job *cough*, I’m looking at you, Ashley Tisdale.

Rachel brings this news to the Glee Club, though everyone is against it, Santana ends up speaking the truth, in yet another fabulous monologue. “Hold up, could we all just get real here for a second? I hear that Rachel as a bit of a schnauz, I mean I wouldn’t know because like medusa I try and avoid eye contact with her. But can we all just stop lying about how there aren’t things we would change about ourselves? I mean I’m sure that Sam’s been at the doctor’s office and rifled through pamphlets about mouth reduction. I bet Artie’s thought about getting his legs removed since he’s not really using them anyways. And I’m definitely sure Tina’s looked into getting an eye de-slating.” (Okay, as a fellow Asian, and as offended as Tina is.)… Look, maybe Rachel’s fine with her enormous beak. Maybe she needs it crack bird seeds. All I’m saying is if you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, maybe you should change it.”

Then we get to the special after-school-message of the week Mr. Schue is trying to teach the kids. With the help of Emma, he forms this week’s lesson around ACCEPTANCE, while at the same time trying to help Emma get over her OCD as opposed to live with it. He suggests that the kids sing songs about accepting themselves for who they are, faults and all. This will lead up to a big Glee performance of “Born This Way.” During this performance, they’ll wear shirts with words that represent what they’re most ashamed of, or what they’d like to change but can’t because they were….you guess it, born that way.

Meanwhile, the kids are also fighting over who is going to be Prom Queen. Quinn, fully embracing her reign of bitchiness, is in full campaigning mode. Santana on the other hand has her eye on the crown as well, but mainly to win Brittany over by convincing her that being with her was “law of the land.” Lauren, also has her eye on the crown, tired of pretty girls like Quinn always getting all the glory. Puck vows to help her.

Rachel continues to explore her options for her nose job, particularly the possibility of getting Quinn’s nose. Rachel: “So what’s it like, looking like you look?” Quinn: I pretty much have a warped sense of the world. Being a hot 17 year old you can pretty much say or do anything you want.  So I kind of always assumed people are always nice and accommodating.” (The line to slap her starts here à – ) And we get a pretty cool mash up of TLC’s “Unpretty” with “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story.

Santana decides to enlist Karofsky to help her become Prom Queen. She figures if she can get Kurt back at into Glee Club, it’ll help get the votes for Glee Club, and if she dates Karofsky she can make Brittany jealous, while at the same times get the popular crowd vote. Plus, apparently helping the both of them remain in the closet. She black-mails Karofsky (or Dave) into apologizing to the Glee Club and to Kurt, so he will return to McKinley. If he doesn’t, she’ll out him. “The only straight I am, is straight up bitch.” That’s one for the quote books people.

Santana and Karofsky decide to become Guardian Angel’s, or “Bullywhips”, of the school to protect kids from being bullied. (However I don’t think that jacket and that beret will help you to hide who really are, Dave) The changes they’ve made, and the changes in Karofsky are presented to Kurt to get him to return. But Kurt can see past the bull and calls Karofsky out on it, smart kid that he is. But Kurt really does want to come back to McKinley, and more than anything he wants to go to Nationals. So, he returns, but not before being sweetly serenaded to by his boyfriend, Blaine. As we know Blaine sure does love his serenading, but his rendition of Keane’s, “Somewhere Only We Know” was sweet and emotional, and not at all creepy like the other one. In other news, when I get a boyfriend, I’m going to tell him he has to serenade me whenever I leave to go anywhere. It’s so sweet! Too much?

Kurt performs Streisand’s “As If We Never Said Goodbye” and he gets to sing the entire song. At first it’s kinda slow, and boring, but then Kurt, or really I should say Chris Colfer, pulls out all the stops. His performance is so fantastic and heartfelt. He really was singing his heart out.

Back in the McKinley Glee Club Prom Queen Battle of 2011. Or MGCPQB, Lauren has uncovered so juicy dirt on Quinn. Quinn used to be fat. (The horror, I say sarcastically.) Until she lost weight, went on Proactiv, and got a nose job. Turns out Quinn’s a faker. And to shame her EVEN MORE, Lauren posts the pictures of Quinn’s former self, Lucy, all around the school. That’s one step too far girl. Normally, I like Lauren’s antics, but girl, One. Step. Too. Far. That’s just cruel. Quinn, runs away, ashamed. However, turns out Lauren’s plan backfires, and as a result the rest of the schools sees Quinn as being more relatable. Lauren in turn apologizes and Quinn forgives her like that!  I don’t know if I could do something like that. Quinn to Lauren: “I respect you. I had to get a nose job and go on a crazy diet to walk around this school like I owned it, and you just do it.” That’s impressive.

To support Rachel, the kids do an intervention. In a mall. With Dancing. And a flash mob. To the song “Barbara Streisand” by Duck Sauce. The last performance that happened in the mall was when Artie dreamed he could walk. That performance of “Safety Dance” was probably one of Glee’s best performances and dance sequences so it only makes sense they’d try and repeat it. Though it couldn’t even hold a candle to that first performance, it did look like a lot of fun. And it apparently did the trick. Rachel will not be getting a nose job. Raise your hand if you saw that coming.

So in the end, looks like Quinn will be prom queen, Kurt is back where he belongs in Glee, Rachel will not get a nose job, Finn is clearly still in love with Rachel, and Emma takes three steps in overcoming her OCD (therapy, pills, and admitting she has the problem).

As promised, the Glee Club joins up for the big finale, “Gaga’s Born This Way.” Tina opens the show with a fantastic solo, and later reveals Kurt’s shirt: “Likes Boys.” Anyone else want that shirt? I do. It’s almost as fantastic as Puck’s “I’m with Stoopid” shirt with the arrow pointing to his crotch. Genius. And great, fun performance.

Random Thoughts:

I like how Sam tried to check out Finn’s pyramid nipples.

Love Sam’s Sean Connery impression. I swear it 70% sounded like him.

What is up with Quinn’s wardrobe? She’s looking more and more like little house on the prairie every day! I don’t like it!

Finn pulling out the picture of Lucy, ADORABLE.  I’m liking him more and more with each passing episode. I like when he’s caring and supportive and compassionate, rather than neurotic.

Please don’t make Lauren unlikeable with stupid stunts like she pulled. There’s already so many other characters to hate (Quinn, Sue, sometimes – most of the time – Rachel.) I like, liking Lauren.

I know the shot was on Santana at the very end. But look at Karofsky. He looks deep in thought like he’s realizing he really was just born the way he is. And he can’t change that. It’s sweet, and real. Love it.


Santana’s response to Finn saying he likes the way he looks: “Oh please you have weird puffy pyramid nipples. They look like they’re filled with custard. You could dust them with powdered sugar and they could pass for some kind of desert.”

Santana: “Holy crap. I’m a closet lesbian and a judgmental bitch, which means one thing, I have excellent gaydar.”

Santana: “Look, I’m not ready to start eating jicama or get a flat top. Maybe in junior college.”

Santana: FIrst of all, I saw you checking out Sam’s ass the other day. You really need to be more careful about your leering.
Karofsky: I was not. I was just seeing what jeans he was wearing.
Santana: “Like that’s any less gay.”

Emma, revealing the word Ginger on her shirt: “Being a ginger has plagued me my entire life. People say I smell like copper. I can get a sunburn indoors at night. And according to recent legend, I have no soul.”

Santana: “The only straight I am, is straight up bitch.” (deserved to be repeated)

Rachel, to Puck, at the mall: “Why did you bring me here? Is there a sale at Claires?”

Kurt: “Thanks Puck, I’ll take it here, only I can lead this Barbara-vention.”
Rachel: “Is she here?”
Kurt: “No this is a mall in Ohio.”

Santana’s response to the “Lebanese” shirt Brittany made for Santana: “I’m Hispanic. Wait was that supposed to say Lesbian?”


Unpretty/I Feel Pretty: Felt so old school in the beginning, but when West Side Story kicked in, it got good. B

I’ve Gotta Be Me: I couldn’t help thinking that wasn’t really Finn’s voice, or personality. But the dancing between him and Mike Chang was cute. B-

Somewhere Only We Know: I love the Warblers. I hope we’ll still get to see them perform even if Kurt’s not in it. A-

As If We Never Said Goodbye: B+

Barbara Streisand: Good effort, not as good as Safety Dance though. B

Born This Way: Upbeat, I still can’t get over that this isn’t Madonna’s song! Great performances. The shirts made me laugh. B+

Great episode Glee. Keep it up! What are you thoughts? Did you enjoy the episode as much as I did? Did the songs feel just a tad bit TOO LONG to you? Do you want a “Likes Boys” t-shirt?

I will leave you with a list of the Glee-sters and their shirts.

Rachel: Nose
Kurt: Likes Boys
Quinn: Lucy Caboosey
Lauren: Bad Attitude
Sam: Trouty Mouth
Artie: Four Eyes
Mike Chang: Can’t Sing
Finn: Can’t Dance
Tina: Brown Eyes
Mercedes: No Weave
Santana: Lebanese
Puck: I’m With Stupid (points to his crotch)
Brittany: I’m With Stoopid (points to herself)
Will: Butt Chin
Emma: OCD

  1. claire says:

    thanks for the shirt sayings i couldnt read all of them 🙂

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